Bavaria: Big Game Returns

Lots going on in the Canadian gambling landscape! In Bavaria, the players can look forward to another piece of normality in the casinos. After the slot machines have been allowed to be played here for a long time, the big game has now returned to the gaming tables. One is less pleased in Saarland. Here one is bothered by the gambling advertising of the online casinos with a license from Schleswig-Holstein. For this reason, the Saarland State Media Authority (LMS) has now issued two prohibition orders against gambling providers.

Spielbank in Deutschland.

The casinos in Bavaria are now allowed to make the big game available to their players again. However, safety measures must still be observed.(©katjasv/Pixabay)

Bavaria: Roulette and Co. possible since June 15

Spieler und Spielerinnen in Bayern können sich die Hände reiben. Wer in den letzten Tagen eine Spielbank besucht hat, konnte lediglich an einem der Spielautomaten Platz nehmen. Mittlerweile aber gibt es weitere Lockerungen. Since June 15, the so-called Big Game has been possible again in the Bavarian casinos. The table games such as roulette or blackjack are meant here. For the time being, the offer here is limited to American roulette and blackjack, but a bit of normality is returning to the Bavarian casinos. The basis for the resumption of gaming operations is therefore an extensive hygiene concept.

In apress release from the casinos it says:

"The safety of our guests and our employees has for us highest priority. Therefore, a comprehensive hygiene concept for playing at the roulette and blackjack tables has been developed in the past few weeks. This was coordinated with the responsible health authority in the individual casino locations."

Plexiglas is part of the new overall picture of the casinos

In terms of content, the hygiene concept builds on the already known concept for the Resumption of gaming operations on the slot machines. All employees and guests must wear a mask, and at the same time the chips and tokens should be disinfected regularly. All players and staff are also requested tosanitize their hands before the game starts. In addition, the casinos would like to set up disinfectant dispensers to enable quick disinfection at the gaming tables, entrances and exits. However, the availability of the Big Game will initially be limited in time. In order not to have to stand in front of empty tables, players should therefore check the correct opening hours of their respective casino online.

Another change: A device made of Plexiglas is to be erected. This is to ensure the protection of the guests among themselves and towards the employees. Likewise, the players should receive their winnings protected by a Plexiglas pane at the cash register. Although everyone involved will first have to get used to the new measures, everyone is very happy about the resumption of play. Not least with the Free State of Bavaria. This operates all nine casinos in the country and thus provides jobs for more than 700 people. In the last 20 years, the casinos generatedaround 836 million euros in casino taxes for the Free State. Almost 250 million of these went directly to the local communities.

Prohibition order from Saarland towards Schleswig-Holstein

While everything in industry in Bavaria is currently concentrating on the resumption of the big game, the focus in Saarland is going in a different direction. In recent months, Saarland has often criticized Schleswig-Holstein for issuing licenses to gambling companies and for these providers implementing advertising measures in Saarland.The Landesmedienanstalt Saarland (LMS) was the first gambling supervisory authority to issue two prohibition orders against gambling companies on the basis of the current State Treaty on Gambling. Both companies have a license from the state of Schleswig-Holstein, but have also advertised their own offerings in Saarland. In the future, companies will be prohibited from doing so by the prohibition orders.

Schleswig-Holstein had actually assured the other federal states that they wanted to limit the advertising measures of the licensed providers.In the past, however, there has always been criticism from other federal states who obviously miss exactly this step. The proportionality of advertising in the form of communication media that can be received nationwide in relation to regional communication also plays an important role here. However, there is no sign of this, according to the tenor of the other federal states and also the LMS. It is much more the case thatTV advertising for gambling offers on private TV stations is seen far too far too often. Especially at times of the day when children or young people would tune in. Ruth Meyer, the director of the LMS, explained: "The LMS has therefore decided to take steps to ensure that Schleswig-Holstein goes it alone under the current State Treaty on Gambling, so that the goal of combating gambling addiction is not massively endangered, especially in Corona times." Um it is not known which gambling companies are involved.

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