BDSwiss offers over 250 Forex pairs!

The broker BDSwiss offers trading with over 250 forex pairs. This puts the broker in a much stronger position in forex and CFD trading than most other brokers. In the long term, the number of trading options at BDSwiss can increase even further. This should lead to even more traders opting for a securities account with the broker.

BDSwiss is one of many brokers in Europe through which trading in Forex products and CFDs is possible. Leverage and other features of these products can sometimes enable very high returns. If you look around online, you will find that there are a lot of positive and negative developments in the currently very volatile markets. Share indices, as is the case with the DAX, which are increasing in value are definitely interesting, but also have the problem that price losses can occur quickly. In general, a positive return can be achieved with these movements with the right certificate or with the rightForex product. It is possible to start trading quickly and very easily with BDSwiss. The selection of forex pairs that come into question for trading is definitely more than positive with 250. In this way, BDSwiss differs significantly from almost all other brokers, because the selection of forex pairs is usually much smaller here.

Trading Kurse.

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Forex options are hyped in different media. This means that they are used differently. In some reports it is the great opportunities that are highlighted, in other reports the high risk is defined or highlighted. Stocks can be traded in different industries and segments. Trading in securities can be used very easily and online via apps. In concrete terms, this means that there is a chance that productsBDSwiss app. The forex options as well as the forex pairs are explained extensively on the BDSwiss homepage. This means that you can clearly see which products work how and what risk is associated with the products. In the long term, it is conceivable that as a trader you can achieve high returns with the products - especially if you know how they work. In general, BDSwiss offers a lot of information material that can help to understand trading. can be bought and sold via the

Anyone who looks at shares that are currently in the focus of many traders will find that it is above allthe pharmaceutical industry which is very interesting is. This offers numerous options for companies that are active in the field of Covid-19 research. In addition, it is possible that classic pharmaceutical companies can also be traded, which are currently cheap because in times of the Corona crisis some shares can be traded significantly below value. Stock picking is really not that easy to make. Companies such as Johnson & Johnson, Novartis and Roche as well as AbbVie usually ensure stable sales and thus stable dividends. In the long term, it is possible that decent returns can be achieved here. Forex products on these shares can also be subscribed perfectly and ensure that a corresponding profit can be achieved if the development is right.

UK stock market offers opportunities!

The UK stock market offers plenty of opportunities and sometimes great potential. On the other hand, there are the risks posed by Brexit and, in general, the different assessments of the analysts with regard to companies in Great Britain. The fact is that the banking sector in Great Britain, for example, is under massive pressure. Shares in banks such asHSBC or Lloyds and of course Standard Charter are trading much lower than they were a few years ago. In the long term it is possible that the value of these stocks can increase again. However, this should also depend on how Brexit develops. It is conceivable that good negotiations and decisions will in any case also benefit the economy. It is also a fact that when it comes to stocks from Great Britain, attention should be paid to where the companies make their profits. There are many companies that make their profits in Europe, but others worldwide. Few of the big UK companies make their profits in the UK and nowhere else. In concrete terms, this means that companies will continue to generate sales after Brexit, provided they are generated worldwide.

In Great Britain there are some large corporations that have a correspondingly large position (see stocks Great Britain), but the situation is not exactly great at the moment. Companies such as the utility Centrica and British Telecom have suspended theirdividend payments. This means that shareholders are currently unable to participate in company profits. In the long term, this could change when the Corona crisis is over. Nevertheless, it cannot be assumed at present that there will be a rapid turnaround. Royal Mail has also fallen significantly in value. Royal Mail includes the parcel service provider GLS, which is also active in Europe and Kenya.

4 British global players with interesting developments

Anyone who looks at the global players from Great Britain will find that there are 4 companies here that pay out a quarterly dividend. In addition, these 4 companies have definitely come under massive pressure from theCorona crisis. In the tobacco sector, the two companies are Imperial Brands and British American Tobacco. Imperial Brands is the number 4 of the world's largest tobacco companies. British American Tobacco is number 2, just behind Philip Morris, on the list of the world's largest tobacco companies. It should be noted that the dividend is paid out once a quarter and an attractive return is possible.

The company British Petrol as well as the company Royal Dutch Shell is also often mentioned when it comes to finding an oil and gas company from Great Britain. Both companies pay dividends to shareholders once a quarter. At British Petrol, the dividend was halved, at Royal Dutch Shell it was even cut by two-thirds. As a result, the corporations in any case offer a significantly lower return through the dividend than was the case before the crisis. However, it is also a fact that the company's share price is significantly lower than it was before the crisis. While the British Petrol share was listed in the segment of 5 to 6 euros per share, the price today is just 2.30 euros. British Petrol shares have not been this low in the past 20 years. In theory, the company has a lot of potential. It is also possible that the dividend will increase again at some point. However, it is also a fact thatthe risk is quite high and it can happen that the dividend is reduced again, for example. At Royal Dutch Shell, the share price has also fallen significantly and is sometimes quoted at just 10 to 11 CADs. The company is in a slightly better financial position than British Petrol, yet is currently shunned by many shareholders.

Why should I choose BDSwiss as my broker?

The broker BDSwiss offers some decisive advantages over many other brokers. The broker is based inCyprus. This means that he has rented office space in Limassol. In addition, there is a seat in Great Britain. The fact is that due to the seat in Cyprus, there isregulation by the CySEC in any case. Traders can therefore assume that trading is very safe here. In comparison to many other offshore brokers at BDSwiss, there is no need to be afraid that illegal transactions are going on with the broker. The fact is that the broker is of course in the best possible position when it comes to customer support.

The support has a telephonecallback service as well as a live chat. It is also possible to contact support via email. The support options can be used in different languages ​​at BDSwiss. This means that support in Canadian is possible in any case, but also in English, for example. In the long term, as a trader, you can definitely benefit from choosing a broker that offers support in different languages.

How is the trading offer at BDSwiss?

The broker BDSwiss has a more than attractive trading offer compared to many other brokers. In concrete terms, this means that at BDSwiss you have the opportunity to trade a total of around 250 different currency pairs. These can be used as underlyings for the individual investment options. It should also be noted that numerous stocks as well as commodities, indices and cryptocurrencies can also be used. The complete trading can be done with the softwareMeta Trader 4 to be completed. This is a standard tool in the field of forex trading that is possible with many brokers.

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