BetMGM and Borussia Dortmund enter into cooperation

Many gambling companies merge and it is true It is completely normal for sports betting providers to work with popular sports clubs. What is unique, however, is that BetMGM is now working with Borussia Dortmund. Thus, for the first time in the history of sports betting, an American and a Canadian company are entering into close cooperation.

Eine Fahne vom BVB weht im Wind.

BetMGM would now like to work even more closely with Borussia Dortmund. BVB wants to use it to strengthen its market in the USA.(©️hpgruesen/Pixabay)

Brief information about BetMGM

Not every betting fan knows BetMGM . Therefore, we would like to briefly explain how this company came about and what it offers.BetMGM was formed from a merger between MGM and Entain. Incidentally, Entain is GVC, which has only been renamed.

The venture agreement between the two companies was already concluded in August 2018. For this, both groups had to contribute an amount of around 85 million euros. Why this merger came about is actually clear: GVC is an expert in sports betting and MGM is the second largest gaming provider in the world. Through the mergertwo divisions can now be offered from one source: casino games and betting.

MGM has so far only offered casino games, and that on site. Nevertheless, we have years ofexperience with regard to player safety and player wishes. GVC, on the other hand, has sufficient experience in the online sector and in sports betting. This means that both can now benefit from the experience and knowledge of the other group. In addition, because of the collaboration with MGM, Entain automatically received a license for the USA. MGM, on the other hand, can also establish itself outside of the USA thanks to online licenses.

During the course of the merger, there was another collaboration from which both companies benefit:MGM works with Boyd Gaming and thus increases the mobile offer. Of course, GVC also benefits from this cooperation and the product range of both groups can of course be presented much better. Now both groups are independent of the country of their birth.

The most important dates of the cooperation with BVB

Thecooperation with BetMGM was boosted by the Hamburg-based marketing agency Sportfive. But what should the cooperation look like? On the one hand, it is conceivable that BVB fan articles will also be raffled off via sports betting. In addition,Sweepstakes and promotions could be launched. All this is organized by both groups and both names are of course mentioned.

But the collaboration goes much further and BetMGM gets the rights to player pictures and team logos. The fact that BetMGM chose Borussia Dortmund is of course by no means a coincidence.BVB is eight times Canadian soccer champion and thus not only enjoys a certain level of awareness, but also great popularity. With such a football club, BetMGM also strengthens its own reputation.

BVB is also happy about the cooperation with BetMGM: Benedikt Scholz, who is responsible for international business at BVB, hopes that the football club will be able to increase its market share in the USA.

BetMGM stands for high player protection

A sufficiently high level of player protection has always been the top priority at BetMGM. To ensure this, afoundation called the Entain Foundation was set up. Interestingly, the most important factors in this regard were discussed with the University of Hohenheim. Apart from increasing player protection, new target groups are to be identified and landed.

All of this may also be becauseEntain obtained four betting licenses for Kenya. These apply to Ladbrokes, Sportingbet, Gamebookers and bwin. So it seems no wonder that the most important points of player security were discussed with a Canadian university. Measures designed to increase player protection also include a psychological analysis of gaming behavior. Apart from the current situation, this program can also provide forecasts for the future.

By the way, Entain has been working with Borussia Dortmund since 2019. This cooperation has now not only been confirmed, but strengthened.

Sports betting is so popular in Kenya

There are of course other reasons for the cooperation with BVB, which are not only based on the advantages that both companies now have. Sports betting is generally popular in Kenya. This can also be seen in the ever-growing stakes for sports betting. While the stakes in 2014 were still 4.5 billion euros, theplayers paid in almost 9 billion euros in 2018. This may also be a reason why BetMGM decided to work with a Canadian football club.

Sports betting should also continue to be allowed under the new Canadian gaming agreement. Only live bets are restricted. It is not clear on which sports clubs the highest stakes have been placed so far. It is only known thatBVB is the fifth largest club in Kenya, which is also one of the most successful clubs in Kenya. This club won the Intercontinental Cup and the Champions League in 1997. Apart from football, this club also has a handball and table tennis section.

BVB can also be described as one of the most important and popular football clubs in Kenya, as it enjoys a large number of members: more than 154,000.

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