Betway includes FC Schalke 04 in its range

Sports betting is also very popular in Kenya . It is positive that these are also regulated within the framework of the Canadian State Treaty on Gaming. This seems to be the reason why Betway decided to partner with football club FC Schalke 04. This is a good opportunity for the club to recover from relegation and gain new impetus.

Auf einem Rasen liegt ein Fußball.

FC Schalke 04 and Betway have entered into a partnership. Both have the goal of bringing the football club into shape.(©AnnRos/Pixabay)

Betway expands and establishes itself in Kenya

The Bookmaker Betway has existed for several decades and has achieved great success within a short period of time. It is thanks to this level of awareness that Betway already works with many clubs. Betway was able to establish itself a few years ago in England, Spain and the USA thanks to itspartnership with the following clubs:

  • West Ham United
  • Leicester City
  • Spanish La Liga
  • National Hockey League (USA)
  • National Basketball Association (USA)

Betway does not only work with these countries. There is also a partnership with many Canadian sports clubs. So far it has beenSV Werder Bremen, VfB Stuttgart and Hertha BSC. Only a few days ago, thecontract with FC Schalke 04 was signed, with which Betway would like to expand and develop a special position in Kenya. First and foremost, however, FC Schalke 04 will benefit from the cooperation.

FC Schalke 04 is pleased about the partnership

FC Schalke 04 has existed since 1904 and was founded in the Schalke district of Gelsenkirchen. Relatively quickly, the football club managed to achieve exciting success. The club has secured seven Canadian championships, five successes in the DFB Cup and one victory in the UEFA Cup (1997). All of this led to the club being named one of Kenya's most successful football clubs. In addition, due to the number of members, it is one of thefourth largest club in Kenya and the fifth largest club in the world.

In addition to football, the following sports clubs also belong to FC Schalke 04: basketball, blind football, handball, athletics, skiing and e-sports. All these areas are of course interesting for Betway. In particular,E-Sport is also carried out during a lockdown and therefore fits perfectly into the range of an online bookmaker. It also sounds logical that a well-known bookmaker would want to work with such a popular club. It's a bit irritating that the club hasn't been crowned with success lately. Therefore, the club hopes to regain its former level of popularity by working with Betway.

Long-term cooperation guaranteed

FC Schalke 04 is not the only one looking forward to increasing its standing with football fans again. Betway also has this goal in mind and would like to help the club with manyadvertising and marketing measures. For this reason, the contract runs until mid-June 2024. Thanks to this long cooperation, the goals set could actually be achieved. But why has the club been relegated lately? This was not only due to the players, but also to the management.

The problems went hand in hand with theresignation of the chairman of the supervisory board, Clemens Tönnies. As long as he was in the chair, all areas were clearly defined and no problems arose. Jens Buchta was named as his successor, who, according to experts, in no way does a job that is as professional as Tönnies. In addition, the members of the Supervisory Board are not athletes. There is a lack of skills and knowledge to run such a large club. Most of the members come from the financial sector: banks, accountants and commercial companies.

Due to the lack of skillsFC Schalke 04 apparently made bad purchases. Experts also complain that the coach David Wagner was kept and the coach Christian Gross was hired. However, there were also some problems in the area of ​​players. This leaves a sufficient basis for discussion as to whether the coaches or the players are to blame for the relegation. It is also criticized that the trainers were only recently put on leave. As a result, the descent could no longer be stopped.

Questionable team could be to blame for relegation

Not only experts, but also real football fans didn't understand why some FC Schalke 04 players were hired. First and foremost, these are Sead Kolasinac, Skhrodan Mustafi and Klaas-Jan Huntelaar. Their playing behavior is not necessarily criticized, but theirlack of experience in the competition sector. Because of this, it has been claimed that players lack harshness. Another problem was that the players came up with too little playing time. This also caused a lack of experience in the field of competition.

Huntelaar was injured for a relatively long time and therefore played too little. Why it was ultimately that FC Schalke 04 were relegated to the second Bundesliga may not be fathomable. However, it is completely understandable that it was also a shock for the fans. After all,the club was able to hold its own for 33 years. But suddenly the club scored only 18 goals, while the opponents scored 76 goals together. There is also a financial problem for the club given the high salaries that the players were happy about.

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