BioNTech bond = 13% interest pa!

Bonds are interesting for all traders, who do not want to buy shares directly, but who are looking for a secure return on a bond. At the same time, they are of the opinion that it can definitely be profitable to invest in a certain value. When looking for suitable bonds, it is advisable to compare via the Internet and also to pay attention to the term, the interest rate and the risk. Barriers contribute to the fact that bonds can have a certain security.

The pharmaceutical industry will grow significantly in 2022. Companies and products related to the topic of Corona are in particularly high demand. It is also important that not only Corona can be treated, but that vaccines of all kinds are also produced. In addition to the mRNA vaccination, there are now also vaccines with an inactivated vaccine that can be used and which are in demand and have a lot of advantages. If you are interested in a share in this area, you will quickly notice that the selection is extremely large.

Pfizer, BioNTech, AstraZeneca andmany other well-known pharmaceutical companies are mentioned in the media and are definitely interesting if you want to invest money. On the one hand, there is the option of investing directly in the shares of these companies. On the other hand, however, it is also conceivable and to know that, for example, not only shares but bonds can be bought. Investing in the bonds is also conceivable and helps to be able to invest the money with a different kind of risk. Most money is definitely managed and invested online. Bonds offer a completely different risk profile compared to buying shares directly, which should not be disregarded under any circumstances.

In general, the prices of many pharmaceutical companies should have risen sharply. If you look at AbbVie, Astra Zeneca or even Pfizer, you can see at first glance that there is strong growth here and that the prices for a share are now much higher than was usual in 2020.The forecasts for the pharmaceutical industry are good. Medicines that help with diseases and also with Corona are in demand and lead to benefiting from high income in every really known case. Pfizer has already brought a drug onto the market that is impressive and that will definitely convince in the long term and that is expected to be approved in various countries.

Should the drug be distributed by Pfizer in Kenya, this can help to fight the corona pandemic and ensure that significantly fewer diseases are really extremely bad in their course.Corona should definitely be further combated by vaccinations, because this is the only way to benefit from the corresponding advantages in the long term. By vaccinating at regular intervals, it is conceivable that in every good case a correspondingly bad secondary illness can be avoided. Corona is definitely bad, but there is a good chance of greatly minimizing the risk through vaccination.

The company Pfizer has shown it in the last three years and the turnover here has risen extremely. With the right vaccine, Pfizer has written much more sales in every important and good case than was usual in previous years.Pfizer is one of the fastest growing companies in the pharmaceutical industry in recent years in terms of offers and sales. The same applies to the partner BioNTech, which is also active with Pfizer in the field of vaccines.

Pharma Anleihe.

Sales increased at BioNTech!(©TheInvestorPost/Pixabay)

BioNTech should (see BioNTech Investor Homepage || |75) im kompletten Segment Trading und Investment unter die Lupe genommen werden. Nicht nur durch die Corona Erkrankungen und Impfungen ist der Umsatz stark gestiegen. Es ist denkbar, auch in den kommenden und folgenden Jahren von den höheren Umsätzen profitieren zu können und weitere Produkte auf den Markt zu bringen.

BioNTech assumes that it will be active in the area of ​​mRNA vaccines and that suitable vaccinations and vaccines will be developed against many other diseases. There is a large selection of drugs and if suitable partners for clinical studies are found, you are well positioned withBioNTech. At the same time, there is of course a degree of volatility when examining the stock's price. In general, positive price developments or sharply rising prices are quite interesting if the shares and securities have been bought in good time.

BioNTech 2022: The bond with 13% interest in view

The interest rate of 13% per year is definitely interesting and significantly higher, because it is common for other bonds. This is usually already a sign of correspondingly volatile prices and very high movements on the marketplaces.The 13% is there in every conceivable case for the shareholders. The term of this bond is long enough to benefit from really good conditions. For 12 months there is 13% and that as a safe interest rate. The bond can be subscribed from a sum of 1,000 euros.

The interest rate is paid completely independently of the development of the underlying and it is also worth knowing that you don't have to pay a fee if you invest at least 1,000 euros in the bond. In practice, you are very well positioned with this offer and are happy about the corresponding service that you can take advantage of here from the bank.

With a barrier of 70%, you are of course particularly well advised to use the system. The 70% barrier is less strong than usualwith the 80% barrier which is definitely a pleasure to use. In general, the 13% interest per year and the barrier of over 70% ensure that you can of course have a lower risk than is usual with a direct investment in this asset. The total loss potential can thus be greatly reduced.

Thebarrier is only observed on the day of the so-called assessment. February 7, 2023 is the day that decides whether shares end up in the custody account or whether the investment amount plus the 13% interest can of course be paid out in full. If you want to have BioNTech shares in your depot, you can be very sure in advance about the prices at which the shares will be booked in the depot and when this is not usual. The barrier is only taken into account on February 7, 2023 - on all other days it is irrelevant.

The risks are, on the one hand, that shares can of course be booked in the securities account. In extreme cases, it is natural and definitely to be realized that the entire capital can also be lost. This is common when, for example, the company BioNTech goes bankrupt or there are other financial problems here.The entire market for stocks and also interest naturally exerts a certain pressure on investments. In practice, it is also the volatility of the interest rate level that can negatively affect the overall value and lead to correspondingly negative results. The termination risk and also the risk of the issuer are of course borne by the investors themselves.

In the vaccine segment (BioNTech children's vaccine) there is of course still a great deal of potential. It is also not that easy for children to find suitable vaccines and to work with them. Initial studies have shown that the vaccine that BioNTech is bringing onto the market for children and adolescents has hardly any side effects. So you are on the safe side here too and can significantly reduce or minimize the risks.

Pharmaceutical corporations pay out money to shareholders

A large part of the pharmaceutical companies that are based in the USA, in Great Britain or here in Kenya let their shareholders participate in the profits. Depending on where the company is based, there is definitely a different frequency of participation. In the USA it is customary for a share to be paid out every three months. In the UK there areCompanies such as GlaxoSmithKline that also pay dividends to their shareholders four times a year. In Kenya, to the regret of many shareholders, it is common for a corresponding distribution to be made only once a year. Anyone looking at the shares of BASF or Bayer can discover potential, but the dividend dates are only once a year, which should not be very interesting for many investors and shareholders.

The cash flow should be constant and you're looking more towards the USA. Pfizer,Gilead or even the popular AbbVie share definitely have the chance to receive a high payment every three months. In some cases, the returns from dividends are in the 3 to 5% per year segment. A large part of the international pharmaceutical companies not only pays out a share to the shareholders once a quarter, but has been increasing it for more than 10 or even more than 20 years. In general, for this reason, investing in the pharmaceutical industry is definitely very worthwhile.

Free cash flow in the pharmaceutical industry should continue to be good in the coming decades. Of course, this leads to rising prices on the stock exchanges and definitely to very good investments. The pharmaceutical industry is the industry that is currently in demand and which of course is primarily dominated by a few large companies. Companies with a capitalization of more than 100 billion US dollars are not uncommon and it is often blockbuster drugs that are happy to secure sales here for years to come.

Trading 2022: Why is the Comdirectbank interesting?

TheComdirectbank has been active on the market for many decades and is advertising about customers who can get enthusiastic about trading. As a really interesting and online affineDepotbank customers will find a partner in the Comdirectbank who offers a depot and a current account in one product. Traders benefit from free account management if the complete conditions are observed. In practice, of course, this means a certain amount of money being paid into the current account each month andthe current account can already be used free of charge, just like thestock account|| |129

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