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BioNTech is through the cooperation with Pfizer more than known. The company is likely to play an important role in vaccine production in the coming years. At present, comdirect Bank customers can subscribe to a bond with a 10% yield pa if they are interested in BioNTech – including a protective barrier.

Shares in companies involved in vaccine production are currently under particular Observation. The high level of volatility means that not everyone is keen to buy shares in Pfizer or BioNTech, as well as Astra Zeneca. Nevertheless, many analysts are of the opinion that the pharmaceutical industry in particular is impressive and thathigh returns will beckon here in the coming years. The security of the industry is also often a reason for private investors to buy pharmaceutical shares.

Anyone who does not want to decide directly for an investment in BioNTech can also subscribe to the bond with 10% interest p.a., which is currently available to customers of comdirect Bank. The bond is made available through the partner Citi and can be subscribed from 1,000 euros. The WKN for the bond isKE3CY9 and offers a very attractive subscription period until May 12, 2021. Ultimately, 10% p.a. is paid, completely independent of the performance of the underlying. The barrier is 65% and reduces the loss potential. The valuation date on which the barrier plays a role is May 12, 2022.

If the barrier is touched on May 12, 2022, or if it is breached, this means that instead of the money, only the interest and shares gets booked into the depot. Basically, the bond from BioNTech is very attractive and can be seen. On a 12-month horizon,10% return is guaranteed. Everything else depends on how the price of the share develops. If the price does not fall sharply, it is conceivable that the money will be repaid without any problems and no shares will be booked in the securities account.


BioNTech bond offers a return of 10% p.a. and a barrier of 65%.(©12019/Pixabay)

Basically, there are many interesting papers in the stock sector. This also applies to the partner Pfizer, who also works with BioNTech and offers good conditions. In general, BioNTech with 158 eurosa strongly increased stock. In 2020, the paper was still quoted at around 50 euros and thus only at a third of the current price level. Investors are betting on this stock, showing that a lot of movement is possible in the pharmaceutical sector. Anyone who looks at BioNTech or its partner Pfizer will see that Pfizer is one of the world leaders in the pharmaceuticals segment. Pfizer has almost 100,000 employees and annual sales of around 40 billion euros.

Pfizer is known for numerous medicines, but also for its medicine Viagra, which helps with erectile dysfunction. The Pfizer Group was founded in 1849 in the USA. The company's headquarters are now also in the USA, in New York. The global corporation (see Pfizer Investor Relations) Pfizer is definitely a very defensive investment. What's interesting about the stock is that it has been rewarding its shareholders with a dividend for many decades. The dividend is even paid once a quarter. The chances of a return are therefore very high.Returns of 4.5% p.a. can be expected. In the future, the yield should even increase slightly.

Pfizer is definitely one of those companies that pay decent dividends and regularly increase the dividend. Pretty much every year, Pfizer increases its dividend slightly. As a result, the yield shouldin the direction of 5% and even beyond in the coming years. Many investors see the stock as a multi-decade fixed-term investment.

In the pharmaceutical industry, there are other stocks with AbbVie or Astra Zeneca that have a similarly interesting track record and where the payouts are increasing slightly every year.In general, the pharmaceutical industry is very liquid. This benefits investors and contributes to an overall good mood on the market. Higher yields are likely to be realized over a 5 to 10 year horizon. Money can definitely be well invested here, so that an investment quickly becomes affordable.

Investments in the United Kingdom – 6% secure in the financial sector?

The United Kingdom is very popular with investors from Kenya. A large part of the corporations pays a dividend every six months or even quarterly. The distributions will increase again in 2021 and some companies that suspended the dividend in 2020 will even reward them with a special dividend.The economic recovery is in full swing in Great Britain. In addition, there is the fact that vaccinations in Great Britain are administered particularly quickly and there are particularly many people who are vaccinated with Astra Zeneca or other vaccines.

Public transport is recovering in the UK, restaurants and supermarkets and much more is reopening. A bit of normality is exactly what people in Great Britain have long wanted and what is definitely in demand in times of Corona. While many younger people are still not fully vaccinated, the UK is making progress and showing what can be achieved by vaccinating.

In the financial sector, some stocks have recovered particularly quicklyShares in M&G and Legal & General, but also the insurance company Aviva are among the winners. The major English banks HSBC and Lloyds were also able to significantly increase their value on the stock exchange. Yields of 5 to 6% per year are definitely possible without taking an enormous risk. The companies mentioned are established financial companies and insurance companies. This means that some of the companies have been on the market for more than 100 years and sometimes have solid balance sheets.

M&G is a comparatively young construct that is active in asset management. The dividend is definitely very high and ayield of over 8% per annum (M&G PLC Dividend) is here easily reached. In the coming years, the return should be similarly high or even increase further. The group is well positioned and 5,700 employees work for the company. The turnover that can be achieved each year is around £11 billion.

HSBC is considered a major bank that is more than well positioned internationally. The group suspended the dividend completely in 2020. In 2021, the company resumed dividend payments.A dividend of $0.15 per share was paid at the end of April 2021. The value of the share could be increased significantly - during the crisis a share could be bought for less than 3 euros, today the price is quoted again at 5 euros. The dividend could be paid again this year. Originally, HSBC paid out a quarterly dividend for many years. From 2022 it could be possible that the dividend will be paid quarterly again.

TheLloyds Banking Group also reintroduced the payment of a small dividend in 2021. Before the Corona crisis, it was considered whether the payment of a dividend should also be switched to the quarterly cycle. This goal could realistically be achieved again over a period of several years. The price per share slipped significantly during the crisis and the share was quoted at 40 cents - a significant discount compared to the price that had to be paid before. Banks from Great Britain are considered to be particularly attractive when it comes to paying a dividend. The investment could definitely be worthwhile over many years.

What can I trade at the comdirect bank?!

The comdirect bank is a real exception when it comes to banking offers and customer services. The account and the custody account can be managed in parallel at the bank free of charge if the right paths are taken. If you want, you can easily open afree checking account at the bank. This is permanently free of charge and without conditions. However, it is currently being discussed that the current account is only free of charge if a certain minimum turnover is achieved with the account or if a cash receipt is booked that makes up a certain monthly sum.

The deposit at the bank is offered free of charge if the current account is managed in parallel. Customers definitely benefit from both products if they run them in parallel. Thedepot is more than in demand among traders. It can be managed via the broker'sfree mobile app.

One of the major advantages of the offers from comdirect Bank are extensive ETFs and fund offers. More than10,000 funds can be subscribed to as a comdirect Bank customer. The offer should continue to grow in the future, especially the interest in the savings plans is enormous. Savings plans mean regular savings – on a monthly basis, for example. Money can be invested in a product from an amount of 25 euros per month. ETFs and funds can be taken out as savings plans.

This way, the risk can be spread significantly, because you don't just invest in one product, but in several titles at the same time. With an ETF, it is conceivable not only to invest in e.g. 1 pharmaceutical company, but in several companies at the same time. A full index can be used to profit fromusing an ETF or fund and start a savings plan. Higher savings sums and savings rates can also be agreed. For example, 100 euros can also be invested every month in one product or in several products.

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