BNP Paribas derivatives can be traded with 0 Euro fees!

Who has a deposit at of the comdirect bank can currently benefit from a so-called no-fee campaign at BNP Paribas. All traders have the opportunity to trade derivatives via partner BNP without fees if they meet the conditions and for the last time in 2020.

Trading in securities has not exactly decreased in times of Corona. This means that numerous traders decide to buy securities and open a securities account. The selection of providers for depots has grown significantly, which means that mobile brokerage in particular has gained in importance. Anyone who chooses a broker will find that there are sometimes significant differences in terms of the type of trading options. The comdirect bank has been on the market for over a decade and offers, for example, the option of trading derivatives via selected partners. TheBNP Paribas is an example of such a partner. The company is excellently positioned and offers trading in securities, derivatives and, of course, bonds and other products. This clearly distinguishes BNP Paribas from most other providers, who often only specialize in a few products. Due to the high level of volatility on the market, trading in bonds and certificates has grown significantly in recent years. It is therefore conceivable that this area will be further expanded in the future. The selection of brokers through which derivatives can be traded is significantly lower in mobile brokerage than is the case in other areas. With no-fee promotions and leverage products, the chances of winning, but at the same time the risk, can be significantly increased.

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Derivatives trading via BNP Paribas as a no-fee promotion possible!(©PIX1861/Pixabay)

Leverage products offer the possibility that the chance of making a profit can increase significantly. This sets these products apart from traditional financial investments. Anyone who decides to trade aproduct with leverage will find that they are unfortunately also taking a significantly higher risk. For this reason, leveraged products should only be traded by people who are familiar with them and who know exactly what the benefits and risks of these products are. With some brokers, the leverage is limited to 10x, for example, while others can trade significantly higher leverage. All trading is easy and can be easily controlled online. The range of products to which leverage can be applied is really wide. This means that BNP lists a range of derivatives that can be traded entirely with leverage.

Derivatives are now offered by some brokers. The Süddeutsche Zeitung and other media report at regular intervals on derivatives and on the possibility of achieving corresponding returns here. (see:Süddeutsche Zeitung reports on derivative investment opportunities). It also becomes clear that derivatives are not that easy to understand. In general, derivatives can be traded at BNP without much effort. BNP has been aPremium Partner for comdirect Bank customers for 10 years. It should be noted that trading with an order fee of 0 euros is possible from an order volume of 1,000 euros, namely in live trading. It should also be noted that around 150,000 warrants can be traded. Certificates and reverse convertibles are also available. The provider is in a much better position when it comes to quality derivatives than is the case with other providers. The selection of structured products is many times larger than that of the competition. As part of the November campaign, the derivatives offered by the partner BNP at comdirect bank can be traded at particularly low prices.

What opportunities and risks are there with derivatives?

Trading in derivatives is characterized by numerous opportunities and risks. This means that while there are many ways to make a big profit, there are also many ways to lose. The fact is that leverage products naturally promise higher chances of winning and returns. At the same time, the return is improved by the fact that the order costs are lower or completely eliminated with theNo Fee campaign. The selection of underlying assets and products in the special offer ensures that there is an increased chance of making a profit, especially in volatile markets, provided you choose the right products. It should also be mentioned that trading with leverage products naturally means that there is an increased risk of loss. There is also a risk of total loss. This can occur above all when a knock-out threshold is touched or even fallen below. Leverage products can quickly vanish into thin air when this threshold is reached.

Before tradingderivatives it is definitely advisable to find out about the individual products and opportunities. In practice, the opportunities are usually difficult to see. In any case, you should know exactly that you are taking risks when you decide to use derivatives. Even if the no fee campaign sounds tempting, there is always a certain risk of loss. Before theDerivatives trading is started, info articles as well as news can be read that will help to understand the actions. In the long term, you can definitely benefit from derivatives with the appropriate expertise.

Is the comdirect bank depot suitable for derivatives trading?

As a comdirect bank customer, you benefit from the fact that the entire trading process can sometimes be designed very easily. In addition, trading is significantly cheaper than choosing other brokers. Especially as part of the no-fee promotions or as part of the promotion for new customers it is possible that as a customer of comdirect Bank you can save a lot of time and money. The fact is that new customers are usually greeted with discounts at retailers and can therefore save a lot of time. In the long term, it should be noted that comdirect Bank is one of the brokers who are particularly well positioned because they offer a particularly large number of different products. Trading is offered both on the stock exchange and over the counter. In addition, it is easy to trade both domestically and abroad. The options are much larger here than is the case with other brokers.

The online depot of the comdirect bank is opened within a few days. It is characterized by the fact thatmany different products can be traded via the depot. Savings plans can also be implemented very easily at comdirect Bank. Significantly faster and easier than is the case with the competition, customers of comdirect Bank can benefit from the fact that they can subscribe to good offers here.

In the area of ​​savings plans, it is above all plans for funds and ETFs that can be easily subscribed to. The selection is extremely large and is constantly being expanded across the board. In total,over 10,000 different funds and a more than high number of ETFs can be subscribed. comdirect Bank has significantly adjusted its offering in recent years. As a result, the broker is far better positioned than is the case with other brokers in this environment. In the field of ETFs, new options are constantly being promoted. Here, too, several hundred products can be subscribed to in the form of a savings plan. The options are continuously adapted to the interests of the customers.

Services from comdirect bank are more than average!

Services from comdirect bank are more than average. This means that in any case a lot more is provided than is the case with other brokers. The broker can be reached24/7 without problems. In concrete terms, this means that there is the possibility that questions can be addressed by telephone, for example. A free hotline is available to customers of comdirect Bank as well as to interested parties. It should also be noted that the comdirect bank naturally accepts the classic fax in the service area. It must also be mentioned that comdirect Bank customers can of course use a live chat. This means that questions can be addressed via chat 24/7 without any problems. In the long term, this is definitely an advantage and ensures that you can, for example, work on the computer and chat at the same time. The selection of contact options is significantly larger than is the case with other brokers. It is also possible that as a customer of comdirect Bank you benefit from the fact that the service can really be used almost every day of the year. Other brokers usually only offer support via email or telephone. In some cases, support is only available to a very limited extent from Monday to Friday, which is of course less convenient. Especially in the evening after work or at the weekend, for example, many people take care of their finances. For this reason, a good broker, as is the case with comdirect, should be able to offer the appropriate services here.

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