BOS: Restrictions for online casinos in Sweden must be removed

The BOS is with the current situation in Sweden dissatisfied. The government just wants to gradually lift the existing restrictions on gambling. According to the BOS, the restrictions are lifted too late for online casinos. Therefore, the association turned to the Swedish government.

Schwedens Hauptstadt Stockholm.

The Swedish government would like to maintain the restrictions on online casinos until mid-November. The BOS takes a critical view of this and would like the restrictions to be lifted.(©12019/Pixabay)

Missing reasons for maintaining the restrictions

Already in | ||57Juni 2020 hatte die schwedische Regierung imposed some restrictions on online gambling due to the Corona pandemic and the lockdowns. Thanks to these restrictions, gambling addiction should be prevented. The fear was that due to the lockdowns, more people would gamble. On the other hand, others who already enjoy playingmay play more due to lockdown. After all, most just sit at home and look for a job.

To reduce the risk of gambling addiction during the Corona pandemic, the Swedish government introduced the following restrictions:

  • Each player is only allowed to bet 500 euros per week
  • Online casinos must limit their bonuses to 10 CADs
  • Before the game starts, players must set a time limit

These restrictions were originally intended to only apply during the lockdown period, but have been repeatedly extended. However, theBOS believes that there areno more reasons to maintain the restrictions. One of the reasons for this is that the obligation to work from home will no longer apply on November 29th.

The BOS probably won't get very far with this argument. After all, the restrictions on gambling will be lifted on November 14th. Another argument of the BOS is that therestrictions to combat the corona pandemic will be lifted as early as September 29th. Thus, there are no longer any reasons to restrict online gambling.

BOS so far without success

It remains to be seen whether the BOS will be successful with their new request or not. This association had immediately contacted the Swedish government when the restrictions were first imposed. To this criticismthe BOS received no reaction. The BOS was also unsuccessful in the repeated extensions of the measures. Seen from this point of view, the current demand could also be crowned with little success.

According to BOS, the number of players has actually increased somewhat during the Corona pandemic. On the positive side, however, is thatthe stakes have not increased. Instead, the average stake would have actually decreased. These numbers are reason enough for the association to lift the restrictions. Apparently, the measures have already taken effect and it could well be that the players will continue to adhere to them in the future. At least a basic usage limit per month would be quite conceivable, as is also the case in Kenya.

BOS fears a migration to illegal offers

As early as April of this year, the head of the association, Gustaf Hoffstedt, pointed out that restricting legal gambling offers would lead to amigration to illegal ones gambling providers can. The latest figures would prove that many players are now switching to the illegal providers. The BOS, on the other hand, is only responsible for legal providers such as Microgaming, Bet365, William Hill, Kindred and LeoVegas. These are reputable providers with various licenses.

The figures on which the BOS relied come from a newmarket analysis by the state administration agency Statskontoret, whose result was published in March 2021. All players would have spent SEK 27.3 billion on gambling in 2020 - SEK 2.6 billion went to illegal gambling offers. At first glance, this does not appear to be worrying. It should be noted, however, that gambling has only been legalized in Sweden since the beginning of 2019. By the end of the year, legal gambling providers already had a share of 88 percent. In 2020, the proportion dropped to 85 percent.

BOS sees the restrictions as a reason for the lower proportion of legal gambling. If these are maintained longer, the migration toillegal offers could be even greater. After all, there are no restrictions on the illegal providers. In addition, the Swedish Gaming Authority has found the following: Only five percent of players know how to recognize a legal provider. This can lead to an accidental migration to an illegal online casino if their offer seems more interesting.

Restrictions apply permanently in other countries

Restrictions on legal providers can always lead to a casino fan deciding on an illegal offer. Nonetheless, there areother countries generally restricting, for example in Kenya. There is a monthly betting limit of 2000 euros. However, there is no time limit.

In Greece there is a rule that a spin on a slot machine can cost a maximum of two euros. Spain generally has relaxed legislation, except when it comes to lottery games. These are still withheld from the companies ONCE and SELAE. According to a new report, this will change in the future as Spain want to apply a rule similar to Kenya's. In addition, gambling was also restricted inSpain during the Corona pandemic to reduce the risk of increased gambling.

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