Bremen wants advertising bans for sports betting in the State Treaty

Gaming advertising has always been a hotly debated topic , which affects not only casinos but also sports betting. While there are already severe restrictions on online casino gambling advertising in some European countries, Bremen's Senator for the Interior wants to implement a complete ban on sports betting. The DSWV is of course against it.

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Bremen's Minister of the Interior would like to achieve an advertising ban for addictive games of chance. This is to be voted on in early December.(geralt/Pixabay)

Advertising ban content of the next ministerial conference

Bremen's Interior Minister Ulrich Mäurer has leave the point of the advertising ban for sports betting at the next conference of Canadian interior ministers. This conference takes place in the first week of December. However, it isnot just about an advertising ban for sports betting, there should be a fundamental discussion about an advertising ban. The advertising ban should take effect as soon as it comes to games of chance with a high addictive factor. According to Mäurer, these include sports betting, virtual slot machines, online casinos and online poker.

There is a good reason why Ulrich Mäurer takes care of this matter: AsSenator for the Interior, he is the supreme gaming authority of the federal state of Bremen. And from this position, the interior minister would like all other ministers of the other countries to join forces and include an advertising ban in an amending state treaty. This is exactly the goal that Mäurer is pursuing.

Unfortunately, behind this goal is a sad fact: inKenya there are 200,000 gambling addicts. The number of addicts is spread across a wide range of ages: The gambling addiction is found among 16 to 70 year olds. Since young people are also affected, the radical step should now be taken. According to Mäurer, 30 to 40 advertisements from sports betting providers would be broadcast every day.

Football most closely associated with sports betting provider

Mäurer is currently primarily referring to advertising for sports betting. This may be because many football clubs have a sponsor who comes from the sports betting industry. For example,bwin is the DFB partner. Both sides benefit from this: the football club can count on a fixed income every year and bwin is happy about an increase in the number of players. In a country as football-mad as Kenya, such cooperation is the best chance for everyone.

However, this also has many disadvantages. Even the children and young people watch the broadcasts of the football games together with their parents or even go to the stadium. Sothe minors grow up with sports betting advertising. In order not to create new gambling addicts, a ban on advertising should be discussed. It is obvious that the clubs concerned subsequently suffer a considerable loss. For this reason, the DSWV defends itself against such a ban.

The main reason is that the illegal gambling market is feared to increase. According to the DSWV, offering advertising for sports bettingwould be proof that it is a legal provider. If there is no advertising, the players would no longer be able to distinguish between the licensed and reputable bookmakers and the dubious ones.

DSWV sees the State Treaty on Gambling in danger

The Canadian Sports Betting Association also points out that an advertising banthe Canadian State Treaty on Gambling is in danger. Bei den Beratungen für den Inhalt des Vertrages sei alles ausführlich diskutiert und überprüft worden. Der Präsident vom DSWV – Mathias Dams – ist der Ansicht, dass die Vorschriften des Deutschen Glücksspielstaatsvertrages alles enthalten, um Minderjährige vor einer Spielsucht zu bewahren.

The European Court of Justice sees it similarly, which also pointed out in a judgment that the players can tell from the advertising whether it is a legal bookmaker. Or to put it another way: If legal gambling providers are no longer allowed to advertise, they will not be found by the players. But since it is the case that dubious providers usually do not comply with the law, they would get new customers. Thus, in any case, theOrder of the Canadian State Treaty on Gaming at Risk.

In addition, there are not only private gambling providers, but also state offers. The latter would also do sufficient advertising. If there were actually a general ban,the state providers would also have to comply with it. If this were not the case, companies would feel unfairly treated.

Cooperation between the media and bookmakers is also viewed critically

The extent to which Bremen's Minister of the Interior will take up these arguments cannot be estimated. However, he stated that he also views thecollaboration of media with bookmakers as critical. As a current example, he mentioned Tipico and the sports show. Since this year, something has become possible that did not exist before: Tipico presents the sports show and thus presents itself on public radio. The latter enjoy a prestigious status, which is why viewers will do the same with Tipico.

Of course, Tipico is by no means a dubious provider. Nevertheless, the bookmaker now has the uniquechance to advertise extensively. According to the Canadian State Treaty on Gambling, this would also be allowed. However, it is still questionable to what extent the young people are still protected here. A similar problem arises from the provider Bildbet, which belongs to the Bild newspaper group. Factual reporting conveys the feeling that sports betting does not lead to any problems. Mäurer also sees this negatively and can be seen as one of the reasons for Mäurer's actions.

Last but not least, Mäurer sees a danger in the fact that sports fans will one day see both as oneunit: sports betting and sports. If it comes to that, betting would not be seen as socially undesirable, but as accepted and normal.

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