Federal states support you in combating gambling addiction

In general, you should only play in an online casino that has a license. Strict conditions must be met in order to obtain this. One of these requirements deals with the issue of gambling addiction: Every provider of online gambling must offer options that every player can use to protect themselves. In the last few months, this player protection has increasingly been the focus of various federal states and even university hospitals. This resulted in various ideas that are intended to support every player in careful play.

Frau bei persönlicher, professioneller Beratung.

Anyone who does not want personal advice can turn to anonymous and free portals.(©nastya_gepp/Pixabay)

Bayern developed a consulting platform for players

The security features, that an online casino builds in, for example, help everyone togamble responsibly. But what happens if, despite everything, a gambling addiction develops? Some casinos offer the option of being self-banned. Alternatively, a maximum usage limit can often be agreed.

If all this does not bring any improvement, from now on every player can turn to thePlayChance platform. This is anoffer from the State Office for Gambling Addiction in Bavaria – LSG. The PlayOff program has existed for years and supports those affected in continuing to gamble within a reasonable framework. PlayChance, however, is intended to further expand this previous offer and is aimed at all players who have already developed a gambling addiction. Relatives and relatives can also turn to the experts for advice.

The focus of this concept is on anonymity - this idea may also have arisen from the corona pandemic. Finally, contact with the advisors canvia e-mail, telephone or chat. No one has to show any weakness and sit face to face with a psychologist.

PlayChance was able to start in mid-July 2020 after a year of development and offersthe right app for every smartphone. Of course, this app is free of charge, so that everyone receives comprehensive advice. Furthermore, the employees support everyone who is looking for a therapy place on site. In view of the fact that there are more than 70,000 people in Bavaria who are affected by gambling addiction, this is a very sensible offer.

University Medical Center Hamburg Eppendorf presents the portal restart

Casino players are not only struggling with their gambling addiction in the southernmost state of Bavaria. Also in the north of Kenya there are many whose gambling behavior suggests a gambling addiction. For this reason, the University Hospital Hamburg Eppendorf has dealt with this topic and created theRestart Portal.

This portal is also offered free of charge and anonymously. Behind this portal are experts who are available to advise anyone who has problematic gaming behavior. Apart from many professional tips to fight the addiction,The experts offer further assistance:

  • Low self-esteem and possible depression can definitely be discussed.
  • Social difficulties are no stranger to the experts and may also be addressed.

This all-round package is not only intended to combat gambling addiction. Basically, the medical-psychological portal New Start also provides useful support for other addictions.

The advice is rounded off by interactive exercises that run on the PC. Of course, a mobile app is available, which is offered in multiple languages.

The program was set up in such a way that after a comprehensive explanation and various assistance for playing, an awareness should be developed, on the basis of which eachcan preventively influence his own actions. Gambling addiction should therefore no longer be a problem in the future.

Italy starts with the students

A few years ago, Italy went through a program that was integrated into mathematics lessons in schools. Using this program, the students should calculate thechances of being able to win at roulette or the lottery.

The meaning behind it is easy to guess: Anyone who has recognized that the chances are to berelatively low will behave more responsibly with gambling in the future . At least that was the hope, which was largely fulfilled.

After three years, it was examined how the behavior of the students had changed. After all,Only 38 out of 48 percent stated that they regularly enjoy gambling. The number of those who thought they could influence gambling has also decreased. The Italian experiment can therefore be considered a complete success.

Importance of state measures

The following statements make it clear why all state measures to combat gambling addiction are of great importance:

  • 60 percent of Italian schoolchildren regularly gambling used
  • There are 70,000 people in Bavaria who suffer from gambling addiction
  • as a result of gambling addiction, some of those affected commit crimes

This is how the director of a non-profit cat clinic in Washington state stole thousands of dollars from the said clinic. The background: He wanted to use this to settle hisgambling debts. Unfortunately, he displayed this behavior for several years.

Gambling doesn't stop at the law-abiding police either.In 2019, a police officer had to answer because he was involved in several cases of theft due to his gambling addiction. He is even said to have worked explicitly with known criminals and pimps.

Time and again we receive reports that go far beyond normal theft or robbery:Gambling addicts cannot necessarily shy away from murder. This fact makes it clear that gambling addiction is a disease that can usually only be overcome with professional help.

Exactly for this reason, most federal states offer special programs and portals. With regard to the new State Treaty on Gambling, which also legalizes online gambling in Kenya, theAid programs could be used more. In this context, it should be borne in mind that TV advertising for online gambling has only recently been legalized. There is no doubt that many online casinos will use this new opportunity toacquire new customers with high welcome bonuses. As a result, many come into contact with an online casino for the first time.

Various programs such as PlayChance, PlayOff or restart can also help in this case. Everyone can inform themselves in advance in order to be able to react immediately.Furthermore, all gambling operators offer ways for players to protect themselves. In addition, the new State Treaty on Gambling will most likely lead to stricter measures regarding player safety. All in all, it should be possible to gamble responsibly so that gaming fun is not neglected.

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