Washington State Sued by Maverick over Sports Betting

Although gambling is constantly changing and That's why the countries keep creating new regulations and rules, and there are still some monopolies. There is one in Washington, for example. Only tribal casinos are currently allowed to offer sports betting in this American state. The gambling provider Maverick opposes this.

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In the state of Washington, betting on sports games is only allowed in the casinos of the tribal Indians. Maverick has filed a lawsuit against this monopoly and is demanding a change in the law.(©eileenploh/Pixabay)

Sports betting has only been allowed in Washington for almost two years

There's a good reason why gaming operator Maverick is taking action against the current situation in Washington.Until March 2020, sports betting was not legal in Washington State. Sports betting may only be offered from this month. The problem here: Only gambling providers who stand behind the tribal casinos are allowed to offer sports betting. Thus, there is definitely a monopoly in the state of Washington.

In June 2021 it was announced that there are11 tribes enjoying special protection in Washington. The following tribes were then listed and designated as potential beneficiaries:

  • Kalispel Indian tribe
  • Squaxin Indian tribe
  • Cowlitz
  • Snoqualmia
  • Tulalip
  • Puyallup
  • Swinomish
  • Jamestown S'Kallam tribe
  • Tribes of the Colville Reservation Suquamish tribe
  • Shoalwater Bay
  • Spokane and Muckleshoot Indians

Aforementioned tribes should be allowed to offer sports betting in Washington. Some of these spoke publicly two years ago and expressed their joy at their appointment. Some of thetribes have already proclaimed themselves great employers. With the additional offer of sports betting, the number of jobs would also increase.

Monopoly of tribal casinos dates back to 1988

In 1988 a law was created in the USA to protect Native American tribes. This is theIndian Gaming Regulatory Act, which should lead to equality between gambling operators. In essence, tribal gambling should be equated with all other gambling. However, this only works if other gambling companies are also allowed to offer sports betting. However, the situation in Washington is such that only tribal casinos are allowed to offer sports betting.

Exactly for this reason, the gambling companyMaverick applied to the largest district court in Washington. All his previous attempts to have the sports betting monopoly changed have come to nothing. The operator of the Maverick venues,Eric Persson, sees a clear violation of the IGRA if only tribal casinos are allowed to offer sports betting. According to Maverick, that would no longer have anything to do with protection or equality. Instead, an unconstitutional monopoly system would be created as the IGRA is misapplied.

Because of this, he sees no other option but to file the lawsuit. The far more extensive range of tribal casinos would make it difficult for it to compete with the tribal casinos.

Persson could have a good chance

According to official reports, Persson has secured a lawyer who has already achieved the desired success in a similar case.Ted Olson, who enjoys a good reputation in New Jersey, was able to succeed in the Supreme Court in 2018. In the case in question, a law that only allowed Las Vegas and a few other localities to offer sports betting was repealed. After the law was repealed, all states were given the right to regulate sports betting themselves.

In that sense, Washington had the right to create a monopoly. However, in other states, sports betting from different providers is allowed. In thisPersson sees the injustice in Washington. With his lawsuit, he wants to ensure that sports betting is legalized again. Experts see good chances for Persson, as the court addressed had already resolved a similar situation a few months ago.

This is how sports betting would have been legal in Florida by declaring a treaty between the governor and the Seminole Tribe unconstitutional. This contract would have violated the IGRA.After the judgment of the court sports betting that had already been legalized was again prohibited, which is why it is currently not possible for sports betting to be offered in Florida.

Sports betting may only be offered within the casinos in Washington

Apart from the monopoly position, there is another special feature in Washington: Due to the very strict gambling laws in Washington, it isnur in den Casino-Räumen möglich to place sports bets. Maverick would ensure that too. After all, he runs 19 cardrooms in Washington. These rooms are equipped with poker tables and also offer numerous gaming options for fans of slot machines. In addition, players can also stay overnight in Maverick's locations.

TotalMaverick operates 44 cardrooms located not only in Washington but also in Nevada and Colorado. This assortment results in Maverick employing 2,200 people in Washington. Thus, Persson can provide sufficiently safe opportunities for players to place bets. In addition, Persson is certain that his locations are more intimate and offer more privacy than the casinos of the Indian tribes. The latter may only be built in certain areas. Mavericks cardrooms, on the other hand, would offer a more neighborly outcome - along with some perks that Native American casinos would not have.

Maverick's other justifications for the lawsuit

Maverick has tried to take action against it several times since sports betting was legalized. So far this has been unsuccessful. For this reason, he turned to the largest district court. Maverick gave the following situation as a reason for violating the competition law:The first casino that offered sports betting in September 2021 is called Snoqualmie Casino and is run by the Indian tribe of the same name. The timing of the new law's activation was timed correctly, right in time for the NFL season. Maverick also sees this as a violation.

According to Maverick, there should be a better playing field. Therefore, the lawsuit demands that sports betting for the state of Washington be abolished once again.Subsequently, the legalization of this should take place differently, in such a way that other gambling providers than Indian tribes are allowed to offer sports betting. It would be the same in other states where both Native American tribes and other gambling companies are allowed to offer sports betting.

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