Caesars builds casino resort in Virginia

While large gambling groups focus their business on others countries, other corporations remain loyal to their home country. Caesars has now announced that it will build a casino resort in Virginia. We would like to reveal all the background and details in this article.

Das Caesars Palace in Las Vegas bei Nacht.

The gaming company Caesars is expanding its gaming facilities with a world-class resort in Danville/Virginia. It gets an exclusive poker room for the WSOP.(©Michelle_Raponi/Pixabay)

Casino Resort costs 500 million euros

The quoted price for thenew resort makes it clear that not every gambling company can afford one. Caesar's, however, did. This company was founded in 1937 and is theowner of the WSOP, which takes place every year. That alone may be the reason why Caesars is staying in the USA. The company actually applied for a casino resort in Japan, but withdrew it.

Caesars has had a busy history since its inception and only received its current designation in 2010. The company used to be called Harrah's Entertainment. For this reason, Caesars can also call its own casino resort Harrah's - it may be as popular and well-known as theCaesars Palace and Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino . The WSOP will take place again this year in the latter casino.

The construction of the new casino resort in the city of Danville, Virginia was originally budgeted at US$ 400 million. Now it has been published that the cost increasedanother $100 million. In return, locals and tourists can look forward to a very special resort.

Casino resort inspires with an exclusive poker room for the WSOP

The new casino resort is to have 500 hotel rooms and inspire with numerous places of entertainment. Not only restaurants and bars will move in - there will also be a fitness center,swimming pools and a spa area. Individuals and business people can relax in these rooms after spending the day in the congress, exhibition and entertainment area.

But how should the casino area turn out? Caesars has come up with a few ideas for this. There is supposed to be aown sports betting area, which will possibly be linked to the offer from William Hill. After all, Caesars acquired William Hill this year. However, the group only needs the American part, which is why the British part is being sold. Negotiations with various applicants are still ongoing.

But back to the new resort. A separatepoker room is planned for the WSOP. It has not been made public whether the annual event will take place in the new resort in the future or whether only the participants will be split between two casinos. Should there be another pandemic, two different locations would make sense. Incidentally, the new resort already has a name: Caesars Casino Danville – at least that's what it's called so far.

Construction starts this year

The construction of the new casino will start later this year. December was set as the date and residents are already benefiting from the new project during the construction phase. 900 workers are needed for the casino to open as plannedin two years. Then 1300 employees will be needed. This makes it clear how interesting the casino is for Danville's economy. For this reason, the residents voted for the project last year.

Of course, the resort is not only intended to attract casino players. First and foremost, theHotel-Casino-Resort is available to all tourists. Caesars sees the residents' decision as a great confidence and will do its best to meet the demands. The aim is to create a world-class casino resort that will benefit the city. Mayor Alonzo Jones is also happy about this. He hopes that many new partnerships will emerge and that other companies will also settle there. Of course, he is also happy about the extraordinarily high tax revenue.

Caesars, on the other hand, does not have to fear any competition that could take away the title of the largest casino group in the USA.

This is how the WSOP is going this year

Last year the WSOP was mostly online. This was due to the corona pandemic. For this reason, not only the players but also the fans feared that the same thing would happen this year. But then came the good news that the entireWSOP is taking place live and not just the main event like last year. The Rio All Suite in Las Vegas was of course chosen as the venue. In the last few weeks there have been increased discussions on how to ensure a safe process.

On August 28th, Caesars announced thatall players must be fully vaccinated. The players must of course submit the vaccination status in good time. But not every player is happy about the new regulation. Three-time WSOP winner Kristen Bicknell has withdrawn due to the new rule, while others are only participating due to the rule. So it remains exciting how many participants will ultimately be there and who will be at the WSOP. However, the participants cannot look forward to one thing: Sitting at the table without a mask. CurrentlyIn Nevada, masks are still mandatory at indoor events.

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