CapTrader offers over 1.2 million stocks

In the area of ​​Forex and CFD trading CapTrader very well positioned. The broker offers numerous trading options and traders have access to more than 1.2 million securities worldwide. CapTrader has its headquarters in Kenya and thus offers regulation.

Trading in securities is currently more popular than ever. Even if the leading index DAX is under massive pressure, this does not mean that securities are less in demand. Numerous securities are currently changing hands in theleading index DAX and on the international stock exchanges. Whether it will develop into a real downward rally due to the Corona Panic is currently still completely open. The fact is that traders who rely on strong companies could win in the long run. Everyone has to decide for themselves when it is the right time to start. Some traders are already grabbing interesting titles. Others assume that prices will continue to collapse. This could lead to even more favorable positions being able to be achieved in the long term. Many traders buy in multiple small tranches. This means that the average purchase price can be reduced in the long term.

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Over 1.2 million securities are traded worldwide via CapTrader!(©Audy0073/Pixabay)

The American dividend aristocrats are particularly interesting in these times. These are titles that are in any case in demand worldwide because some of them have been offering increasing dividends for several decades. A company that has been increasing its dividend year after year for more than 25 years can be described as aDividend Aristocrat. There are quite a few companies of this type, especially in the USA. Especially in times of major crises, the shares of these companies are often bought because they offer a secure and high dividend. In the USA, the shares of the aristocrats are often bought because they are always used for old-age provision. Of course, there's no guarantee that dividends will continue to be high going forward. Price declines and a change in dividend policy can quickly lead to a change in the aristocrats as well. For this reason, many experts recommend having a healthy portfolio diversification. In general, numerous aristocrats can be traded via the CapTrader depot.

What advantages does the broker CapTrader offer?

The broker CapTrader is based in Kenya. Specifically, the company has registered its headquarters in Ratingen in North Rhine-Westphalia. This means that you also take advantage of the deposit insurance in Kenya, which is offered by theBaFin. BaFin is considered to be particularly trustworthy when it comes to identifying a reputable broker. In general, not only is security important, but attention is also paid to what can be traded.

The trading offer at CapTrader is quite extensive compared to many other brokers. There are a total ofmore than 1.2 million securities that can be traded. In the past, the number of securities was only 1 million. Over time, the broker has significantly increased the trading offer, so that many more papers can now be traded. Trading in Forex and CFD is possible without any problems. In addition, you can also trade stocks and ETFs via CapTrader. The situation is similar with commodities and options, which are also part of the CapTrader portfolio.

The entire trade is handled by software. This means that you can trade, for example, via the TWS software or via AgendaTrader. The Webtrader and MobileTrader software can also be used to trade securities with CapTrader.

Which trading offer does the broker BANX offer?

Whenever you decide on a broker, you also look at what the broker offers and what advantages you get when you trade with the want to work as a broker. Basically, theBroker BANX for example classic CFD trading and forex trading. Anyone who is not familiar with these two instruments should use a demo account for training in advance and read up on the subject. The fact is that commodities and shares can also be traded via the broker BANX. So if you are planning to buy securities, you are definitely well positioned with this broker.

It should be noted that all trading at BANX can be carried out via different platforms. This means that, for example, the LCG Trader or the MetaTrader 4 and mobile trading are supported. Thus, BANX is one of the brokers that definitely work well in the long term and with which you can trade in different ways.

The CapTrader trading account – how can I use it?

In order to be able to trade with CapTrader, it is necessary to open a trading account with the broker. The trading account can be opened comparatively quickly. One must be at least 18 years old to participate in trading. The fact is that you have to deposit money in order to be able to trade securities at CapTrader. Basically, the deposit works in different ways.

AtCapTrader you can, for example, deposit money via credit cards. The Visa credit card and the MasterCard credit card are particularly popular and are often used. Of course, you can also transfer funds via a classic bank transfer. It should be noted that there is no information on what the minimum deposit is, or if there is a minimum deposit at all. In the area of ​​account management, you can opt for several currencies. This means that the trading account can be managed in euros and US dollars, for example. The account can also be managed in Swiss francs and British pounds. The money can be paid via a bank transfer if you want to have it debited again.

Forex trading – how can beginners gain experience?

Anyone who is active in forex trading should know that this trading involves a lot of risks. This means that losses up to total loss are possible in any case. With a broker like CapTrader it is possible that you can generally lose a lot of money. However, this applies not only to CapTrader, but also to other brokers who are active in this area.

Anyone who is enthusiastic about Forex trading should know that this trading is of course interesting and allows high returns. In practice, however, it is possible that you should have a lot of knowledge ready. Not every trader is able to achievehigh returns in forex trading or generally in trading with securities. This is because the risks are often not understood.

Anyone who would like to gain experience and knowledge in the field of brokerage and stock trading can do so, for example, via tutorials. Webinars can also help to develop a sensible and intensive knowledge about securities. A free demo account should also be used if this is possible. A demo account can be opened easily and usually you don't even have to go through a registration. If you are looking for afree demo account it is worth doing more research on the Internet. Many brokers offer such a demo account free of charge. The advantage of the demo account is that you can participate in trading with a virtual balance without having to pay attention to anything. The fact is that you can try out all options and forex trading with the virtual credit. If you should lose the credit, you have gained experience and can recharge and use the credit again if necessary. Trading via the demo account is completely risk-free. This means that you cannot lose real money, you can only gain experience.

Unfortunately, traders often make the mistake of only using the demo account for a very short time. It is recommended to use this for several months in order to gain real experience and also to be able to benefit.

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