CapTrader expands the range of shares significantly!

CapTrader is very popular as a broker with most traders . One of the reasons for this is that the broker naturally offers good conditions and a broad portfolio. More than 1 million different securities can be bought and sold via CapTrader. This means that trading with this broker could definitely be worthwhile.

Like many other brokers, CapTrader still offers classic trading in shares. In concrete terms, this means that traders can buy and sell shares, but alsoForex products and CFDs can trade. Thus, CapTrader is very modern and has the great advantage that different wishes of customers and traders can be served.

In classic stock trading, the offer with over 1 million shares is much more extensive and larger than was previously the case. In any case, CapTrader is very well equipped when it comes to covering a wide variety of markets and when it is generally about being able to experience something. The broker not only offersmobile trading via app on the cell phone, but also a lot of options in classic trading with shares.

The winners of this offer are definitely the traders. They not only benefit from the versatility of the offers, but also from the fact that you can definitely achieve a lot with CapTrader and are very regulated. Regulation creates trust. CapTrader assumes that the broker will continue to grow in the coming years. This is because CapTrader definitely has a lot of different options and because the broker definitely offers a lot in theInnovation segment.

The trading conditions at CapTrader are also significantly lower than is the case with other brokers. This means that CapTrader customers can buy and sell shares very cheaply. Evenoptions trading can be perceived very easily if one decides to trade options via CapTrader. Here the broker has decisive advantages over the mass of other brokers that want to be noticed.

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Over 1 million securities can be traded at CapTrader.(©Pexels/Pixabay)

In the CFD trading segment, there are many different choices and options at CapTrader. This means that traders with this broker can not only draw a certain type of CFDs, but want to perceive a large crowd. It is conceivable that CFD trading will be further expanded in the coming years so that customers can continue to benefit from it.

In CFD trading (see CFD trading), traders benefit from the fact that value developments take place. The abbreviation CFD stands for "Contract for Difference" and means that it is a derivative. The price of the product depends on the asset class. In general, it should be noted that there is a base value that is referred to as the underlying.Equities are often used as the underlying for derivatives. In addition, cryptocurrencies have also recently been used for derivatives.

Depending on the broker, theoffer of derivatives is even larger. In concrete terms, this means that bonds or raw materials, for example, can also be used when a derivative is designed. It is also conceivable that indices are used when derivatives are to be designed. The development of an index could be significantly less influenced by strong fluctuations if you want to compare it with other products and developments. The DAX or the MDAX are standard indices that would like to be traded via derivatives.

In CFD trading, a bet is signed on the price difference between the base value and the future development. There is an option to go long or short. With a long bet, you are speculating that the price will rise. This means that you benefit from a positive price development.It is important that the price ultimately quotes above the base price. The risk here is relatively high, but it can usually be presented very clearly, which of course should have a certain meaning from the trader's point of view.

The opposite is the short history, which means you are betting that the price will fall. Here a CFD is sold to the issuer and later bought back at a lower rate. As a result, the cheaper buyback can result in a profit.

Costs for CapTrader CFD trading – what can I expect?

CFD trading is still new territory for most traders. This means that while they have a rough understanding of what CFD trading is all about, many do not know what the costs can be. In general, different types of costs can be incurred when trading CFDs. The so-called trading costs are the costs that should definitely be considered.

The trading costs are defined by the spread. This is the difference between the bid rate and thesell rate of the CFD position. In addition, the so-called holding fees are mentioned. These are fees that are incurred if you want to hold a CFD position overnight. The broker informs in advance about the holding fees, which should definitely be taken into account for long investments.

The costs for the depot management should also be considered. Many brokers offer a free depot that can be managed online without any problems. The fact is that there may be occasional fees for custody account management, but also for deposits and withdrawals.

The CFD contracts (CFD info) should definitely be understood before investing in them. This means that one should use e.g.tutorials or demo accounts to understand trading CFD contracts in depth. In practice, it is conceivable that numerous different contracts can be traded online, but high losses are also conceivable. It should definitely be noted that choosing contracts is worthwhile.

CFD contracts can for example be drawn on the price of oil, which is very popular these days. Many traders want to make quick profits with CFD contracts. If prices forcertain products develop very positively this can definitely lead to success in the long run. High or rising oil prices can be perfectly mapped in CFDs and offer many benefits. The CFD contracts are very easy to implement, even if they are contracts with falling prices, i.e. so-called shorts.

Account management and payments at CapTrader in detail

The broker CapTrader offers good conditions and operates from Kenya with a typical company headquarters. This means that you can definitely make a lot possible at CapTrader if you act correctly. The CapTrader account can be managed in different currencies. In concrete terms, this means that the account can be managed in euros or US dollars, for example. The currenciesSwiss francs and the British pound are also conceivable if you want to invest money with CapTrader.

In general, it must be noted that classic bank transfers in particular can be used for depositing or withdrawing funds. There are no fees if you decide to initiate a withdrawal with CapTrader. In comparison, other brokers only offer a payout if you pay the corresponding fees.

As far as the payment options are concerned, it must be said in fairness that many other brokers are more flexible than is usual with CapTrader. This means that there are simply morepayment options available with Skrill, Neteller or PayPal. It is worth comparing a little more closely here and paying attention to how payment can be made. Since a normal depot is made available in Kenya, CapTrader is definitely also very well positioned with the classic bank transfer. However, the broker could expand its support here in the coming years.

Regulation at CapTrader: How secure is the broker?

At CapTrader you belong toFXFlat Wertpapierhandelsbank GmBH, which is based in Kenya. The company's headquarters are in Ratingen near Düsseldorf and thus in North Rhine-Westphalia. Here the BaFin (BaFin authority) is responsible and ensures that the regulation works on the one hand and that a corresponding license is issued on the other hand, via which trading is legal is made possible.

At CapTrader, traders also have the great advantage that they can, of course, use any number of services. The service is offered, among other things, via a live chat, whichin different languages can be used around the clock. It is also possible for the service to be provided by e-mail, which can be implemented very easily. BaFin offers many options for asking questions and being offered solutions via a free 0800 telephone number. In general, you are registered with the district court in Düsseldorf under number 44445 in the HRB.

In terms of regulation, most traders now rely on brokers, as is the case with CapTrader. This means that you want to specialize in providers who are active in this country and who are based in Europe and, at best, even in Kenya. This way you definitely benefit from the fact that everything is going right and that you can work together quite safely. A large number of brokers are now well positioned in terms of licenses and regulations and can be proud of.

TheReports on the Internet help to identify a reputable broker. The fact is that you can usually find a lot of positive reports about this broker at CapTrader. With the broker it is important to know that he is well positioned online and that the presence on the web is very well informed about where and how to trade. The conditions on the web are clearly presented and are well below the conditions of the competitors. CapTrader is very satisfied with the development of the brand and the broker.

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