Casino Eldorados suffer sales losses

Macau and Las Vegas have several things in common: They provide the Eldorados of casinos, even if this is the case on different continents. Now they have the second thing in common: They had to accept a drop in sales this year. These were not only achieved during the closing times due to the corona virus. Unfortunately, even after the reopenings, there was less revenue than casinos had hoped for. The positive news in this context: It is not a loss.

Exklusive Gebäude in Las Vegas.

Compared to the previous year, the casinos in Las Vegas and Macau generated lower sales - but fortunately no loss.(©Pexels/Pixabay)

The previous year had higher sales

Based on two different situations , casinos in Las Vegas and Macau have suffered both an increase in revenue and a decrease in revenue. How does that fit together? Very simple: If you take the sales figures for the same month from the previous year as a basis, the casinos generated lower sales this year.After all, Macau is 95 percent and Las Vegas is 50 percent.

If you look at the sales figures from the previous month of this year, both locations were able to record an increase in sales: While Macau took in 80 percent more, there are no detailed data for Las Vegas. There was also the problem that shortly after the reopening some casinos had to close again. Other casinos were allowed to welcome fewer guests because they were disappointed with the hygiene measures taken.Despite everything, it can be said that the reopening of the casinos after the lockdown started positively.

Macau could be the fourth richest country in the world

Macau could still be the fourth richest country in the world despite the decline in sales this year. And this despite the fact that Macau has 21,000 inhabitants per square kilometer.If you calculate the GDP for all residents, each would earn almost 90,000 US dollars. At least that's how it would have been in 2016. Of course, the locals don't get the money. Rather, the tourism industry and the casino industry have always been happy about the high income. Last but not least, Macau owes its tourism to the many sights that have been there for decades. These were originally the reason why so many guests came. The casinos were only built over time and quickly became the main source of income.

The first casino in Las Vegas was built in 1939

The situation is different with the city of Las Vegas, which was originally a desert city. The first casino was built there in 1939, on what is now the hip Las Vegas Strip. There are now many casinos and hotels lined up there. This city has not lost its appeal, as the turnover of 566 million dollars confirms. And if you don't feel like playing casino games, you can look at the lovingly constructed buildings:Many ones were built in the style of New York, while there is a pyramid in the front yard of a hotel. Who is surprised if other buildings are reminiscent of Venice or Paris?

Las Vegas is currently hoping that regular sales will set in: In June 2019, all casinos togethergenerated sales of 886.5 million dollars. These numbers seem normal for the city. But after the rooms and suites in the new casino hotel building will be ready at the end of the year, these figures could possibly still be achieved in the second half of the year. The Astral will have 620 rooms spread over 34 floors. There is also a wellness area in this high-rise, which can already be used by casino customers.

Reasons for the slump in sales

Many may wonder why there is a slump in sales at all. Many have been waiting daily to be allowed back into the casinos in Macau and Las Vegas. Exactly for this reason snakes stood in front of the casinos and waited for admission.Unfortunately, many hygiene measures dampen the desire to play: The slot machines are relatively far apart and plastic walls adorn the casino tables. Sometimes the casino customers have their fever taken before they arrive. All of this may well be the reason why many don't feel like playing on site at the moment. In addition, there is a mask requirement in some casinos.

It is not known to what extent the problem of contagion was settled via the chips. So far, these have been disinfected at regular intervals. This means extra work and extra costs. An invention could possibly eliminate these costs completely: However, there is a company that has developed special chips:These chips are said to be able to kill the corona virus. These are the Nova Guard Chip Protect chips from Matsui, a Japanese casino outfitter. Its chips should be antibacterial and should also kill viruses. To achieve this, these chips have been equipped with a special material in the middle and on the edge. However, this is not recognizable and these chips are similar to all other casino chips. If you want to use these chips in your casino, you can have them marked with your own characteristics. Thus, they can definitely no longer be distinguished from the previous game chips.

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