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The Casino Konstanz in Baden-Württemberg was rebuilt for a long time, which now seems to be paying off after two years. There is now a report on the figures from 2019. In 2019, thecasino is said to have closed with 23.4 million euros in gaming revenue. That would be an increase of 8.6 percent compared to 2018. The company certainly sees it as an advantage that sales have changed so positively. If everything goes according to plan and the trend continues, the casino will certainly do well in 2020 and record a larger profit.

Roulette spielen in landbasiertem Casino.

In a land-based casino, playing roulette creates a great gaming atmosphere. It's just being typed here.(©meineresterampe/Pixabay)

Upswing in land-based gambling is increasing

In Baden- Württemberg the upswing in the land-based casinos. Not only the Casino Constance, but also the other casinos (Casino Baden-Baden and Casino Stuttgart) were happy about a good result. All in all, the casinos mentioned achieved a record-breaking result of EUR 107 million. This shows that not only the online casinos are very popular, but also the land-based gambling halls have many followers.

The state-licensed casinos in Baden-Württemberg use the numbers to show that land-based gambling is not lagging behind . Instead, it is the case that the local arcades are also convincing and have been able to win over many people. It is also worth mentioning that land-based arcades are becoming more successful in general in all federal states. This is a good sign for the local operators.

2019 as a high-sales year for land-based casino operators

The Canadian Casino Association regularly publishes new figures. According to the association, the state casinos in Kenya recorded ahigh increase in sales in 2019. Overall, sales increased by more than 25 percent compared to the previous year. It was also reported that around EUR 860 million was generated within the casinos. Around 5.7 million visitors visited the arcades on site.

For the land-based arcades, this means that they represent an alternative for many players. So not all players play in the online casinos, but accept the way to a normal arcade. There are also someadvantages like the atmosphere and the togetherness. This is difficult to do in an online casino. If you want to feel the real atmosphere in an online casino, you have the opportunity to play in a live casino, which some providers make available.

Investment in the casino was the right step

The investment in the casino was also positive for the city of Constance, as the figures show. Finally, the city benefited from 3 million euros in casino taxes. By the way, it's theonly land-based casino in town. In addition, Casino Konstanz is the smallest casino in the state. Years ago, the operators had recorded years of low sales. The visitors became fewer and fewer.

That's why the operator decided on extensive modernization measures in this area. A lot of money was put into the land-based casino tomake it attractive for the visitors again, which now seems to have succeeded. The final work was completed in 2017. Great importance was attached to accessibility. For example, the casino has elevators inside. There were also changes in the outdoor area, such as the expansion of the parking spaces.

During the renovation, players could continue to play in the casino. Although it was built, the game operation continued. After all, no operator can afford to close and renovate a casino for years without generating any income from it. On the website, the operator also informed the players whether it was open or not.

Online casinos are not seen as competition

The online gambling market is to be regulated and liberalized, which the operators of land-based gambling halls should actually view negatively. But the Baden-Württemberg casinos do not seeonline casinos as competition. Finally, there is a huge difference between land-based and online casinos. This is in the area of ​​the game atmosphere.

According to the operator, such a feeling of life and play does not arise in an online casino. But for many players it is important to enjoy a decent atmosphere andplay live with other players. In addition, the employees of the casinos on site are very competent, which is also appreciated by the players. Certainly, players could play in a live casino. But it's different when people play at a land-based casino, according to the experts.

Wait for developments

Of course nobody can predict how the whole situation will develop. All scenarios are possible. However, if you don't want to miss the right casino atmosphere, you will certainly remain loyal to the local casinos. It may also happen that players first want to try out the online casinos with their bonus offers, so that the land-based gambling halls initially register a drop in sales.

But if you need this atmosphere for even more gaming fun, you will certainly quickly switch back to the land-based casinos. We will of course keep an eye on everything when the time comes. For now, we can wait and see howgambling in land-based casinos on-site will develop in 2020. The casinos currently seem to have recovered from the sales losses of previous years, which is a positive sign.

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