Casinos Austria fights allegations of fraud

The new year is barely a few days old, the gambling group Casinos Austria is already struggling with serious allegations. Among other things, the association Spielerhilfe.at is of the opinion that fraud is taking place at the machines. We find out whether this is really the case and announce the facts, which is why the gaming group now has to deal with these allegations.

Fünf Spielautomaten stehen nebeneinander in einer Spielhalle.

The association Spielhilfe.at raises serious allegations of fraud against Casinos Austria: The payout quota is allegedly manipulated.(©deluxtrade/Pixabay)

Federal law regulates the payout ratio

It's a very hard one Allegation against which Casinos Austria is fighting. Basically, the associationSPIELerhilfe.at accuses the company thatthe payout ratio would be manipulated. The association would recognize this by the fact that fewer profits are paid out at the beginning of a month and the profit distribution increases at the end of the month. The club no longer sees this as a coincidence.

On the other hand, according to the Federal Act on the Regulation of Gambling, theproviders are allowed to determine the amount of the payout quota. A value between 85 and 95 percent is permissible. However, the payout percentage that is generally paid out must be reported to the responsible state authority. This means: First, either the game manufacturer or the company setting up the game determines the payout percentage. If the quota is to be changed, the state authority must be informed.

But what is the club basing its allegations on? Club spokesman Christoph Holubar allegedly spoke to a manager who confirmed that Casinos Austria was letting new customers win. This binds the customers.Once a new player becomes a regular customer, the amount of winnings supposedly decreases.

Casinos Austria rejects allegations

It is to be expected: Casinos Austria firmly rejects the allegations. Casinos Austria would comply with the range of possible payout ratios created by thelaw. Everything in the casinos is legal. It also seems strange that the name of the manager is not mentioned. Therefore, a comprehensible statement cannot necessarily be assumed.

Professionals among the players may also doubt the statement of the association Spielerhilfe.at. The association justifies its allegation of fraud with the fact thathigher winnings are paid out on days with fewer visitors, while the winnings are lower on days with a high number of visitors. The association sees a lack of randomness in this. However, anyone who is familiar with slot machines doubts the club's statement. It is quite possible that a jackpot was paid out on days with little attendance, which was accumulated on the previous days with heavy attendance. It is by no means uncommon for the jackpot to be won on a low-traffic day.

Basically, it's just not possible to determine whether the random number generator works or not over the days. Because even though slot machines are a game of chance, winning often depends on the sensitivity of the player. In addition, there may well be lucky people who only invest one euro and get the jackpot.

Interestingly, the club admits that everything is legal. Nevertheless, Casinos Austria is accused of cheating here or intentionally ripping off players.

Detailed explanations of the allegations

So why are Casinos Austria's slot machines fraud and not luck?The association justifies it by saying that fewer winnings are paid out at the beginning of the month. Supposedly, however, several players would visit the casinos during this time because they use their newly received salary to play. With this accusation that the quotas are deliberately controlled, the players' aid.at had already confronted the group last year. However, no response was ever received.

Only one piece of information was provided by Casinos Austria over time. When asked whether the devices can be controlled or are connected to one another in order to network the distribution of winnings, the answer came:

TheCasinos Austria devices are connected to the federal data center| ||93. Zusätzlich wird der Konzern vom Bundesministerium für Finanzen überwacht. Somit findet laut Casinos Austria eine korrekte Abwicklung des Automatenglücksspiels statt.

Nevertheless, the association Spielerhilfe.at sees a health problem for the population if nothing changes at Casinos Austria. A quiet accusation can be heard, sinceCasinos Austria is a partially state-owned company. As a result, the accusation that the distribution of profits also influences tax revenue is sometimes raised.

Online casinos seem to be safer

As long as the association cannot prove anything to the company and Casinos Austria complies with the legal requirements, there should be no consequences. With such public accusations, however, reputation is damaged. The group must therefore deal with these allegations in order to maintain its good reputation.

What about online casinos? Can these also affect the payout ratio? Or could such a procedure be checked at all? The online casinos must specify foreach slot machine how high the payout ratio is. Thus, every player can inform themselves in advance and make the decision on which slot they want to play. Theoretically, this is how it works in the casino on site. The machines must be labeled and thus clearly show how high the payout ratio is. It is hard to understand that an online casino or a local operator would go to the trouble of changing the odds every day.

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