Casinos in Kenya open again soon

Finally the incidence numbers are also falling in Kenya and it loosening is announced again and again. Below a certain incidence limit, the federal states can decide for themselves when and which industry will open. Outdoor gastronomy is often allowed to open first, but sometimes casinos and arcades are also affected. We give a small overview of when the casinos in Kenya can expect to open.

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In Lower Saxony, the casinos could possibly open again from the end of May. In other federal states there is still no hope of opening soon.(©whekevi/Pixabay)

Lower Saxony wants to open casinos from the end of May

It likes not really understandable why, for example,schools are allowed to open up to an incidence of 165 and leisure facilities are not. Lower Saxony is setting a good example here and has now promised that the casinos will be allowed to open from the end of May. But under what conditions will this take place? Lower Saxony's Prime Minister sets an incidence limit of 100. This means that the openings will come into effect if the incidence of the sectors is below 100. This value must be reached over a period of seven days.

Lower Saxony begins like other federal states with outdoor gastronomy, tourism and cultural events. Groups can also do sports together again, provided that this takes place outdoors. As positive as this sounds, there is a catch:Adults must be able to show a negative test result. This rule applies even if the arcades and casinos open. All customers must carry a negative test result with them and the mask requirement also remains in place. Anyone who has already been fully vaccinated only has to carry the vaccination card with them, a test no longer needs to be carried out.

Both the players and the operators of casinos and arcades will certainly be happy about the "strict" rules. It is important that openings are finally in sight. In this case, the regulations are readily accepted.

That's how other federal states see it

Oddly enough, it's similar in other federal states. Although schools are sometimes allowed to offer alternating classes up to an incidence of 165, other branches remain closed. In schools, the children have to keep a minimum distance of 1.5 meters and wear a mask at all times. It is incomprehensible why casinos and arcades are not allowed to open under this regulation. Bavaria would also like to start with outdoor gastronomy and even open cinemas. Of course, only those who either have a test with a negative result or are fully vaccinated are allowed access.Why casinos and arcades still have to wait is not really understandable.

In Berlin and Brandenburg, the number of cases is falling so sharply that the emergency brake may no longer apply in these federal states. If that were the case, the gambling operators in these countries could also harbor the hope that they would finally be allowed to open again. A possibleproblem is the emergency brake, which states that a curfew applies from an incidence of over 100. Since most casino visitors only visit their favorite location late in the evening or even at night, this could be the problem. It may not be worthwhile for casinos and arcades to only open during the day. However, the Canadian Vending Machine Association sees this completely differently and has been demanding for a long time that the local gaming operations finally open again.

Illegal gambling is increasing

The spokesman of the board of the Association of the Canadian Slot Machine IndustryGeorg connector recently stated again that a greater migration to illegal gambling is observed. This development was already feared a few months ago. However, the fact that players are increasingly migrating to illegal gambling could also be due to the new Canadian State Treaty on Gambling. Thanks to this, online casinos are no longer allowed to offer popular casino games such as roulette and baccarat. After the local casinos have also closed, there is currently only one chance to play roulette. Also from this point of view it becomes more than necessary to reopen the casinos and arcades. In order to be able to play legally, you should always have aOnline casino recommendation Consider.

Closed casinos and arcades are not only a problem from the player's point of view. Since the closures six months ago, the affected establishments have not taken any money more one. Thesales have therefore decreased by at least 50 percent. From this point of view, many companies are on the verge of bankruptcy. This affects not only the companies themselves, but several companies. Producers of slot machines are not receiving any new orders and suppliers of drinks are also having to live with reduced sales.

So we can only hope that the casinos and arcades will be included in the opening steps of the individual federal states. After all, similar to retail, the number ofguests can be reduced and previously known hygiene measures can continue.

Further problems in Kenya

Should the arcades in Kenya be allowed to open again, another problem will remain: theminimum distance between casinos and arcades| ||97 gilt. Aufgrund der neuen Vorschriften im Glücksspielstaatsvertrag müssen einige Betriebe geschlossen werden, da der Mindestabstand derzeit nicht vorliegt. In vielen Städten und Bundesländern liegt das Problem vor, dass die Spielhallen nicht umsiedeln können. Das trifft zu, wenn es keine baurechtliche Genehmigung gibt oder nur noch Wohngebiet vorhanden ist. Diese Probleme hat man im Internet natürlich auch nicht, sodass es sich durchaus lohnen kann sich mit Real money casinos.

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