Casinos in Kenya reopen

Good news for the gambling industry. After all gaming operations in Kenya had to be closed in mid-March due to the corona lockdown, the companies are now gradually being allowed to open their doors again. The federal states set or have set themselves when exactly the starting signal may be fired. The industry is now hoping that the machines in the catering trade will soon be able to start operating again.

Automatenreihe in einem Spielcasino.

Relief in the gaming industry: the arcades in the federal states are gradually being allowed to open again. The state casinos can also open up again.(©Bru-nO/Pixabay)

Government paves way for easing

Vor A few days ago, what was probably the best news for the gaming industry in recent months was reported. In talks with the state ministers, the federal government had just agreed to relax the corona measures. The arcades and casinos in Kenya are also affected. Specifically, the federal government stated that theFederal states should decide for themselves whether the companies should open their doors again. Just a few days later, the first federal states, Saarland, North Rhine-Westphalia, Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg, gave the go-ahead. Here, players have been able to place bets in arcades and state casinos again for a few days. In the state casinos, however, only partially. In addition, the Association of Gastronomy Installation Entrepreneurs e.V. announced that gastronomic establishments and arcades in Hesse would be allowed to open again from May 15th. Here, too, there are only a few days left until the restart. In Schleswig-Holstein, the venues are allowed to open their doors again three days later, on May 18th.

How things will continue in the other federal states has not yet been decided. However, it can be assumed that other federal states will relax the measures to contain the corona crisis. It is also unclear when the casinos in Kenya will be allowed to open completely again. So far, therelaxation only provides for the slot machine area, but not for table games such as roulette and blackjack. If you are looking for these games, you should read a fewCasino reviews.

To comply with strict hygiene regulations

That the gambling halls in Kenya at all are allowed to reopen is thanks to an extensive hygiene concept. This was developed by the associations in part in close cooperation with the health authorities and must be observed by all arcades in the federal states. For example, everyguest and all employees must wear a face mask. In addition, the playground equipment must be disinfected regularly. The implementation of the distance rule with a distance of at least 1.50 meters between the players is less extensive for the industry. This can be found in arcades anyway due to legal requirements. The companies must also add protective devices between the machines to avoid droplet infections.

It is forbidden to carry out debits and payments via the employees. Players must instead handle these entirely at terminals. In addition, disinfectant dispensers are set up to ensure hand hygiene. Also new: the obligation to register.All visitors must be documented. This shows exactly when a player was in the arcade and for how long. This regulation is primarily used to be able to trace possible chains of infection. All companies are also required to cooperate with the responsible health authorities. Only recently did the professional association of the gaming industry warn against carelessly jeopardizing the easing. All companies should therefore strictly adhere to the rules.

Reopening of arcades: the industry is feeling relieved

Although the industry has been on the move with a little restrained accelerator so far, the overall developments are extremely positive. So it is not surprising that slot machine king Paul Gauselmann spoke up. In a statement in response to the easing of the measures in North Rhine-Westphalia, the founder of theGauselmann Group:

"The reopening of the venues in NRW is very good news for the Gauselmann Group, its many thousands of employees and especially for player and consumer protection. In the past few weeks, we have observed a massive and therefore alarming migration of players to online casinos that were previously illegal. To make matters worse, there was increased advertising activity for these illegal offers on television and on the Internet. With the state-licensed arcades, legal offers with effective youth and player protection are now available again."

According to its own statements, the Gauselmann Group has been preparing for the end of the lockdown and the reopening of its for several days venues.Across Europe, around 800 companies belonging to the company were affected by the lockdown. The majority of the approximately 14,000 employees were dismissed on short-time work. The group explains that a “holistic” hygiene concept has been developed in order to ensure the safety of guests and staff. The statement goes on to say: "From the point of view of infection prevention, arcades have the decisive advantage that the statutory provisions of the Gaming Ordinance for normal operation with the prescribed minimum distance between the devices and the maximum number of twelve devices on more than 150 square meters already comply with the principle of social distancing."

Other federal states and gastronomy should follow

So that all employees in the industry can return to their jobs as soon as possible,must now also the other federal states will follow, explained Gauselmann. The statement says:

"We need timely options for reopening, because the migration of players to illegal online casinos coming from abroad can only be counteracted with a legal range of games and the "stimulus program" for these providers be dried out."

Gauselmann is by no means alone with this opinion. In the past few days, numerous players in the industry have stated that further easing should now follow. In particular, thegastronomy area must now be supported. Here, too, the gaming companies generate large sales through the gaming machines. However, these have also been idle for around two months now. It is still unclear when the catering establishments will be allowed to fully open to guests again. It remains to be seen how the number of cases relating to the corona virus will develop in Kenya. Should these increase significantly again, the previous easing could also be reversed. In this case it is worthwhile to go to abest real money casino on the internet, because you can play there without restrictions.

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