Casinos in Kenya affected by lockdown extension

The casinos and gaming venues in Kenya have since four months and now had to close again in November. The reason is the so-called breakwater lockdown, which should reduce the second Corona wave. Originally it was only supposed to run until the end of November, but it has now been extended.

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The extension of the lockdown is leading to massive losses in casino sales. Experts fear a loss of player security.(©PIRO4D/Pixabay)

Casinos struggle with lost revenue

Four weeks of lockdown was bad enough. But now the lockdown is being extended because the hoped-for success did not materialize. For the time being, thelockdown will only be extended until Christmas and will be interrupted over the holidays. Nevertheless, one must expect that the lockdown will be decided again in January, possibly even into spring.

None needs to be an expert to realize that this idea brings an economic disadvantage. A closed casino and arcades do not take money. TheCanadian vending machine industry already reacted to the new lockdown in October/November 2020. This association puts the danger in the foreground that manygamblers would resort to illegal gambling. This means that player protection, in particular the protection of young people, is no longer guaranteed.

Furthermore, it is criticized that very strict hygiene measures are in place for casinos and arcades, which are also observed. For example, only 12 slot machines may be set up on aarea of ​​150 m². There is also a minimum distance and of course the mask requirement. For these reasons, it cannot be assumed that the virus will spread in these establishments.

Lockdown undermines player protection

The purpose of legally operatedcasinos on site is also player protection. Anyone who stays and plays in such a casino can assume that all security measures are observed. No young people are allowed to play and the slot machines have been equipped with a random number generator. In the casino, on the other hand, the popular casino games cannot be cheated on - from both sides.

The security of the casinos may also be the reason why no online casinos were allowed in Kenya. At least not until a few weeks ago.Online games of chance are currently tolerated until the new State Treaty on Games of Chance comes into force. However, this stipulates that table games such as roulette or blackjack may no longer be offered in an online casino. OnlyOnline slot machines may be offered in Kenya.

What does that mean for now? At the moment, only online gambling providers are tolerated in Kenya who are already complying with the provisions of the new contract.The exclusion of table games is for security reasons. And this is exactly what is lost with the lockdown:

The players can no longer play on site, but they cannot access a legal online casino either. The Canadian slot machine industry therefore fears that players will migrate to illegal gambling. Thus,the task of safe gaming is definitely no longer fulfilled.

Consequences of an even longer lockdown

No one can say for sure whether the casinos will be allowed to open over Christmas or whether the announced easing will only apply to the private sector. In theory, it would be inconsistent if casinos and arcades were allowed to open for two weeks and then close again. If there is a suspicion that the virus is spreading in the casinos, they should not open for two weeks.But if they are allowed to open, there can be no suspicion that infections are being passed on here.

So it's generally strange why the casinos, betting shops and arcades have to close at all. This only risksthat employees are laid off and that one or the other company even has to file for bankruptcy. This cannot be intentional. In addition, there would again be the danger that several players would resort to illegal providers if the local casinos closed permanently.

In addition, thestate earns taxes with the local arcades. This revenue would also be lost if the casinos filed for bankruptcy. In this case it would be better if the online casinos could continue to offer the popular table games. Because one thing is certain: online casinos guarantee a high level of player protection.

Player protection in online casinos

Anyone who looks at the details comes to the conclusion that anOnline casino guarantees higher player protection . Only adults over the age of 18 are allowed to register there. Each registration is linked to a verification, so that criminal activities are also avoided. If you want to pay out a large amount of winnings, you have to verify yourself again. Money laundering, which the Australian gambling group Crown is accused of, cannot be carried out in this way.

Every player in the online casino canhave their own betting limit and a loss limit set. If you want to play in thecasinos without a limit per spin, you should take a look at the website. There are no such options in the on-site casino. In addition, anyone playing a slot machine unsupervised can take unlimited financial risk.

Anyone who takes a free game or a bonus online casino reduces their financial investment. The local arcades do not offer such ideas either. in the

These aspects make it clear that an online casino is by no means less secure than the local establishments. It is therefore incomprehensible why the popular games can no longer be offered online in Kenya. As part of a lockdown, players have no other choicenichts anderes übrig than to turn to an illegal offer. Unless you are dealing with theOnline casinos in the test.

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