Casinos in Los Angeles in lockdown again

It sounds like an injustice: While the casinos in Las Vegas are open, the casinos in Los Angeles have to close again. The operators had come up with creative ideas there, but they were not enough. On the other hand, the new lockdown affects not only the casinos, but numerous other companies. Basically, all of Los Angeles is affected.

Los Angeles Downtown.

Los Angeles is going into lockdown again, initially until December 20th, 2020. All casinos and outdoor gaming areas are affected.(©MaxxGirr/Pixabay)

Lockdown runs until December 20th for now

Compares Comparing the situation of the casinos in Los Angeles with those in Kenya, the casinos in Los Angeles have done well. TheLockdown was only decided on November 30th and should only run until December 20th. So theCasinos and arcades in Los Angeles only have to close for three weeks. However, it could happen in the US as well as in Kenya and the lockdown could be extended.

In other words, the three weeks of lockdown are hitting the gambling operators particularly hard. They mustclose for the third time this year. Each time, the casinos were affected for two or even three months and were only allowed to be open for two months between lockdowns. So of course everyone hopes that the lockdown will really be over before Christmas. However, it could happen over Christmas that the numbers spike again when everyone celebrates Christmas like they do every year.

If this happens, there could be a fourth lockdown, which will last longer again. The operators Commerce Casino and Bicyle are particularly affected. Both had been creative and came up with a solution, which unfortunately is also affected by the lockdown.

Outdoor gaming areas as an interim solution

Shortly before the end of the second lockdown, the government decided that only outdoor gaming was allowed. Indoor casino games were prohibited. Unfortunately, those who could only offer this type of play were not allowed to open after the second lockdown. For this reason, both theCommerce Casino and the Bicyle Casino have come up with something special:

They have built an open-air casino, the so-called | ||75Outdoor Gaming Areas. For this purpose, the casinos have transported all tables outdoors. Although the coronavirus hardly spreads outdoors, casinos have opted for plexiglass screens between players. In addition, the number of players per table has been partially reduced. In addition, there is a mask requirement. It can therefore be said that everything has been done to contain the corona pandemic. As it turns out, this wasn't enough.

Of course it's particularly annoying for the two providers. The construction of the open-air areas not only took a few weeks and a lot of work. It was alsoat a significant cost. All this should now have been for nothing?

Casino hours were also restricted

Perhaps Los Angeles has never been like Las Vegas. In the latter city, casinos are open 24 hours a day and most are attached to a resort. This means that not onlyday guests flock to the casinos, but also vacationers. Some of the exclusive hotels are used by business travelers who go to the casinos as a change from work and to relax. Some of these may not have played at all, just enjoying a drink. But even this revenue adds up and helps keep the casinos alive.

It might be different in Los Angeles. But not always. The Bicyle Casino also offers a hotel, which of course has also closed as part of the lockdown. As a result, the casino-hotel resorts lose money twice over: the casinos and hotels have no income. In order to avoid this high loss, the casinos had the idea of ​​reducing opening hours. Here the bet was that inhibitions would fall at night and that more alcohol would be drunk at night. Because of this,the venues only open until 10 p.m..

This idea also apparently had no effect, otherwise the lockdown could have been decided in a differentiated manner. However, many professionals are of the opinion that the virus does not spread in the casino.

Online casinos as an interim or permanent solution

Every casino game is not happy that all gaming venues have closed again. It hits the poker fans particularly hard, who not onlyhad to do without the WSOP this year – at least as a live variant. Interesting poker tournaments took place in the casinos mentioned above, which are no longer possible.

Currently, players have no choice but to register at an online casino. There are live games where several players sit at a table. Of course, the ambience of a poker tournament cannot be reproduced one hundred percent in this way. But at least the poker fans have the opportunity to play.

However, it could happen that the players do not return to the local venues at the end of the lockdown. One or the other will definitely stay with the online casino. These inspire with consistency and are not dependent on government decisions. From next yearthe sector with online casinos in the USA will change: Evolution Gaming will then be able to offer its live games in North America thanks to the NetEnt license. The prospect of that might be a small consolation.

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