Casinos in Spain: Advertising restrictions do not apply to state providers

Coming soon in Spain a new law in force: It should regulate advertising restrictions for casinos. These restrictions apply to both online casinos and land-based casinos. However, one division was excluded: the state providers of games of chance. They can continue to advertise without restrictions.

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Spain imposes advertising restrictions on gambling. However, these only apply to private providers and not to state providers.(©mohamed_hassan/Pixabay)

The reason for the ad restriction

The reason behind of the advertising restriction is actually clear:Not only adult players, but primarily young people should be protected. Advertising might give them the idea to gamble in the first place. For this reason, advertising for games of chance should only be broadcast at night between 1 a.m. and 5 a.m. Apparently, it is assumed that young people will no longer be sitting in front of the television in this time frame and will therefore not find out anything about gambling.

In addition, according to the new law, no more welcome bonuses should be offered. According to some experts, all these restrictions could lead to players moving to illegal providers.

All of this may sound familiar, which is not surprising:During the lockdown this year, there were already similar advertising restrictions. At that time, the aim was to prevent the citizens of Spain from resorting to online gambling out of "boredom". Given that local casinos and arcades were also affected by the lockdown, this would not have come as a surprise. But why is the government opposed to online casinos? As a rule, it is assumed that these are dubious providers who do not guarantee player protection. However, this is not the case.

Advertising restrictions do not apply to state providers

The fact that this government is exactly this assumption proves the rule that advertising restrictionsonly apply to private gambling providers| ||70. Staatliche Anbieter sind von diesen Einschränkungen ausgenommen, obwohl man auch mit diesen eine Spielsucht entwickeln kann. Doch welche staatlichen Anbieter gibt es in Spanien? Es handelt sich hier um SELAE und ONCE. ONCE is also a non-profit organization for the blind, who are generally not affected by the advertising restrictions.

The state is also involved in the SELAE company and benefits from its high profits. It is therefore clear why this company is not affected by the advertising restrictions.Otherwise the state would lose taxes and profits from this company. Despite this, this company offers games of chance that can develop into a gambling addiction. This is one reason why many organizations believe that the state wants to monopolize gambling. One reason for this may also be the fact that the Christmas lottery is taking place in Spain again this year. This takes place internationally and young people can also buy tickets for this lottery. However, the government does not seem to care. By the way, you canPlay El Gordo online. More information on this on our special page.

The general rules in Spain

Online casinos in Spainare governed by the gambling authority Dirección General de Ordenación del Juego (DGOJ) regulated. This checks whether an online gambling provider complies with all regulations and is not acting untrustworthy. The situation is different with the casinos that are located on site. These are regulated by the autonomous societies. For this reason, different regulations apply in Spain in each region. All of these are intended to ensure that player protection is observed and that young people in particular have no access to gambling.In some regions it seems that gambling was generally allowed. A permit for this did not have to be applied for.

According to surveys, the Spaniards see gambling as a welcome pastime and have a positive attitude towards it. This may also be a reason why advertising for gambling should now be restricted.At least in Spain it seems to be possible for young people to enter an amusement arcade. An age check is carried out in the rarest of cases.

Online casinos offer a high level of security

It is relatively unclear why advertising for online casinos is also restricted. After all, all gambling providers comply with the important rules.Young people cannot register online, as verification is always carried out. Online casinos also offer many measures that players can use to protect themselves. These measures include betting limits, loss limits and time-limited play. These ideas are not offered by on-site casinos and arcades.

The online casinos also indicate the emergence of gambling addiction and often publish advice centres. Anyone who has concerns about their gaming behavior can contact them anonymously.In addition, many online casinos inform their customers about the time they have spent playing. This information should give the players an overview and, if necessary, lead to the game being interrupted.

None of this is offered by the local casinos and arcades - not even by the state companies. It is therefore not surprising that many institutions and associations are opposed to the advertising measures. In any case, it has nothing to do with justice if state providers are allowed to continue advertising. In addition, everyonecan also play for free at an online casino if they use the demo versions. All the rules can be learned from them. Such knowledge can also minimize financial loss.

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