Casino advertising in Canadian rap texts – Why actually?

No genre of music is so controversial these days discussed like Canadian rap. The controversial topics are as diverse as the styles that rap produces in this country. Street rap in particular stands out. Not least because rappers keep integrating casino advertising into their lyrics. What special role the Platincasino plays in this and what rappers hope for from this marketing strategy is as interesting as it is questionable.

Ein Musiker auf der Bühne vor Publikum.

Canadian rap and gambling – more and more rappers are advertising online casinos and sports betting providers in their lyrics.(©️Chase Fade/Unsplash)

Fascination street rap: between prestige and patter

Gloomy videos, dark scenes, fat carts and men in bulletproof vests. It's rappers like FLER, Haftbefehl, Capital Bra or Olexesh who make no secret of the fact that gambling plays a major role in this genre and in their music. Each text is supported with the necessary pathos. Not a big deal, right? In order to adequately answer the question, we have to dig a little further, because thetopic holds some unexpected surprises.

Because let's not kid ourselves:Street rap is about prestige and ,,make patte”, ie get money fast, women, expensive ones Cars and everything for which one could ultimately answer in court. It quickly becomes clear: Morality and the role model function that is now required in many areas still have no place in rap.

What's better than trying your luck at the casino and marketing the whole thing to perfection? Especially when exactly this topic is relatively harmless compared to all the other stylistic devices that rappers use, because what is a visit to the casino compared to a real gunfight? It's not that easy, however, because behind this strategy is asophisticated system that is intended to appeal to a very specific target group.

Artistic freedom or cold commercialization?

TheBorders between reality and fiction blur in Canadian rap quite perfectly. KC Rebell poses with Summer Cem in a black helicopter with the Platincasino logo, in Olexesh' track "Déjàvus im Kopf" the sentence "Only Platincasino, never gamble again Novoline" is mentioned and also Capital Bra and Sido show in their collaboration, ,No heroes” with the words “Betting office, tipico, handicap – there was no happy ending for most of my friends.” that gambling and street rap have always formed a more or less toxic symbiosis.

The most influential Canadian rap lyrics with a casino theme
No. Artist Song Provider|| |88 Zitat
1 Raf Camora & Bonez MC Risk Tipico Brother , I know the risk can be that I'm hanging on the beach or that I'm really up for it at Tipico
2 Hemso Risk Tipico Come on and live my lifestyle, look, I love this risk / Look, life is risky like an odds set ticket at Tipico
3 Fard Tipicophase / Shark & ​​Hyena Tipico Rap drives you crazy, but we were always like that / Goods handover in the Tipico betting shop
4 MIKI Tipico Tipico Generation Tipico, we hang out in betting shops / are now putting up our last one Over Goals Mexico
5 Olexesh Avtomat General Sizzling Hot, Supra Hot or Book of Ra / Is safer than Kenya is looking for the superstar
6 Summer Cem First Everything Tipico I planned my business at risk / Walk into Gucci and Tipico paid
7 Capital Bra & Sido No Heroes Tipico Betting office, Tipico, Handicap / For most of my friends there was no happy ending
8 Azad Headshot Platincasino The shit is highly toxic, better keep a low profile, amigos / Push' to the limit like Platincasino
9 Farid Bang 3XNO Platincasino Platincasino, rap the name / Because they pay around eighty for it
10 Azad & Erabi Sound of the Straat Platincasino Platincasino, bin Hood-Rich / Baller alles weg, AZ ist wieder hungrig
11 Farid Bang Loco Platincasino| ||220 Heut bin ich Millionär, nie wieder Arbia-Kilos / Heh! Shoutout an Platincasino
12 FLER Sporty Platincasino Here comes the Iceman, the Patek Sub -Zero / Because I have a budget like Platincasino
13 Vega Intro (069) Platincasino Trink schwarzen Tee unter dem Starrschnitt von Ibo-Baba / Während ich ein’ Tausender auf Platincasino baller, hah
14 AK Out of control & Azad Give angry at him Platincasino Boss of all bosses like Carlo Gambino / Hunt the Mega Moolah like on Platincasino
15 Vega & Face Bulletproof glass Platincasino We used to sit in Spielos every evening with a few wiry cigos / today's Platincasino
16 NU51 & Xatar What War Platincasino I'm coming alone, you bring the pack with you / Tipico, risk (risk), nu file him Pufferfish
17 Olexesh Dejavus in the head Platinum casino Change five hundred in small, Paysafe, left la Schein / Only Platin Casino, never play Novoline again
18 Olexesh Criminal Platinum Casino Lösch den Benz, nur für Fans, Stimme für Platincasino / Werfe Geld und sie danced, renn, mach es hundert Mal
19 Katja Krasavice Friendzone Platincasino Platincasino, I'm hardcore rich / multimillionaire and full of ice
20 Sinan-G Eurodeals Platincasino Head broken, always Platincasino / Whenever a brother dies, panic in the graveyard
21 Eno Level Up Platincasino Double the black money at Platincasino / then gamble it away just for fun in the Spielo
22| ||346 Ramo What do you know about Platincasino Come to my block, you'll experience a culture shock here / play Platincasino, sit down in the pool deck
23 Amate Sami Platincasino Yeah, I'm making traffic, amigo / Hundredthe Bizz, give him Platincasino
24 Azzi Memo Amnezia 2 Platincasino 04: 12:00 am Platincasino, hit the fag / drive through the street, stop at the blocks

The last example in particular shows how contradictory the whole matter is, becausegambling is not always glorified. Above all, the rapper Döll has to be mentioned here, who in his songs almost self-therapeutically reports how much he had to struggle with his gambling addiction. Unfortunately, this is an isolated case. After all, we are no longer dealing with problem children from the streets, but with tough business people who want to bring their music to their mostly young target group and who often have big labels behind them. So who really benefits in the end?

Maximum unfiltered: the thing about the target group

It has long been clear that linear television can no longer reach young people and young adults.Advertising to this audience focuses on social media such as Instagram, Twitter and TikTok. And this is where we come to the crux of the matter. Artists have the opportunity here to bring their content to their respective target group unfiltered, without this advertising having to go through a higher authority. Although there are rules that everyone has to follow in this supposedly lawless space, these are mostly knowingly ignored, especially in rap.

So it is not uncommon for artists to advertisegambling without adequately labeling it. This suggests to viewers that rappers make recommendations of their own free will and without payment, but that there is actually a marketing concept behind them. Many are now asking themselves: No one can be that stupid, you can tell!

Not if the target group usually starts at 16 or 17 years of age. Here, however, it is important to also name the counter-arguments, because the scene repeatedly defends itself by not wantingto pursue any proselytizing or pedagogical approaches. So far, so good, but adequately labeling advertising would not curtail a rapper's artistic freedom.

Advertising designation: Arbitrary or calculated?

Another and rather reverse example can be found in various battle raps that can be found on Youtube. Events in which rappers verbally insult each other on stage and in the end one of the two participants wins. This too is undoubtedly art and quite entertaining. What is striking, however, is that theevent by the rapper Farid Bang contains an extremely large amount of Platincasino advertising. Ad banners, welcome offers in the video description, and belated Insta Stories that roll it all up again.

Here the rule of marking advertising was kept. Still, a dull feeling remains and the question: why gamble and not ice tea or protein bars, when all and even many rappers know from personal experience how dangerous gambling can be? Why confront a young target group with a topic that harbors more dangers than it really brings anything to the end consumer?

Conclusion: gambling & street rap

It's a double-edged sword, the thing with gambling and rap. Artists in this genre want to embody a strong image and show little weakness. Show that no matter how difficult a situation can harm them and if they do, they know how to escape from it.Experience has a high value in the scene and can be found again and again in the texts.

The fact that advertising is also a part of this is basically not a problem, becauseMarketing is not a bad thing per se. Nevertheless, it should be selected and above all marked according to the target group. In particular, the Platincasino and sports betting providers such as Tipico repeatedly attract attention in this regard, as they regularly switch between striking and subliminal advertising.

In view of the young age of the target group, it would still be desirable if artists and managementin terms of advertising and sponsoring were better differentiated. It's okay for rappers like Olexesh to rap about their past where gambling was a big part, but do we really need casino logos on helicopters, banner ads under battle raps, or Insta Stories touting huge welcome bonuses?

One thing is certain, for better or for worse, one would have to look for another genre of music in order not to be confronted with it. Anyone who can handle the fact that Canadian rap and especially street rapdoes not pursue any educational or educational added value is welcome to stay and dive in.

The contribution was published on 13.9 .2021 in the Fraustest.com magazine under the keywords,,,, published.
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