China: Children are only allowed to play online games for three hours a week

Many countries change the laws for the use of online casinos. New news about new regulations is now completely normal and hardly anyone is surprised about it. This news is still being followed with interest. But now a piece of news is making almost the whole world sit up and take notice: China limits the use of online games (no casinos) for children – to three hours a week. Such a thing is actually very rare.

Zwei Kinder sitzen mit je einem Laptop auf dem Schoß in einer Wiese.

In China, the use of online games has always been limited in time. Now, however, there is a very strict rule: minors are only allowed to play for three hours a week.(©sasint/Pixabay)

Strict limit for children in China

Three hours per Playing a week is really very little. In addition, the children are onlyan hour a day allowed to play. And that only on weekends or public holidays. Since the first of September of this year, children have been absolutely forbidden from playing during the week. This regulation only applies to online games. Nevertheless, the new rule hits those affected very hard. Until now, play for children and young people has been limited to 1.5 hours a day during the week. But now it is no longer allowed to play during the week.

The only question is how to control it. At least theuse of the internet and other media is not prevented. So if the children are always allowed to sit in front of the PC, they could continue to play. There are no clear details about the ideas of how the new rules will be controlled. There was only a hint that more controls are in place. Face recognition would be an option, or logging in can only be done in connection with an identity check. However, the state would not control. Rather, this task is left to the providers of games. These institutes, in turn, would be controlled by the state. Those who do not comply with the new rules must expect penalties.

It was also announced that manyparents are behind the new regulation: From now on it's no longer the parents who are the bad guys, but the state. Unnecessary discussions or even arguments within a family should thus be a thing of the past.

Online educational institutes are also affected by the rule

Which the parents most likely do not agree with: online educational institutes are also heavily regulated. Online tutoring institutes are no longer allowed to make profits. This raises the question of how long such an institute can survive. The time limitation of online games is still relatively logical and understandable. It is difficult to understand why educational institutes are also included.No gambling addiction can develop here – the main reason for the ban on gambling during the week.

Of course, some professionals and experts gave some thought and came to the following conclusion: The companies behind thegames would have become too powerful for the state. For this reason, the new rules are basically not aimed at the children, but at the companies. The first "successes" are already visible: the shares of the technology company Tencent have already fallen.

The idea of ​​the real reason why the limitation was decided is related to a newspaper article from the past few weeks, for example. In this article, the game companieswere labeled as intellectual opium by the state. Shortly thereafter, the new limitation of the playing time was decided.

This is what the previous rule looked like

Apart from the timelimitation is prescribed by the state,zu welcher Zeit die Kinder and young people are allowed to play: Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 8 p.m. to 9 p.m. There is an exception on holiday days, as you can play for one hour a day during this time. Anyone who logs in outside of this time must be checked by the providers. Of course, if the parents are against the rule, some tricks could be devised here. But what has the rule for the season been like so far?

Until the first of September, children and young people were not allowed to log in between10 p.m. and 8 a.m. and were therefore also not allowed to play. The rest of the time the children were allowed to play 1.5 hours a day from Monday to Sunday and three hours on vacation days. But why was it always regulated in China how long children were allowed to play? The teachers and doctors are partly to blame for this. According to them, the pupils' eyesight and grades have been deteriorating for years. In addition, a lack of movement was probably found. Restricted playing times are intended to counteract all of this – and of course a gambling addiction.

Tech companies are a thorn in the side of the state

According to another official report, the tech companies in China must brace themselves for bad times. So thestock exchange access of Chinese companies in the USA should be restricted. There are no further details on this yet. Should this go ahead, companies could experience losses. In addition there may be penalties if the game providers have not properly fulfilled their control obligations. In this area, it could be difficult for companies to prove otherwise.

In order not to take any risks here,the ID card would have to be checked every time you log in. But who checks whether the person on the ID card is in front of the PC? An adult brother or sister could provide their ID. It must not be forgotten that the increased controls mean a financial investment. All of this could lead to a reduced range of games.

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