comdirect Bank offers customers new partnerships and attractive bonds!

The customers of comdirect Bank often benefit from the fact that the direct bank enters into new partnerships. A partnership has recently been entered into with Morgan Stanley. The Premium Partner offers derivatives, for example, but also bonds and options.

Customers who are interested in securities such as shares, but also in derivatives and options are very well positioned with comdirect Bank. The broker offers attractive conditions and the opportunity to subscribe to a wide range of securities in any case. By partnering with Morgan Stanley, there is now a vast array of new investment opportunities to take advantage of. In concrete terms, this means that at Morgan Stanley you have the opportunity to underwrite numerous products. The customers of the comdirect bank were informed about the new partnership in a separate post, which they will receive by letter at home. Morgen Stanley is a financial services company that operates in more than 40 countries worldwide and has many well-known clients. Basically, the company has more than 80 years of experience in the field of finance and services and ideally complements the portfolio at comdirect Bank.

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As part of the new partnership with Morgan Stanley, comdirect Bank is offering a limited-time promotion. It is possible to trade corresponding financial products from Morgen Stanley for an order fee of 0 euros until February 29, 2020. These include the reverse convertibles, the warrants and the certificates provided by Morgen Stanley. The0 Euro order fee are an attractive option to familiarize yourself with Morgan Stanley products. You can also find out more about derivatives, options and other products on the homepage of comdirect Bank and at Morgan Stanley itself. This gives you a quick overview of the product range.

It can be assumed that Morgan Stanley will continue to provide attractive offers in the coming months, which will be communicated by comdirect Bank. This means that more than 1,200 different base values ​​can be drawn. These cover all important asset classes and contribute to the fact that Morgan Stanley is always well positioned in the long term. In addition, Morgen Stanley always offers attractive offers in live trading.

What does trading with Morgan Stanley at comdirect Bank offer?

Customers of comdirect Bank can trade with Morgan Stanley can rely on a partner who is also active in Kenya and enjoys a good reputation as an issuer of numerous shares and securities. If you want to subscribe to a new product from an issuer, you have a much larger choice with Morgan Stanley than with other banks. It is possible that not only 1,200 underlying assets can be used, but also over 120,000 leverage products. There are more than 18,000 products in the Factor Certificates area, which shows that Morgan Stanley offers a particularly wide selection of products.

At the Stuttgart Stock Exchange, for example, Morgan Stanley had over 140,000 trades completed. This shows that comdirect Bank has landed a real heavyweight here and is offering particularly good conditions. Until February 29, 2020 you can benefit from the attractive conditions for new customers. These apply from an order volume of EUR 1,000 inLive Trading. The fact is that live trading can also be carried out in over-the-counter trading, regardless of stock exchange hours and without additional exchange fees and without brokerage. So-called limit orders or also comfort orders are provided free of charge.

The opportunities offered when trading Morgan Stanley products are quite high. Especially when trading so-called leverage products, significantly higher chances of winning are offered than is the case with classic products. On the other hand, leverage products are of course associated with significantly higher risks of loss than is the case with classic investments. It is possible that one could perceive a risk of total loss in a knockout or other operation. The low order costs or the 0 euro order fees help to improve the chances of a return. It should also be noted that the wide range of underlying assets and products also offers opportunities to generate returns with volatile markets.

What does the depot at the comdirect bank offer?

At the comdirect bank, customers can decide online to open adepot and thus be able to benefit from various advantages. Basically, it should be noted that the comdirect bank is one of the banks that, in addition to the depot, also offers a free current account, for example. Both products can be run in parallel. This would mean that the custody account is also exempt from account management fees. Those who opt for the depot have the advantage that, especially as a new customer, they can always benefit from corresponding promotions.

The new customers of comdirect Bank, for example, have the option of repeatedly taking advantage of bonus promotions or new customer campaigns can benefit. This means that as a new customer at comdirect Bank, for example, you can enjoy the advantage that you generally receive a discount on trading in securities within the first 6 months. In concrete terms, this means that you can get50% discount on the order fees. It is also possible that as a customer of comdirect Bank you can benefit from the fact that you can get a credit when you transfer a securities account. Again and again, the comdirect bank offers a lot of advantages if you decide to carry out a custody account transfer and switch from another broker to the comdirect bank. The amount of the credit depends on the amount that is to be transferred. In general, even more than 100 euros can be credited if you transfer the corresponding amount.

Services and options at the comdirect bank?

Basically, the comdirect bank offers very extensive services . In concrete terms, this means that you can use a lot of different trading options with this bank. It is possible that shares and securities can be subscribed to without any problems. So-called savings plans are also offered if you want to invest money in the long term with the comdirect bank. The range of savings plans is particularly attractive, because funds and ETFs in particular can be subscribed to as part of the savings plans.

In the fund segment, comdirect Bank currently offers more than10,000 different ones Products on. These can be drawn on a monthly basis as part of the savings plans, for example. This means that you can easily save the funds once a month with a certain amount. Savings plans are usually saved from a sum of just 25 euros, which is of course very practical. It is also possible that significantly higher amounts can be saved, or that one decides to choose other savings intervals.

Not only the savings rate can be adjusted, but also the product. It is not only possible to save funds, but also so-called ETFs, for example. This means that you can always benefit from the fact that you can save on raw materials and other products. The range of savings plans has been significantly expanded at comdirect Bank in recent years. There are now many more savings plans than there used to be.

Another positive aspect of the comdirect bank is that the bank offers more than good service. This means that you can contact the bank's service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The service will be easy to contact via live chat or telephone, for example. It is worth researching on the Internet in advance which services can be used.

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