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comdirect Bayer AG AktienanleiheThe comdirect Bank is known for innovative and modern investment concepts. So-called motive investing is currently being advertised. This ensures that you can invest in suitable funds, ETFs and stocks that fit your personal attitude and belong to a topic that moves you. In practice, there are savings plans that can be created in this way and that can be used from a monthly savings rate of 25 euros.

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How does the motif work Investing at comdirect Bank?

Anyone who is interested in investing at comdirect Bank will find numerous topics to choose from on the Internet on their homepage. The bank's experts have selected appropriate topics and are making them available. The corresponding topics have been identified as future trends by comdirect Bank and offer a way for every type of investment. If you want, you can, for example, select a suitable fund, as well as suitable shares and ETFs for your favorite topic. With a corresponding regular investment from a savings rate of 25 euros, you can easily participate in the development of a company.

Which topics are available for motive investing?

There are a total of four basic motives and two special motives that can currently be selected for motive investing. One of the most well-known topics is health. Here it is possible to invest in companies that are active in the area of ​​products and services in this sector. Sustainability also plays an important role in the choice of topics. There is the option of investing in companies that work sustainably and that do something good for society.

The technology topics are also interesting and contribute to investing in companies that are technologically innovative are and further develop appropriate technologies. Investments can also be made in the area of ​​consumer goods. Here, too, there are trends and topics that are particularly attractive and offer corresponding opportunities.

The two special topics in which an investment is possible include robotics and cyber security. Since there is a lot of research in this area, there are many companies to invest in here. In this field, too, the financial experts at comdirect Bank have identified suitable investment opportunities that can ensure good results accordingly.

What do I need for the motive of investing at comdirect Bank?

On the subject Motiv Investing gives the possibility that fair trading can be carried out in any case and that interesting values ​​can be traded. Basically it should be noted that there is the option that several values ​​​​can be traded. If you are interested in trading, you first need a trading account. To do this, it is necessary to open a custody account at comdirect bank.

A custody account can be managed free of charge if, for example, it is managed in parallel with the current account at comdirect bank. In practice, it should be noted that the current account and the custody account can both be managed in parallel free of charge. Accounts can be managed online. It should be mentioned that the account of the comdirect bank can also be controlled completely via mobile app.

The clearing account, which is necessary for the custody account and has to be filled with money for trading in securities, can also be used free of charge be managed.

What trading options does comdirect Bank provide?

Comdirect Bank offers numerous trading options. It is possible that securities of all kinds can be traded. Trading can be done domestically as well as abroad. It should be mentioned that the comdirect bank always offers good conditions. In principle, new customers are given the opportunity to save money as part of promotions. There is a possibility that the trading costs can be significantly reduced, e.g. within the first 6 months. Some new customers are guaranteed a 50% discount on trading costs when they start trading with comdirect bank.

The trading options are very versatile. In addition to trading in shares, trading in funds, CFDs and ETFs is also offered. Trading in funds as well as trading in ETFs can be done without any problems as part of savings plans. In fund trading, up to 10,000 different funds can be traded, some of which have a discount of 50 to even 100% on the front-end load. Anyone who gets information via the Internet will notice that the comdirect bank has a very large selection of funds available compared to many other banks. that there are problems. A large number of ETFs can also be used for savings plans. The savings plans can be used from a sum of 25 euros per month. There is the option that the savings plans can be used monthly or every two or three months in order to be able to start trading.

Auch bei den ETFs ist eine Anzahl von mehreren hundert Stück nutzbar und zwar ohne, dass es entsprechende Probleme gibt. Eine große Anzahl an ETFs kann ebenfalls für Sparpläne eingesetzt werden. Die Sparpläne sind ab einer Summe in Höhe von 25 CAD im Monat nutzbar. Es besteht die Option, dass die Sparpläne monatlich, oder aber auch alle zwei oder drei Monate genutzt werden können, um in den Handel einsteigen zu können.

New customers can not only save on trading place fees, but can also benefit from depot transfer campaigns. As part of these campaigns, there is a bonus if a deposit value is transferred to a certain extent from another bank to the comdirect bank.

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