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Once a quarter, the comdirect bank offers its customers a special investment on. It is possible to subscribe to the special investment. As part of the campaign, quality-tested funds are advertised with special conditions. This is always possible with funds, since the fund can, for example, invest in different products at the same time. As part of the quarterly campaign at comdirect Bank, customers can invest in quality-tested funds from well-known fund companies. The big advantage is that they receive special conditions on top of the fund's regular front-end load. Until February 20, 2020, there is currently the opportunity to invest in the hausInvest fund at particularly favorable conditions, which can be found under WKN 980701.

Fonds sind für viele Anleger interessant, die ihr Geld langfristig bei einem Unternehmen anlegen möchten und die gleichzeitig eine breit gestreute Form der Anlage wählen. Dies ist bei Fonds in jedem Fall möglich, da der Fonds in z.B. verschiedene Produkte gleichzeitig investieren kann. Im Rahmen der quartalsweisen Aktion bei der comdirect Bank können die Kunden in qualitätsgeprüfte Fonds von renommierten Fondsgesellschaften investieren. Der große Vorteil besteht dabei darin, dass sie auf den regulären Ausgabeaufschlag des Fonds Sonderkonditionen erhalten. Bis zum 20. Februar 2020 gibt es derzeit die Möglichkeit, zu besonders günstigen Konditionen in den hausInvest Fonds zu investieren, der unter der WKN 980701 zu finden ist.

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Comdirect is advertising hausInvest funds at special conditions.(©QuinceMedia/Pixabay)

The company that belongs to hausInvest has been on the market since 1972. As a result, the fund is currently one of the largest open-ended real estate funds in Europe. It is therefore possible to invest in stable real estate and tangible assets here. An investmentwithout front-end fee is possible until February 29, 2020. For example, the fund invests in 90 different commercial properties worldwide that are located in economically strong locations. The occupancy rate is comparatively high and there are more than 800,000 investors who have already invested in this fund. The rating agency Scope gave the fund an A+ rating.

What is known about the hausInvest fund?

Anyone who decides to invest in a fund should first check the key data in advance. In concrete terms, this means that you have to find out about the volume of the fund, for example. At the same time, attention should be paid to whether, for example, it is a distributing fund that distributes profits to investors at regular intervals.

The hausInvest fund is an open fund that focuses on investments in real estate. The target group of the fund are primarily private investors. This means that private investors can invest their money here. The aim is to achieve returns with commercial real estate. These properties usually have a very balanced relationship in terms of use and tenants. These are preferably locations in the European Union with a strong economy. There are similar properties with strong potential for returns, especially in Asia and the Pacific, but also in North America.

In the past 5 years, aperformance of around 12.5% was achieved. The volume of this fund is 15,393 million euros. A dividend is paid once a year in June. The distribution of investments in this fund is very broad. This means that office buildings account for about 40 to 60%. The leasing of space to retailers accounts for around 20 to 40% and hotels make up 0 to 15%. Purely residential real estate is also in the range of 0 to 15% and logistics real estate is also in the range of 0 to 10%. This means that the risk is significantly lower due to the broad diversification than if you only invest in one industry.

Anyone who wants to invest in the fund at comdirect Bank should leave the setting "Fixed price transaction" as the default. This means that the fund can be obtained completely without a front-end load. The running costs are the equivalent of about 1.04% per year.

What do I need to subscribe to the fund?

The hausInvest fund can be subscribed to without any problems if you have a custody account at comdirect Bank. Depending on personal circumstances, this can be managed free of charge if you also open an account at the same time. Checking accounts and custody accounts can both be managed free of charge without having to meet any conditions. This means that there is no minimum receipt of money and you benefit in any case from the fact that both can be used very easily in parallel.

In addition, the comdirect bank also offers a call money account and other savings accounts. It is possible that loans can also be taken out from the comdirect bank. The funds can be easily subscribed to and managed via the app. The comdirect bank offers its customers very good opportunities to start trading via app. Due to the fact that this direct bank is very well positioned, the app is continuously updated and is considered very secure.

How good is the comdirect Bank trading offer?

Comdirect Bank's trading offer is definitely impressive. This means that the bank has very good options if you want to trade stocks or securities. In addition to the regular fund offers, there is also the opportunity to invest in ETFs orin bonds at comdirect Bank, for example. Again and again, several bonds are advertised in parallel by comdirect Bank, so that there are good opportunities here too. The comdirect bank has won well-known issuers as partners, through whom you can quickly and easily start trading in good bonds. The retail offer has grown significantly in recent years.

Meanwhile, comdirect Bank offers its customers more than 10,000 different funds. In addition, there is a very large portfolio of ETFs that can also be put to good use. To a large extent, ETFs and funds are also suitable for drawing up so-called savings plans. This means that you regularly save on a product and are therefore regularly able to make money available. A monthly execution is usually defined in the savings plans. This means that a share in a fund or in an ETF is bought once a month. From a sum of 25 euros per month you can use the savings plans and invest accordingly.

Not only savings plans, but also direct trading in shares is possible via the comdirect bank. Stock exchange and over-the-counter trading in shares is offered.

How can I learn to trade with comdirect Bank?

Anyone who is not yet a customer of comdirect Bank can find a great deal of information about trading on the bank's homepage. This means that you can see, for example, how to invest money accordingly and how individual products work. If you have an account or a depot at the comdirect bank, you can also work with the sample depot or with the demo account without any problems. This ensures that you can start trading quickly and easily without having to fear losses. The demo account is available completely free of charge. There is a chance that all possible securities can be bought and observed with the demo account.

In the sample depot you can set up a so-callede-mail alarm. The price alert sends an e-mail if, for example, you have fallen below a certain price or if you have reached a certain upper limit, for example. The fact is that you can learn a lot with the comdirect bank demo account.

If you have any questions for comdirect Bank, you can benefit from the fact that support can be contacted around the clock. Support is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This means that you can contact support by email or by phone or via live chat with questions.

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