Comdirect advertises Lufthansa bond!

Comdirect Bank continuously offers its customers attractive investments and bonds to. You can currently decide to subscribe to a bond on Lufthansa shares. During the entire period of the bond, you benefit from the fact that the investment sum earns interest at 8.30% p.a.

The share of Deutsche Lufthansa AG has come under strong pressure in recent months. The price of the share was temporarily listed at less than 15 euros and is thus at a level that is far from the price level when the group took over the airline Airberlin some time ago. High fuel costs and the latest reports on the corona virus, also in China, should contribute to the fact that the Deutsche Lufthansa AG share remains under pressure. As long as there are no flights to China, this could have a big impact on how the stock performs. If the current situation is maintained over a long period of time, the share could quickly lose further ground.

Lufthansa Anleihe.

Lufthansa bond offers 8.30% interest p.a. at comdirect bank.(©3844328/Pixabay)

The Canadian Lufthansa AG is the largest Canadian airline that already has been listed in the leading index DAX for a long time. The company has consistently paid dividends to shareholders for the past several years. It is currently questionable whether this can continue to be paid in the same amount in the future. Some analysts and investors believe that the dividend for 2019 will not be as high as it has been in previous years. The fundamentally solid company is likely to struggle in 2020 as fuel prices have fallen, but the demand for flights due to the corona virus has also fallen significantly. This means that significantly less sales should be expected than has been the case so far.

The bond on the Lufthansa share is offered with8.3% interest p.a.. The term of the bond is 12 months. There is a barrier at 85% of the starting level. This means that the barrier is only taken into account on the deadlines specified in the exposé. If you touch the barrier on this day, or even fall below it, this means that you will receive shares in your securities account instead of money. The 8.30% interest p.a. is credited in any case - regardless of how the value of the share develops.

Anyone who chooses this investment should take into account that he bears all the risks. This means that it can be possible to bear a loss up to and including a total loss. You also bear the so-called issuer risk in any case. The fact is that aviation in particular is exposed to a not exactly insignificant risk. This risk is reduced by having the 85% barrier in place. As a result, the share is in any case much easier to trade as a bond than to start a direct investment. The fact is that thehigh fixed interest rate on the bond is definitely a good signal when it comes to increasing security and that you are not going to high risk this bond draws.

What do I need to trade the Lufthansa bond?

Anyone wishing to subscribe to the Lufthansa bond needs a deposit in any case - for example with the comdirect bank. Under certain circumstances, the depot and a suitable current account can even be managed in parallel free of charge. The depot is offered at the comdirect bankfree of charge if there is corresponding activity or if you decide to keep the current account at the same time. In principle, the product can even be supplemented – for example with loans, savings accounts or credit cards.

Anyone who has a comdirect bank depot only needs to enter the WKN from the offer on the comdirect bank homepage and can already take part in trading and subscribe to the bond from 1,000 euros up to the specified deadline.

What else does the comdirect Bank depot offer?

As a comdirect Bank customer, you have access to numerous digital options. This means that with thedepot at the comdirect bank you can always trade many different securities. In addition to classic stocks, it is also possible to trade funds or ETFs, for example. The selection of titles is now much larger than it was 5 to 10 years ago. As a comdirect bank customer, you have the option of subscribing to more than 10,000 different funds. These can be accumulating funds or so-called distributing funds. Both active and passive funds are offered and can be subscribed to.

In the area of ​​ETFs, the range of comdirect Bank has also improved significantly. This means that you can now subscribe to several hundred ETFs - on individual stocks and indices, but also on commodities such as oil or palladium and bronze.

As a customer of comdirect Bank, you also benefit from the fact that not only10,000 different funds and numerous ETFs can be subscribed to, but also on many of these Products can also be subscribed to savings plans. If you want, you can save a product from the funds and ETFs area every month from a sum of 25 euros. Customers often set up several parallel savings plans at the bank. In concrete terms, it is possible that the savings intervals and also the savings periods can be adjusted in any case. This means that the monthly savings rate can also be significantly increased or, for example, greatly reduced if you opt for a savings plan. It doesn't have to be every month either. There are also savings plans that only run once a quarter.

What service does comdirect Bank offer its customers?

Anyone who chooses comdirect Bank as their broker as a customer will find that there are many services here that you would not find at other banks can sometimes search in vain. An example is the large and easy accessibility of the support. This means that support at comdirect Bank can be reached 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It is therefore possible to get answers to your questions quickly. The support can be contacted by e-mail, by phone as well as by FAX and live chat - simply practical and recommended.

In the depot area, the model depot canfree demo account be used. This gives customers the chance to buy titles without taking any risks. If you want to gain experience in the area of ​​shares and securities, you are well positioned with the demo account and could even benefit in the long term from the fact that you can achieve good results here. The demo account also offers the chance to set up an email alert. This means that you will automatically receive an e-mail when a certain price has been reached.

Overall, it must also be mentioned that comdirect Bank always offers attractive conditions when it comes to new customers getting discounts. In the area of ​​trading and also in the area of ​​securities account transfers, promotions are often advertised. If you want to buy and sell certain shares, you benefit from the fact that you can always achieve adiscount of 50% on the prices within the first 6 months after opening the securities account. This makes trading in shares particularly interesting when you want to open a securities account for the first time.

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