Comdirect advertises TK bond!

HSBC offers customers of comdirect Bank a Bond with an effective interest rate of 7.75% interest per year.

Bonds on securities have been among the most popular products at comdirect Bank and its numerous partners for many years. A bond is proposed to traders at regular intervals. The bonds are often issued by premium partners such as HSBC and can be of interest to anyone who has a deposit with the comdirect bank. Trading is usually made possible from a sum of 1,000 euros and the term is usually 12 months. Thus, the period of a loan from the comdirect bank is manageable. The yield depends on how high the risk of the bond is. It should be noted that the bonds usually have a return of around 7 to 11% p.a. - regardless of how the price of the share develops and whether the often offered barrier takes effect. In the long term, bonds can offer better returns than direct investments, but at the same time they are very risky.


Bond from HSBC on ThyssenKrupp at the Comdirect Bank.(©PIX1861/Pixabay)

The currently advertised bond from HSBC to ThyssenKrupp has an interest rate of 7.75% interest per year advertised. The bond has been available for subscription since February 14, 2020. It can still be used until March 9, 2020. Anyone interested in the bond can subscribe to it under WKN TR91WG. HSBC is shown as the issuer.

ThyssenKrupp stock has undergone an interesting development in recent years. In concrete terms, this means that the value of the share has plummeted, but there have always been strong phases of recovery. The steel business at ThyssenKrupp in particular is suffering significantly and the canceled merger withTata Steel from India led to the ThyssenKrupp share price taking a roller coaster ride. In principle, the share has moved in the range of 10 to 15 euros in recent years. It should be noted that there is constant discussion as to whether ThyssenKrupp will list the profitable elevator business and capitalize on it. The elevators and elevators business has been one of the most important driving forces in the company for years and contributes to the fact that the company is well positioned and can be competitive. Many investors have said goodbye to the share for some time, which was partly due to the fact that the company cannot get the problems under control and, of course, from an international perspective, steel has the problem that it can sometimes be produced more cheaply in other countries .

What opportunities and risks does the bond on ThyssenKrupp at HSBC offer?

Before you decide to subscribe to a bond, you should always pay attention to what opportunities and risks it offers. The fact is that at ThyssenKrupp one can always assume a bond with protect features. This means that another barrier has been built in here, which can be seen as security in the interests of the shareholders. In addition, when subscribing to the bond, investors always receive7.75% interest p.a. credited for the entire investment period. The interest is always credited, regardless of how the bond performs. The interest income can have a positive effect compared to a direct investment. The barrier is 20% and, together with the interest rate, reduces the bond's potential loss compared to a direct investment in ThyssenKrupp shares.

The barrier is only observed on March 19, 2021. This means that what matters is how the stock is trading that day. If the barrier is touched on this day, or if it is undershot, this means that shares are booked in your securities account instead of capital.

It is important not only to keep the opportunities transparent, but also the risks. This means that as an investor you bear a high risk with this bond. In any case, there is a risk of a total loss of the investment. It should also be noted that investors naturally also bear the risk of receiving shares instead of money. Investors also bear the so-called issuer risk if they want to subscribe to such a bond.

What does the comdirect bank deposit offer me?

In order to be able to subscribe to this bond and other bonds, it is necessary to have a deposit at the comdirect bank. The depot can be managed free of charge under certain circumstances. This is the case if you open and also manage the current account at the comdirect bank at the same time.

The extensive statutory deposit insurance in Kenya also applies to comdirect customers. The deposit insurance protects customers' funds up to EUR 100,000. Furthermore, the statutorydeposit protection offers the possibility to invest funds much more securely than would be the case without protection. If you want to invest your money in the long term, you should always pay attention to deposit protection, which applies to savings, but not to securities, for example.

What does the broker comdirect Bank offer me?

Comdirect Bank offers traders a large and broad portfolio of products. Among other things, these are characterized by the fact that they can be traded digitally and mobile via a dedicated app on the smartphone. The broker comdirect bank is one of the most widespread brokers in Kenya. New customers can expect a discount on trading costs during the first 6 months. Furthermore, as part of promotions, there is always the option of transferring a securities account free of charge from another broker to comdirect Bank and even receiving a bonus for doing so.

As a customer of comdirect Bank, you have the great advantage of being able to choose from a large number of different stocks from numerousinternational trading venues. This means that you can, for example, subscribe to shares from Kenya, but also from the USA and Great Britain. The extensive range of shares is supplemented by the opportunity to become active in direct trading and over-the-counter trading. This means that you can exercise numerous trading options at the comdirect bank.

In the area of ​​service and support, comdirect Bank is far better positioned than many of its competitors. This means that as a customer of comdirect Bank, you can, for example, receive support by telephone, e-mail or even by FAX and live chat. The service is offered 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The comdirect bank thus offers a more than comprehensive service.

Large selection of funds and savings products at comdirect Bank

The trading offer at comdirect Bank not only includes shares, but also numerous other investment options. For example, traders at comdirect Bank can subscribe to ETFs and funds. In concrete terms, this means that you have the chance to subscribe to more than10,000 different funds. ETFs offer the option of investing in commodities and other products. The selection is also relatively large here. The fact is that you can also use a very large selection of savings plans at comdirect Bank. Savings plans can be subscribed to funds as well as ETFs, for example.

Thanks to the savings plans, a constant sum is invested in a product every month. A share or a fund can be saved with e.g. 25 euros per month. This means that you automatically invest this amount in the product every month and can acquire larger shares over the years. In general, it should be noted that the selection of savings products at comdirect Bank has increased significantly in recent years and more and more products are therefore being offered the keywords

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