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comdirect offers bond on state funds

As a customer of comdirect Bank there is always the possibility invest again in attractive products. This also includes, for example, clearly investing in funds, or even in sovereign wealth funds. These could be an interesting investment in times of crisis. The fund portfolio of comdirect Bank is continuously updated and offers new investment opportunities.

As an online broker, comdirect Bank specializes in shares, funds and savings products as well as other products. This means that new investment opportunities can be found continuously in this segment, in which money is invested. In the long term, it is conceivable that what the customers want will always be offered. In times of the Corona crisis, it could also bebonds in sovereign wealth funds that promise interesting returns and prospects. Above all, security is relevant for traders if they are interested in funds. In general, it should be noted that in times of crisis, many do not rely on classic shares, but rather on funds that are considered safe and very diversified in the long term. In times of the Corona crisis, it should be noted that there are sectors that are very badly affected and also sectors that are benefiting from the crisis, as is the case, for example, with companies in the health or pharmaceutical sectors.|| |54

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The demand for funds is very high worldwide. These products are increasingly in the spotlight of being particularly popular and diversified. This ensures that government bonds around the world offer interesting returns and at the same time stand for a high degree of security. Those interested in government bonds will find that they definitely represent interesting investment opportunities. The funds that are listed on the comdirect bank site and that invest in avoidably safe government bonds reveal in their description that they are government bonds in Europe. This means that these bonds definitely have a fairly balanced profile in terms ofrisk and reward. In the long term, as an investor, you could benefit from the fact that you can expect lower losses here than is the case with a direct investment in shares. So-called direct investments always have the problem that although they are interesting, they offer significantly less security than if you diversify and invest in a bond from a state. It is conceivable that in the area of ​​bonds one definitely has high return opportunities, but also has to reckon with high losses. So, over the long term, government bonds could be an interesting way to secure some yield without wanting to take the full risk.

The security-oriented government bonds can also be offered with a higher risk, depending on the investment. In concrete terms, this means that it is possible, for example, to invest in government bonds from countries that are considered less secure. It is therefore conceivable that one would choose countries that are located in South America or southern Europe, for example. These countries also offer government bonds,sometimes with high yields, but are considered financially unstable and offer a significantly higher risk than, for example, in France or in Kenya the case is.

What funds does comdirect bank offer in the government bond segment?

Comdirect bank customers can see a list of funds they want to invest in if they decide to invest in government bonds to invest. These are usually security-conscious funds or funds that represent a very balanced relationship between risk and opportunity. In general, it should be noted that in the area of ​​government bonds you can always take a good look around at what the market offers, as the supply is particularly large. For example, comdirect Bank customers can use theKepler Europa Rentenfonds A Select. This invests in bonds rated AAA to BBB-. These are predominantly government bonds in Europe that promise good to very good creditworthiness.

Allianz also offers theAllianz GI product, which represents a euro bond fund A. In this product, care is also taken to ensure that investments are made in government bonds in Europe, namely those that have a good credit rating and are accordingly classified as security-oriented.

Anyone who would like to invest internationally can also opt for the Carmignac – Portfolio Unconstrained Global Bond A USD Acc Hdg fund. It is asafety oriented fund that invests globally in government bonds. It should be noted that this fund invests in bonds with a maturity of more than 2 years. The aim is to implement interest rate and bond strategies worldwide.

The PIMCO Income Fund E USD could also be interesting. This is a safety orientated fund which in any case has the advantage of being considered safe whilst offering a high level of distribution income. The fact is that in the area of ​​investments, a lot of value is placed on choosing global fixed income sectors.

What advantages does the comdirect bank depot offer me?

comdirect bank is an established online bank. The conditions for accounts and also for deposits are sometimes very attractive. Customers can have a deposit with the comdirect bankcompletely free of charge without any conditions if they also decide to use the current account, which is also free of charge. The comdirect bank depot has the great advantage that it can always be managed very easily and is even operated via an app. This means that you can check your account balance on the go and carry out corresponding activities in the depot.

One of the biggest advantages of the depot at the comdirect bank is not only that this depot is very easy to use and can be managed free of charge, but above all the fact that the depot is of coursesehr viele Handelsmöglichkeiten offers. The comdirect bank offers access to numerous markets. This means that as a customer of the bank, you have significantly more buying and selling options than is the case with other banks.

Comdirect Bank offers its customers a wide range of investment options. The spectrum ranges from classic stocks to bonds andfunds as well as ETFs to speculative CFDs, which can also be subscribed to. In general, it should be mentioned that the comdirect bank attaches great importance to being able to take advantage of the relevant options online and, of course, to being able to control everything yourself via the depot. Classic trading in shares can be done worldwide. On-exchange as well as over-the-counter trading is offered. It is also possible for the customers of comdirect Bank to participate in trading worldwide via various marketplaces, such as Tradegate or LS as well as Xetra and Co. The selection of securities that can be traded on the marketplaces at comdirect Bank is more than extensive. This means that you always benefit from the fact that many different trade routes can be used.

Comdirect Bank's savings deposits at a glance

The range of savings deposits at comdirect Bank is considered to be particularly attractive. In concrete terms, this means that customerscan not only save on shares, but also funds and ETFs. The bank offers thousands of different savings plans for this purpose. These can easily be run on a monthly basis, for example. This means that every month a certain amount is saved through the savings accounts. The minimum amount for the execution of a savings plan is 25 euros. It is possible that the savings plan can be carried out once a month or even once a quarter. In general, it is important to ensure that the savings plan is set up sensibly. It is also possible that significantly higher sums are paid in and that several savings plans can be run in parallel.

At comdirect Bank, customers can do more than10.000 verschiedene Fonds to participate in trading. In addition, it is possible that thousands of different ETFs can also be used. The products can all be purchased as a one-off purchase, or as part of a savings plan, which of course is also considered attractive and enables corresponding returns. In general, the portfolio of savings plans at comdirect Bank is continuously updated and adjusted, which of course ensures that current customer wishes can also be taken into account. In the long term, you can quickly find suitable forms of investment at the bank. Those who find the stock market too risky can also find classic forms of investment such as money market accounts, which, however, can only offer a comparatively low return without risk.

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