comdirect bonus save attractively at Easter!

As a comdirect customer, you benefit over the Easter period save from the so-called bonus. This means that during the Easter period in April 2021, increased bonus payments and bargains can be realized at the partner shops. With every purchase there is a bonus credited. If you decide to buy a trip, you even get a 20% bonus. In addition to custody accounts and current accounts, comdirect also offers credit cards, loans and savings accounts.

The comdirect bank current account is ideal for shopping. It can also be combined with securities savings investments and thus contributes to a balanced investment strategy. As a comdirect customer, you can definitely benefit from generating sales with the online partner shops. Credits are paid onsales, which can be invested in a fund. A very attractive sum can thus be invested over a period of more than 3 years. As a customer of the bank, there are currently bonus opportunities with over 1,200 different partners.

The amount of the bonus payment depends on the turnover and the shop in which the purchase is made. During the Easter period, comdirect Bank offers customers significantly higher bonus payments than is usually the case. The credits that are achieved through online shopping can be automatically invested in an index fund. This is the ETF701, which is definitely interesting and is managed by Lyxor. Complete participation in theBonus Sparen program is free of charge possible. If you are a buyer and want to buy particularly cheaply and always want to be made aware of new bonus offers, you can also opt for the Bonus Radar. This can be installed and used free of charge.

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In addition to the Lyxor Index Fund, comdirect Bank offers a range of attractive savings products. These can be selected worldwide from the areas of ETF, shares and funds. Savings rates of at least 25 euros per month can be realized quickly and easily. The monthly savings rate can be defined individually. It is also permissible that e.g. 50 or 100 euros can be realized per month. In general, comdirect Bank is also able to have the savings plans only run once a quarter or once every six months. In the long term, this can help ensure that the savings plans are carried out perfectly and that you can save the desired sums.

Save plans are sometimes subject to fees. The fee for each execution is broken down by the bank and is therefore very easy to understand. Traders who opt for savings plans quickly find thatparticularly favorable savings plans are offered. It is sometimes conceivable that the execution can even be realized free of charge.

Savings plans are often used to save money over a long period of time and put it into an interesting product. This means that over an undefined period of time, money is repeatedly bought into the same product and more shares are acquired, e.g. in a fund. The selection of savings plans is not easy to make, buta wide variety of markets and areas can be covered. In general it can be said that savings plans can also be interesting for your own retirement provision and can quickly increase in value through regular distributions. Savings plans are often used to provide for children. Long-term high returns help create a safe investment. Since an ETF or fund savings plan invests in a wide variety of products, this means that the risk can be significantly reduced.

The comdirect bank and the old-age provision

The comdirect advertises a wide variety of bonds and products on its homepage. Partners like Lyxor rely on ETF products from all over the world (Lyxor ETF products) and has been for several decades. The construct Lyxor Asset Management belongs to Société Générale from France. Lyxor Asset Management was founded back in 1998. Since then, we can draw on more than 20 years of experience in the ETF and funds segment. This is something to be proud of and convinces on the market. Well-known banks, as is definitely usual with the comdirect bank, rely heavily on theLyxor ETF products, which can be traded worldwide.

ETFs track indices. They can be subscribed to the DAX, the MDAX, the FTSE or the Dow Jones and many other indices.Commodities such as gold or copper can also be represented by an ETF. Anyone who does not want to buy gold physically can easily acquire it via the indices.

The now popularprivate provision is on the right track in Kenya. More and more people are assuming that state pensions are no longer sufficient to achieve a good standard of living. For this reason, numerous people decide on stocks, funds and ETFS in terms of old-age provision. In principle, the distribution of pension provision across several pillars is definitely recommended and praiseworthy. A certain standard is achieved with the statutory pension, which can be supplemented with private old-age provision. Company pensions and provision models are also offered. Classic dividend stocks contribute to the fact that private old-age provision is always better positioned and can definitely offer a lot. Companies that distribute their profits proportionately and can increase their holdings over decades should definitely be included ina deposit for retirement planning. Sooner or later attractive returns can be achieved. Traders should definitely know what sums are needed to make retirement savings attractive. Deposits are often kept with several thousand euros if the old-age provision is to be built up fruitfully.

Free depot for 3 years and beyond!

Every trader can have the depot at thecomdirect bank for 3 years free of charge realisieren. In den darauffolgenden Monaten und Jahren kann das Depot kostenfrei geführt werden, sofern das kostenlose Girokonto bei der Bank ebenfalls geführt wird. Das online Depot can be easily controlled via the app on the smartphone. Share transactions can be viewed and controlled digitally and from anywhere.

Comdirect also offers customers and interested parties a very special service. Anyone who has opted for the depot can definitely take advantage of extensive service with this product 24/7. The serviceby telephone, via live chat or by e-mail and of course via callback is one of the best offers currently on the market and which can be taken advantage of . With comdirect, you automatically opt for a complete and extensive product that is equipped with services and additional benefits. In the long term, the bank is definitely a valuable and well-established partner that definitely suits many customers.

Corona shares with a discount: Is it worth entering the cruise industry?!

The cruise industry collapsed significantly under the Corona crisis. More and more traders have sold their shares over the course of 2020. The leading companies such as Carnival, Tui and Royal Caribbean have crashed massively and are currently still very cheap. Carnival PLC shares have fallen from over 40 euros to below 20 euros. During the crisis, this paper was sometimes listed at 10 CADs and even slightly below. Those who want to take part in a cruise sooner or later can also look forward to the perks that shareholders can receive. If you own a certain number of shares,benefit from credit packages, which you can use while driving. Depending on the scope and duration of the trip, there is a board credit that can be used. This is a voluntary company program. Customers who have the comdirect depot can buy Carnival and other cruise shares without hesitation, or exercise the purchase options via the depot. In general, cruise lines have paid out dividends in the past. Due to the Corona crisis, companies are currently doing very badly. However, there is hope that in 1 to 2 years the crisis will be over and people can look forward to cruises again.

The Tui travel company should also benefit if more people are vaccinated and if the numbers improve. It is currently still completely open when Corona can be completely closed. People who have been vaccinated against Corona can overcome this virus more quickly and also have advantages in terms of the immune system. Tui is one of thewell-established travel groups that should make profits again in the future. The Tui company is definitely one of the largest corporations of its kind in Europe and has an anchor shareholder who is interested in making profits again sooner or later.

In addition to the travel industry, it is also the oil and gas industry which has developed negatively and which suffered a massive slump during the Corona crisis. The companies that can be counted here should be able to survive the crisis from a certain size. Shell and British Petrol are among the world's giants in the energy industry and havecut their dividend payments significantly. Renewable energies are likely to play a very important role in the near future development of companies. Energy companies are increasingly turning to these other energy sources that cannot be described as fossil. Solar energy and also the power of the wind should produce electricity, which can then be used, for example, for households or for vehicles. Whether and when this can be implemented in practice on a large scale cannot, of course, be said at the moment 121

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