comdirect Depot offers attractive account management

As a comdirect Bank customer, you benefit from that attractive conditions can be taken advantage of when trading shares. This means that the depot can be managed from 0 euros to 1.95 euros per month. The comdirect bank is therefore cheaper than many other banks in the trading sector.

Shares are the top priority for many investors. This means that many investors decide to invest in attractive securities. They are primarily concerned with investing in securities that are interesting in the long term and that can generate certain returns. TheCorona crisis and also the current oil price crisis seems to be a good time for many investors to invest in shares. However, how long it will take for the crises to be overcome and whether all corporations will overcome the crisis is still completely open. However, as far as the oil price is concerned, many analysts know that it will rise again if the demand for oil increases. Securities from various companies can be traded very easily via a custody account at comdirect Bank. This means that buying and selling shares can be done easily. As far as conditions are concerned, comdirect Bank is in a much better position than most of its competitors.

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Especially the so-called blue chips are currently being bought. These are large and globally important industrial groups that stand for a certain degree of stability. The corporations are trusted to survive a crisis in any case and that they are able to deal with the Corona problems. Many investors are unsure about the Corona crisis. This means that they assume that, for example, dividend payments will be reduced or even completely canceled during the crisis. A few days ago, the oil company Shell drastically reduced its dividend for the first time since 1945 from 0.47 US dollars to0.16 US dollars per quarter. This historic step caused clear reactions on the stock exchange. The Shell share was severely punished and fell from around 16 euros to just over 14 euros. This shows that even things that have a long tradition can change if you trade in shares and if you rely on the security of dividends. Nevertheless, the group continues to pay a dividend and does not cancel it completely. It is even possible that the dividend will be increased again when the crisis is over and if one can assume that the price of oil will rise significantly again, because consumption of oil is also increasing significantly worldwide.

The Corona crisis is also clearly noticeable in the travel industry. This means that, for example, the shares of the large cruise lines are under massive pressure. Carnival and Royal Caribbean Cruises shares have lost a lot of value and many people are considering whether to invest in the companies now. If the corporations survive the crisis, this could be an attractive and interesting investment in the long term. In the area of ​​CanadianBlue Chips it is companies like Siemens, Bayer or Allianz Versicherung that are in great demand during the crisis. It currently looks as if the corporations will survive the crisis well and as if price increases can be expected afterwards. It is difficult to predict how long it will take for the crisis to be over.

What fees can I expect from the comdirect bank?

The comdirect bank is considered to bequite attractive. Das bedeutet, dass vergleichsweise geringe Gebühren erhoben werden. Unter einfach zu erfüllenden Bedingungen kann das Depot der comdirect Bank sogar komplett kostenfrei geführt werden und das ohne eine Aktivität, die regelmäßig vollzogen werden muss. Neue Kunden erhalten das Depot der comdirect Bank in jedem Fall für einen Zeitraum von 3 Jahren komplett kostenfrei zur Verfügung gestellt.

Even after the 3 years have expired, you can still use the depot at the comdirect bank free of charge. This means that it can be used for example for free if you make at least2 trades per quarter. In addition, the depot can be used free of charge if you use a securities savings plan that is run at least once a quarter. The simplest and also most cost-effective way of keeping the depot at the comdirect bank free of charge without any major activities is to use the free current account. Anyone who decides to have the unconditionally free checking account of comdirect Bank will find that this account is always very easy to work with and that the depot can always be used free of charge with this account. Alternatively, it is necessary that fees of 1.95 euros per month are charged for the depot. However, these fees are significantly lower than other brokers.

What can I trade with the comdirect bank depot?

The comdirect bank is one of the banks that is very attractive when it comes to depots. This means that an attractive online depot can be opened at the comdirect bank with very low costs. Anyone who is interested in the comdirect bank should know that this bank always offers low conditions. Within the first months after opening the account you can even get a whoppingdiscount on the corresponding purchases and sales for 6 months. This means that it is possible that in any case you can trade much cheaper than is otherwise the case. The order fees are extremely low and therefore very interesting, especially for beginners who are active on the stock exchange for the first time.

The trading opportunities at comdirect Bank are significantly more extensive than is the case with most banks. This means that not only classic trading can be carried out, but above all off-exchange or international trading can be used. This makes it possible for comdirect Bank customers to be active very quickly outside of the usual Xetra trading hours. The customers of comdirect Bank are pleased that they have the opportunity, for example,via Tradegate or via L&S to start trading even late in the evening. You can trade significantly longer than is the case in standard trading. If you want, you can not only trade classic shares via comdirect Bank.

The selection of funds is a total of10,000 different products. This means that a large number of funds are available and, of course, a large number of different stocks can also be bought and sold in the form of individual titles. In the area of ​​ETFs, too, the number of products has risen sharply in recent weeks. For example, ETFs can be subscribed to commodities. In the fund and ETF segment, there is also a very large selection of products that are always attractive and that can always be implemented as a savings plan. In concrete terms, this means that you can regularly invest in products from 25 euros on a monthly basis or on a quarterly basis without any problems. The selection of funds has increased significantly in recent months.

Service at comdirect Bank has won several awards!

The service that comdirect Bank offers its customers is particularly extensive. Numerous tests have already rated the service as positive. This means that you can take advantage of an extensive24/7 service at the comdirect bank. The bank offers its customers that they can contact the service 7 days a week. It should be noted that the service can be used not only via live chat, but also via telephone. A free callback service is also available to comdirect Bank customers. This means that you can have a callback appointment made and telephone the bank at this appointment. It is also possible to contact the comdirect bank via chat, which of course has advantages. In the long term, this makes comdirect Bank a particularly service-friendly bank. This means that the bank naturally offers good conditions, especially in terms of service, which most customersalso rated as very important in online banking.

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