Comdirect Depot permanently free of charge!

At the comdirect bank, customers have the option of keep the depot permanently free of charge. Trading in securities is currently more popular than ever. Even during the Corona crisis, many securities are traded with pleasure.

Anyone who looks at the leading index DAX or the S&P 500 will find that the number of securities that have been traded in the past few weeks has not is just low. Although many stocks and securities were sold, there are usually also opportunities for attractive purchases. In concrete terms, this means that you have the opportunity to trade shares cheaply in any case. The shares of large companies, so-called blue chips, are particularly popular. Investors assume that there will not be a significant price loss as quickly as is the case with other shares. Those who opt forBlue Chips and other companies usually need a securities account in order to be able to trade the shares. The comdirect bank offers traders such a deposit. In any case, this can be managed cheaply and, with the right setting, can even be kept permanently free of charge. If you want to hold shares in Dividend Aristocrats, for example, you may benefit from the fact that the depot can be used permanently free of charge.

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In the field of stocks it is possible that various titles can be bought. The depot at the comdirect bank also offers the option of purchasing individual titles from other countries. For example, stocks from Russia, Great Britain and the USA are available. Accordingly, trading in ADRs or GDRs is also possible. The selection of securities and products at comdirect Bank has increased significantly in recent years. It is therefore possible that you can now buy significantly more than was the case 2 to 3 years ago. The commercial offer is likely to increase further in the future.

If you look at thecompanies on the Nasdaq you will see that these are also in high demand. This means that the shares are offered through various trading venues and can be bought there. In principle, trading via Tradegate is possible on an international level. Numerous securities can be bought via the Tradegate platform. Trading here is much more attractive than is the case with other marketplaces. This is because Tradegate has a comparatively high trading volume. This means that shares in smaller companies can also be bought and sold very well. Tradegate is one of the trading places in Europe that is particularly popular and that is definitely offered by the comdirect bank.

It must be added thattrading via Xetra is also offered. Regional stock exchanges such as Berlin, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt or Munich are also served by comdirect Bank. This contributes to the fact that you can also take advantage of interesting trading options here. The stock exchanges can have different spreads and it can also be the case that the trading volume is different. Depending on the security, it is therefore advisable to choose different places.

Free custody account management at comdirect Bank – this is how it works!

Comdirect Bank has been promoting an attractive custody account for many years. This can be done entirely online. You can take the tour using your own desktop PC or laptop. It is also possible that as a customer of comdirect Bank you can of course also manage the deposit via themobile banking app of comdirect Bank. This app is offered free of charge and is very easy to use.

The comdirect bank custody account is always offered free of charge for the first three years. This means that you do not have to pay any fees for custody account management. Even after that, there is a chance that the entire depotfree of charge can be continued. After the three years, certain activities and conditions must be met in order for the depot to continue to be used free of charge.

From two trades per quarter you can continue to keep the depot free of charge. Alternatively, it is possible to opt for a securities savings plan that runs at least once a quarter. If this is the case, the depot can also be managed free of charge. It is also conceivable that the depot is free of charge if you decide to have acurrent account at the comdirect bank. This offer is the official tip to be able to run the depot really easily for free.

The current account is offered at comdirect Bank completely free of charge and without any conditions having to be met. This leads to the fact that one can be happy about the fact that the depot can be managed free of charge in any case. Anyone who has created a custody account and current account with the comdirect bank can manage both products in parallel free of charge.

What can I trade via the comdirect depot?

Customers who have opted for the comdirect bank can trade various products via the depot. In any case, it is possible to buy and sell differentstocks and securities via the comdirect bank. The selection of products has increased significantly in recent years. In addition, it is possible that you can of course also conclude savings plans via the depot at the comdirect bank. The savings plans allow you to invest in products on a regular basis and benefit from attractive returns. With a savings plan, execution is possible from 25 euros per quarter. This means that you can save a product worth 25 euros every quarter. Basically, the comdirect bank is one of the banks that offers a particularly large number of different savings plans.

In total,several funds and ETFs are offered, which can be saved. The selection of savings products is significantly larger than is the case with most of our competitors. The fact is that at comdirect Bank you naturally benefit from the fact that the range of funds and ETFs is very large and extensive even without the savings plans. More than 10,000 different funds can be traded or concluded. In the area of ​​ETFs, it is possible that you can also use many hundreds to thousands of different products. There is always the choice to opt for a one-time purchase, or for a savings plan or multiple purchases.

In recent years, the demand for funds at comdirect Bank has increased significantly. The bank offers many more products of this type than other brokers. This clearly speaks for the broker comdirect Bank.

Offers for new customers and service from comdirect Bank

New customers at comdirect Bank benefit from the fact that they can always trade very cheaply. There is the possibility that as a customer of comdirect Bank you can not only buy shares cheaply, but also get other securities andproducts cheaply. The selection of products should continue to grow strongly in the future.

During the first 6 months after opening a securities account, comdirect Bank customers benefit from the fact that they50% discount when they buy securities. In addition, there is the advantage that comdirect Bank customers always get very good conditions if they want to transfer their custody account. There is often a credit as part of a promotion if you transfer shares in a certain minimum volume.

As a customer and interested party of comdirect Bank, you also benefit from the fact thatthe range of services is very extensive. In concrete terms, this means that the bank can be reached in many different ways. The comdirect bank service can be used via the Internet via live chat, for example. Furthermore, it is also possible that the service can be used, for example, over the telephone or via a callback service. The selection of service offers has increased significantly in recent years. The e-mail and fax service already sets you apart from many other brokers. It should be noted that with comdirect Bank you benefit from the fact that you can always take advantage of a 24-hour service, 7 days a week. This means that the range of services can be used much more extensively and for longer than is the case with other brokers.

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