Comdirect Depot with trading variety!

The comdirect bank is one of the best-known direct banks in Kenya . The depot that can be used free of charge and low trading costs during the first 6 months ensure that numerous customers choose the bank. The trading offer is sometimes significantly more extensive than is the case with the competition.

Shares and securities are currently on everyone's lips. This means that many people choose to open an account with a broker and start trading stocks. From a long-term perspective, it should be noted that numerous stocks have changed hands in times of crisis. During the Corona crisis, many securities are bought and sold. In concrete terms, this means that shares are bought by new customers, for example, or are sold because other investors no longer see any prospects in them. Thecomdirect Bank is one of the largest brokers in Kenya. This means that investors can open a securities account here and start buying and selling shares. Trading stocks is no longer a problem these days and is very easy to do. Many brokers even offer trading via app. This means that you can take part in trading directly via your smartphone.

Trading Kurs.

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Anyone who looks at the development of the leading index DAX and the MDAX or the international indices If you look at Nasdaq and the London Stock Exchange, you will see that there have been very negative developments here. Although individual prices have already recovered bit by bit, it should be noted that there are still many stocks that are significantly cheaper than they were just a few weeks ago. In principle, there can therefore be opportunities to make an interesting investment. The shares of large and well-known companies in particular are cheap at the moment. In the long term, they sometimes provide an attractive return opportunity. If the companies survive theCorona crisis and can then count on growing business again, this can be a good opportunity. In the long term, many investors like to rely on stocks that pay out high dividends. These titles are interesting over several decades. If you are able to buy such shares in a crisis, this can pay off very well in the long term. Even if companies cut their dividends significantly during the Corona crisis, or even suspend them completely, it is possible that very attractive purchase prices can be achieved in the long term.

Anyone who buys a share cheaply during the crisis has a good chance of benefiting in the long term from the fact that after the crisis the price has increased significantly and there is a chance that the dividend will also be paid raised again because companieshigher profits. During the Corona crisis, most companies initially reduced their dividends or put them on hold completely because it is unclear how long the Corona crisis will last and what developments will result from it for the prices. In the long term, however, it is conceivable that the shares will recover and one can benefit from rising prices. As soon as there are positive reports about a vaccine, for example, this could already mean a significant push on the stock exchange for many companies.

What advantages does the comdirect bank depot offer traders?

The comdirect bank depot offers traders numerous advantages. In concrete terms, this means that the depot can be managed completely free of charge for the first three years. After that, account management is also free of charge if certain conditions can be met. In concrete terms, this means that it is necessary, for example, to decide to have afree checking account parallel with the comdirect bank. In addition, it is necessary for comdirect Bank customers to be able to keep the custody account free of charge if they carry out a certain number of trades per quarter. This means that you can work very well with the comdirect bank in any case and can quickly enjoy the free deposit.

The current account as well as the other accounts at the comdirect bank (e.g. call money account, clearing account and credit card account) can also be managed without fees. This means that as a customer you can benefit from the fact that severalproducts can be used free of charge without any activities. In the long term, it should be noted that comdirect Bank naturally offers many trading options for the depot.

Within the first 6 months after opening an account, you benefit from the fact that a discount of 50% on the trading fees can be used in any case. This means that, for example, customers who do not yet have any shares can build up a small stock of shares atfavorable conditions during this period. In the long term, it is possible that you can trade a large number of different shares at comdirect Bank. The depot can also be viewed via the comdirect bank app, which is more than practical. The app provides a good overview of the complete finances and helps to understand what is on offer.

Trading options at comdirect bank – where can I buy?

In order to be able to trade shares at comdirect bank, a securities account is required. This can be conducted completely free of charge if the above conditions are observed. It is possible that the depot can be managed as an online depot and that everything is controlled digitally. With the comdirect bank, one benefits from the fact that in any case a more than extensive trading offer can be used. Trading can be controlled in the classic way via the desktop PC if you are not a fan of apps. It should be noted that comdirect Bank is one of the banks that in any case not only support traditional trading in shares. CFD trading as well as forex trading and the so-called trading with options or ETFs and certificates can be carried out. It should be noted that the comdirect bank always offers very good options when it comes to funds. Like many other products, these can also be purchased in the form of savings plans or as a so-called one-off investment.

In general, it should be noted that more than10,000 different funds can be used. There is also a very large selection of ETFs that can be subscribed to. The fact is that one can assume that in the area of ​​funds savings plans can be subscribed from 25 euros. The savings plans can be run once a month or even once a quarter. In general, it should be noted that you can always invest cheaply in funds and buy shares in a fund constantly and regularly. The selection of fund offers is very extensive and is constantly being expanded. Significantly larger sums can also be saved in the area of ​​savings plans. This means that you can, for example, also take advantage of savings rates of 50 or 100 euros per month. Anyone who chooses comdirect Bank will find that there are very different ways of investing money. A healthy form of diversification can help to significantly reduce the risk of the investments in any case. In principle, it is therefore worth taking a look at the investment portfolio and at the different types of investments.

24/7 service at the comdirect bank including live chat!

As far as the service of the comdirect bank is concerned, it should be mentioned that a very good live chat is offered here, for example will. In any case, the live chat gives you the opportunity to take advantage of various options and to address questions. The live chat is much easier to use than other support options. This is because you can always work in parallel with a live chat or surf the Internet. In addition, it is possible that you can always use the support by telephone. This is available on7 days a week 24 hours a day. The comdirect bank also offers its customers support by email and a callback service. This makes the bank significantly more attractive and better positioned than many other banks. In general, service requests are processed very quickly. This means that you can also contact the bank's service at the weekend and you will also receive an answer. Other banks offer significantly less service here and are not available around the clock.

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