Comdirect funds trade with discount – incl. savings plan

The comdirect bank offer is grown very strongly in recent years. There are many new products in the fund segment in particular. The savings plans that can be drawn up here are particularly interesting. This means that investments are regularly made in a product. The comdirect bank offers some funds without any front-end load, even if you invest in them regularly via a savings plan.

Basically, the comdirect bank is considered an attractive and, above all, inexpensive direct bank. It is a fully-fledged bank that provides all the services that a classic house bank has in its portfolio. However, the comdirect bank also offers the advantages that a direct bank brings with it. This includes, for example, the fact that comdirect Bank has more than 10,000 different funds in its portfolio that can be saved. There are also a lot of advantages and offers in the field of ETFs that can be completed digitally. The comdirect bank not only offers a special service, but also the possibility, for example, that many different investment paths can be taken. In the long term, it is conceivable that as a customer of comdirect Bank you can not only save, but also take advantage of a particularly large portfolio. Thesavings plans can be extended to funds as well as ETFs and stocks. There is an extremely large selection in the stock segment. This is because numerous exchanges can be used both domestically and abroad to invest the money sensibly. It should be noted that new customers can even get a discount when trading during the first 6 months. The fact is that there are plenty of good options that can be easily completed online and that can also be managed and controlled smartly via mobile device. In general, comdirect Bank is very well positioned and offers plenty of scope for investments and investment opportunities in the long term.

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Trading in classic shares has increased significantly during the Corona period. Many traders have decided to lay the groundwork for a long-term investment now. This means that some securities could be bought very cheaply during the crisis. With this investment you want to achievegood returns in the long term. If the prices for shares rise again in the coming months, it is conceivable that good profits can be realized here. It should be noted that there are of course very different industries and different profits can be realized here. The chances of a price increase after Corona are likely to vary greatly depending on the industry. Nevertheless, there are already individual indicators that indicate that there is a chance that a revival of certain sectors can be expected. In aviation, for example, it is conceivable that a great deal will be improved. This means that the airlines, such as Lufthansa, EasyJet, International or Aeroflot, have a lot of price potential. On the other hand, this also applies to the manufacturers of turbines. This means that companies such as MTU or Rolls Royce from Great Britain also have the opportunity to increase their value significantly.

Anyone who looks at theRolls Royce homepage will see that the manufacturer of turbines and drive options has a very large portfolio. Appropriate options are available for civil and military aviation. It's worth taking a look outside the box here, because the company's shares came under massive pressure during the Corona crisis. There was a capital increase and partlythe share price fell to less than EUR 0.80. The fact is that the share rose sharply again a short time later and was quoted at a value of 1.30 to 1.50 euros. This shows that many investors still believe in the Rolls Royce company and believe that there is a lot of potential here. In the long term, it is conceivable that there will be a lot of movement in this company and that you can position yourself well again. The company Rolls Royce offers very good technology and the products are used in aviation in numerous aircraft.

Anyone who takes a closer look around Great Britain will find that on the one hand it is the Corona crisis that is causing a bad mood on the stock exchange, but on the other hand it is also Brexit. This means that there are still no clear regulations on how to deal with this and it is therefore conceivable that corresponding problems will arise. However, in the long term, the stock market inUK has many opportunities. This is because some very large companies are based here, which play an important role from a global perspective. Rising profits can be expected again in the coming years. This means that dividends from some companies are also likely to rise sharply.

In the insurance sector, there are a few companies in Great Britain that are well positioned and whose dividends have been temporarily suspended during the Corona crisis. It is conceivable that not only will a dividend be paid again soon, but that it will be raised to a normal level again in the future. TheAviva company is one of the largest insurance companies in Great Britain. Globally, it is the fifth largest insurance company. This means that a real global player is represented here that has really good offers. The fact is that Aviva even paid part of the dividend in 2020 and has announced another payment for January 2021.

TheAviva share should be one of the companies that can make long-term profits and that really continue to grow. The company currently hasmore than 33 million customers worldwide. This number is likely to increase further in the coming years. In addition, the company has announced that a corresponding restructuring will follow. This means that certain business areas will be divested and other areas or core activities will increasingly become the focus of the strategy again. In the long term, there is the possibility that the Aviva share will hold a company in the portfolio that is conservative and has a good cash flow. Thus, decent returns can be achieved through the dividends. Dividends are traditionally paid out to shareholders twice a year at Aviva. Thus, there is a chance that one can enjoy a good cash flow over a long period of time. Anyone interested in Aviva should also not ignore other major players in the insurance industry in Great Britain. There are many companies here that are well positioned and offer plenty of opportunities.

In concrete terms, this means that Direct Line Insurance, for example, is very well positioned. This is an insurance company from Great Britain, which operates very well, especially in the field of car insurance. Even during the Corona crisis, the company paid out an attractive dividend. The return should also be attractive in the years to come, because atDirect Line a dividend can also be expected twice a year. In general, it must be said that the insurance company has been distributing dividends for several years and that a return of around 5 to 8% p.a. can be achieved in some cases. The company Direct Line Insurance offers a lot of advantages and has also come under a lot of pressure during the Corona crisis. At times, the share price was just 3 euros and thus significantly lower than it was before the crisis. If you look at the share price over the past 3 to 5 years, you will see that it was quoted at around 4 euros for a long period of time. This means that there is still some potential here if you want to invest and not only pay attention to dividends, but also to the price increase.

The comdirect bank depot – focus on savings plans on funds!

Customers who opt for a depot with the comdirect bank always benefit from attractive promotions. This means that there are currently many good conditions available in the area of ​​savings plans. In general, it is possible that exactly 25 different funds can be traded in the Top Price Funds area, with a discount of 100% on the regular front-end load. The fact is that the comdirect bank omits thefront load from a one-time investment of 250 euros. At the same time, it is possible that you also do not have to pay an issue surcharge from a monthly savings plan of 25 euros. The funds were checked and carefully selected by the experts at comdirect Bank. It should be noted that the funds may be over-traded on any trading day. In the long term, this could definitely result in a good increase in value.

Online account management and mobile banking

As a customer of comdirect Bank, you benefit from the fact that the entire custody account can be managed online. You can easily participate inmobile banking via the app. In general, it must be mentioned that the bank's custody account clearly stands out from the products of its competitors. One of the reasons for this is that the comdirect bank offers more than good support. This can be used via e-mail, live chat, fax, telephone and callback service. The complete support is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, which shows how important the bank's customers are.

There are numerous attractive savings plans in the comdirect Bank depot that can be taken out online.More than 10,000 different funds as well as thousands of ETFs are available and this is regularly adjusted and expanded.

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