comdirect customers can now subscribe to Commerzbank Stock Bond Protect on Lufthansa

Commerzbank Aktienanleihe Protect LufthansaThe comdirect bank is offering their customers currently a more than interesting offer. Anyone who now decides to subscribe to the Protect reverse convertible on Lufthansa can achieve an interest rate of 6% p.a. The term of the bond is 12 months, so that the entire investment period can be described as manageable. In principle, comdirect Bank offers its customers corresponding offers of this type at regular intervals. It is quite possible that attractive fixed interest rates can be achieved and a good return can be achieved in the long term through the underlying share.

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What advantages does the reverse convertible offer? Protect on Lufthansa from Commerzbank?

The Protect on Lufthansa reverse convertible offers Commerzbank customers a more than attractive return of 6% interest per year. The term refers to a total of 12 months, which is of course not very much. In addition, it should be noted that the bond is usually much safer than investing directly in the paper. The probability of a share delivery is reduced, since corresponding protect features are available.

What are the risks for comdirect Bank customers with this bond?

In general, it should be noted that the risks with this bond must of course also be taken into account. In principle, the Lufthansa AG share must be observed. If the share price touches the barrier on the valuation day, or falls below it, this automatically means that customers do not receive their capital back, but rather receive shares in Lufthansa AG.

Basically, the shares are subject to the entire Term according to the influences of the market. This means that the development of the market can have a completely negative impact on the value of the bond. It should also be mentioned that if the issuer or the issuer of the bond becomes insolvent, this can result in losses up to and including total loss. This is possible in this case if the Commerzbank share falls significantly in value or Commerzbank becomes insolvent.

How can I subscribe to the comdirect bank reverse convertible?

Customers who opt for the comdirect Bank reverse convertible can easily find them on the Internet. Specifically, this means that the Protect reverse convertible can be subscribed to Lufthansa with the code WKN CA2HFP. Customers can subscribe to the offer until July 16, 2018, starting at EUR 1,000 at a fixed price.

Why are checking accounts and custody accounts with comdirect Bank recommended?

The comdirect bank always offers its customers good conditions. It starts with the fact that the bank's customers can open a free current account with the comdirect bank, for example. In general, it should be noted that the free checking account can be managed at the bank free of charge without any conditions. In concrete terms, this means that customers do not have to do anything to keep the checking account free of charge. No monthly cash receipt is required in order to be able to run the checking account free of charge. It should also be mentioned that all customers who have opted for the bank's free checking account can also manage the custody account free of charge. In any case, both products in combination represent real added value for customers of comdirect Bank.

Which products can I shoot online via the depot at comdirect Bank?

The selection of products that a customer can take out online with comdirect Bank is quite large. In concrete terms, this means that, for example, corresponding funds, but also ETFs or CFDs can be traded via the comdirect bank. Customers who are interested in comdirect Bank will of course also ask themselves where they can trade. It should be noted that trading at comdirect Bank is possible on numerous national and numerous international trading places. In addition to stock exchange trading, over-the-counter trading can also be carried out.

It should be mentioned that comdirect Bank, for example, is able to offer a very large selection of funds. In total, customers are offered more than 10,000 different funds and the selection of ETFs is significantly larger than is the case with most other banks. A number of several hundred funds and several hundred ETFs can also be used to conclude a savings plan, for example.

The savings plan can be concluded with the comdirect bank via the Internet without any problems. In concrete terms, this means that payments are made every month or every three months and money is invested in the savings plan accordingly. In principle, the amount of the savings rate is possible from 25 euros. The intervals at which the savings plan can be used vary and it is possible that the savings plan can be used to save money at different times.

Basically, comdirect Bank quite often offers its customers corresponding options, for example buying a reverse convertible or other savings options. As a rule, several reverse convertibles are advertised per month, which usually have a barrier and of course a corresponding fixed interest rate. As a result, comdirect Bank's reverse convertibles have been very well received on the market. The bonds can usually be redeemed from a sum of 1,000 euros. It is worth researching online beforehand how high the risk is when subscribing to a reverse convertible and what returns are possible. It should be noted that the barrier is usually only observed on the key date and decides whether the trader will receive a proportionate share refund or whether his money will be credited including interest.

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