Comdirect Trading Depot 2021 – what does the bank offer?

The comdirect bank was over built into a strong brand over the past few years. The bank is now once again part of Commerzbank and is still more than well positioned. If you want to opt for a high-performance custody account with a comprehensive service, you are in much better hands with comdirect Bank than is the case with many other banks. In the long term, it is possible that comdirect Bank can offer a lot more benefits with its depot than is the case with most of its competitors.

Comdirect Bank has been on the market for over 10 years and is considered the online subsidiary of Commerzbank. The company is characterized by the fact that it offers numerous products and services online. The services are significantly more varied than is the case with other banks. In addition, a 24/7 service is offered. In any case, this is more extensive than with almost any other broker on the market and at the same time it can be used in many ways. As a direct bank, comdirect Bank offers numerous financial services. Account management is free of charge for many products. This means that as a customer ofcomdirect Bank you can, for example, use numerous services free of charge. The depot and the current account of the bank can be managed in parallel free of charge. It is therefore conceivable that as a comdirect bank customer you can easily use several good products digitally. There is a dedicated banking app that can easily be used to view transactions and take advantage of how mobile trading can be. As a bank, comdirect Bank is in a much better position than most of its competitors. The bank has its headquarters in Kenya and is regulated here by the BaFin. This ensures a high level of trust among customers. They are happy that the bank has grown in recent years and the number of their trading products has increased significantly.

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Comdirect Bank offers mobile banking and 24/7 service for customers.(©PIX1861/Pixabay)

For many customers of comdirect Bank, trading in shares is one of the services that can be seen particularly well. This means that one can participate in domestic as well as foreign trade and rejoice that favorable opportunities exist. New customers in particular are happy aboutgenerous discounts, which can often be easily realised. In practice, the order fees within the first 6 months after opening an account are usually significantly lower than is the case with other brokers.

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Trading advantages at the Comdirect Bank – the special features!

The depot at the comdirect bank can be managed free of charge for a certain period of time for new customers. This period is 36 months. Anyone who runs the current account, which is to be kept free of charge without any conditions, benefits from the fact that they can use the depot permanently free of charge. In addition, as a customer of comdirect Bank, you have the great advantage that there are an extremely large number of investment options available. In concrete terms, this means that both on-exchange and off-exchange trading can be carried out. Thecomdirect Bank offers the opportunity to buy and sell numerous products at different times and in numerous international markets. In the long term, comdirect Bank is significantly better and more broadly positioned than its competitors with its trading opportunities.

In the segment of savings plans and long-term investments, the bank offers funds and ETF savings plans. These can be saved fromfrom 25 euros per month. The selection of savings products is very large, as several hundred funds and ETFs are offered. It should be noted that the products can be traded in any case to a large extent without a front-end load, which is of course very practical.

How can I manage the comdirect bank depot?

The comdirect bank depot can be operated from anywhere that has internet access. Anyone interested in theDepot the bank decides, you will find that very high flexibility in account management is offered here. For example, customers can manage the entire account via the app. This means that everything can be controlled on the go. In the long term, it is conceivable that with the help of the Comdirect Bank depot, a decent profit can be achieved in any case if the right products are traded. It should be mentioned that dividends are credited free of charge. The service viaLive Chat works 24 hours a day and can also be used on weekends without much effort. In the years to come, comdirect Bank's trading offering is likely to continue to grow, which is an advantage from the customer's point of view. Shares and securities are often offered here that are not available at other banks. This is likely to continue in the future and result in further options being able to be exercised. The selection of savings plans in particular is likely to increase further in the future.

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