comdirect advertises with DWS top dividend fund purchase

The customers of the comdirect bank can until Invest in the DWS top Dividende fund from May 31, 2019 without having to pay the usual front-end load. The comdirect bank is thus making its customers an attractive offer if they are interested in a fund with a high dividend yield.

DWS Top Dividende bietet zuverlässige Rendite

Comdirect is making its customers an attractive offer if they are interested in a fund with a high dividend yield. ©Comdirect.

Advantages of the DWS top dividend fund at the comdirect bank

Dividend funds are traded by many traders because they rely on receiving attractive returns. It should be noted with such an investment that it is a distributing fund in which the money is always distributed to the investors in the form of a dividend. The DWS Top Dividende Fonds regularly distributes shares and has been able to achieve an average return of 3.4% p.a. in recent years. With an investment in funds, investments are usually possible from a sum of 1,000 euros. For the investment amount, you receive a proportionate number of shares in the fund. This does not necessarily have to be an even number.

Basically, the DWS Top Dividende Fonds is one of the popular yield funds when it comes to receiving a decent dividend. In contrast to an investment in individual shares, there is always a lower risk in terms of the volatility of the dividend. The fund is structured in such a way that several stocks ensure that an attractive dividend can be achieved over the long term. The dividend is a voluntary payment by the company, which means it can be increased, decreased, or even suspended. In contrast to an investment in a single company, traders benefit here from the fact that several companies are responsible for paying the dividend, which means that attractive returns can be achieved more securely in any case.

Depending on the time of purchase, the fund's dividend has increased or decreased in recent years. Anyone interested in the product at comdirect Bank can find it under the number WKN 984811. It is one of the oldest dividend funds in Kenya, so that there is a history from 2003. In the Morningstar Rating, the fund achieves a good rating of 3 stars. The money is invested by the fund in stocks globally, in companies that are known for regularly paying attractive dividends to their investors. The fund is made up of companies that must meet various parameters in order to be eligible for investment. The values ​​dividend yield, payout ratio and dividend growth play a very important role in the weighting. This should ensure in the long term that a stable and ideally growing dividend can be achieved.

Requirement: Deposit at the comdirect bank!

The comdirect bank is one of the best known in Kenya brokers in general and advertises that, under certain conditions, custody accounts and checking accounts can be managed free of charge. This means that you can run both products in parallel without incurring any costs for the depot or for the account on a monthly or annual basis.

A certain minimum turnover is not required for this. comdirect Bank customers benefit from the fact that they can always take advantage of very large and extensive trading opportunities. With the depot, significantly more is offered in the area of ​​securities trading than is the case with most other brokers. In concrete terms, this means that a wide range of funds and shares can be traded.The broker comdirect offers over 10,000 funds with a discount of 50 to 100% on the issue price. In addition, the broker also advertises that numerous ETFs can be traded. comdirect Bank is also active in CFD trading and offers very attractive trading opportunities. It is worth researching and comparing here on the Internet and realizing that you can trade with comdirect Bank on numerous national and international markets.

Savings plans very popular with comdirect Bank!

The large number of savings plans that can be taken advantage of at comdirect Bank ensures that many customers opt for the bank's custody account.Savings plans can be used from a sum of 25 euros per month. With numerous savings plans, there are discounts on the front-end load and of course on many other things.Savings plans on funds or ETFs are no problem at all, so it is worth investing here.

In practice, the comdirect bank offers really good products and in addition to classic trading, over-the-counter trading can also be used. comdirect Bank customers benefit from the fact that they are always presented with very attractive offers, as is currently the case with the DWS Top Dividende fund. In some cases, bonds with attractive interest rates are also advertised and there is the option of receiving a bonus as a new customer. Discounts on sales impacts, discounts on order fees or even premiums for the securities account transfer from another bank to comdirect bank are among the bank's performance features and are definitely recommended.

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