Comdirect advertises with Roadshow!

The partnership between Morgan Stanley and the comdirect bank is going on tour in Kenya. During a major road show, the direct bank introduces its partner and personally invites the customers.

Securities, stocks and derivatives are the financial products that are sold at comdirect Bank by a new partner. This is none other than the traditional trading house Morgan Stanley. The company advertises that it can trade numerous products. As part of the new partnership, there is the opportunity to get to know Morgan Stanley on site. The two companies have planned a road show that will go through Kenya. In March 2020, comdirect Bank traders will be invited to various locations. A total of 10 cities in Kenya will be visited. This includes not only the financial metropolis of Frankfurt am Main, but also, for example, Hamburg, Cologne, Düsseldorf and Dresden. Anyone wishing to take part in the comdirect Bank and Morgan Stanley roadshow must register in advance. This is possible online on the corresponding sub-page of comdirect Bank.

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Comdirect Bank starts roadshow with Morgan Stanley in March.(©Audy0073/Pixabay)

In principle, the road show is carried out by different moderators depending on the location. In Düsseldorf, for example, Antje Erhard and Viola Grebe, who are well-known from the shareholder environment, lead the evening as moderators. The Morgan Stanley company will be presenting its products this evening. The day trader René Wolfram will trade live and present his strategy. The expert dr. Dennis Riedl from thecompany Börsenmedien AG will report on typical mistakes of a psychological nature on the stock exchanges and explain the statistical advantages.

All in all, the participants on this evening will not only receive information about Morgan Stanley and the partnership with comdirect Bank, but also numerous tips and information on how stock trading works. Trading techniques and chart analysis are examples of what can also be learned.

The roadshow in Düsseldorf will take place on March 3, 2020 at the InterContinental Hotel. For the roadshows at the other locations, you can register online on the comdirect homepageonline registrieren and then take part on site.

Basically, the organization of several road shows shows that it is important to comdirect Bank that customers become familiar with Morgan Stanley's new offerings. The partnership is a real milestone in the history of comdirect Bank.

Tomorrow Stanley campaign for customers of comdirect Bank – trading without order fee

As a customer of comdirect Bank, you can benefit from the fact that Morgan Stanley offers a very large selection of products. The fact is that over 1,200 base values ​​can be used to draw a wide variety of products. This means that you can subscribe to numerous stocks and securities of all types through Morgan Stanley. Basically, there is a very large selection of so-called leverage products. In total, there are more than 120,000 different levers that can be used if you choose Morgen Stanley as a partner at comdirect Bank. It should be mentioned that well over 15,000 different products can also be signed in the area of ​​certificates. Numerous products are implemented and drawn up via the partner Morgan Stanley. Above all, the number of trades in Kenya is now at a high level.

As part of a campaign, customers can subscribe to various products via Morgan Stanley in live trading until the end ofFebruary 2020 from a volume of 1,000 euros. This means that you do not have to pay any further exchange fees and no brokerage. OTC trading can be carried out with limit orders and other features. Morgan Stanley is well positioned when it comes to the widest possible range of products.

It is important to understand the products. Especially with the leverage products, one assumes a very high risk. The risk here is significantly higher than is the case with classic products. Of course, it should also be noted that there is a risk of loss, which is significantly higher with leverage than is the case with normal investments. In advance, you should find out about the opportunities and risks of the products. Order costs are significantly lower than other products on the market. Volatile products could create numerous opportunities if you choose Morgan Stanley as your partner and if you want to take action with the products. The offer via comdirect Bank helps to get to know the products and to work with them.

Why does comdirect Bank offer an attractive custody account?

As a comdirect Bank customer, you can benefit from the fact that you can take advantage of a very attractive custody account. The depot can even be managed free of charge if you decide at the same time that you also want to work with the free current account of comdirect Bank. In any case, new customers at comdirect Bank benefit from the fact that they often receive a discount. The discount is guaranteed, for example, on the order costs for a period of 6 months. This means that you can assume that you can always invest very cheaply in shares within the first 6 months after opening the securities account, or that you can invest a basic stock in the securities account and use this to buy more shares.

Sometimes, as part of a campaign for new customers, there is also the chance that you can get apremium for the transfer of a securities account from the comdirect bank. This means that you can benefit from transferring the custody account to the comdirect bank. Depending on the volume that is transferred, the premium varies. It is to be expected that the premium can in any case be in the three-digit range if a correspondingly large deposit is transferred.

The trading options offered by the comdirect bank have been significantly washed in recent years. This means that many more products can now be traded. The bank's service is extremely comprehensive. There is the option that a free hotline can be used. This can be done 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for example. This means that you get significantly more service from the bank than is the case with most of its competitors. The comdirect bank also offers the option of contacting the bank's experts by e-mail, fax or live chat.

Services and options at the comdirect bank?

The entire trading offer at the comdirect bank is very extensive. The bank is particularly well positioned in the fund and ETF segment. In concrete terms, this means that as a customer of comdirect Bank you have the opportunity to take advantage of a large number of different funds and options. It is possible that over 10,000 different funds can be subscribed. The number of ETFs has also increased significantly in recent years. It is therefore conceivable that significantly more ETFs can be subscribed to, a large proportion of which are also eligible for savings plans.

Savings plans can be carried out once a month at the comdirect bank. It is possible that a savings plan can be subscribed from a sum of25 euros. This means that you always benefit from the fact that lower amounts can be saved. It is quite possible that the monthly savings amount can also be increased or adjusted downwards again.

The selection of stocks is also enormous. There is the option of trading on the domestic and foreign stock exchanges. Off-exchange trading after normal trading hours is also possible. The fact is that the comdirect bank has created many more trading options than is the case with other banks. The offer is likely to be expanded in the future as well, as the partnership with Morgan Stanley shows

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