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Customers of comdirect Bank attaches great importance to savings products. Investments in the funds and ETFs sector are among the most popular ways of investing and growing your money. Savings plans for over a thousand funds and numerous ETFs increase the chances of good diversification. More than 140 individual ETFs can be traded from EUR 3.90 per trade.

The comdirect bank has now existed for more than 20 years. The products that can be used by private customers have grown significantly during this time. In concrete terms, this means that more than just a current account and credit card is offered. Asset accumulation and securities and share investments in particular have naturally become more popular at comdirect Bank. In addition to classic shares or securities, there are funds and ETFs that are often asked by customers. The diversity of the systems is more than remarkable. As so-called top price ETFs, over 140 different options are available to choose from. Numerous markets and risk classes are covered by the ETFs. The price is 3.90 euros for a one-off investment and0 euros order fee in the savings plan if you decide to save on the ETFs through a recurring payment. The partners, who are available and can be perceived via comdirect Bank, are characterized by various offers. These are well-known and well-known ETFs and fund providers such as iShares, xtrackers or even Lyxor and Franklin Templeton. The offer is optimized to the wishes of the customers, so that for high-risk, but also for low-risk traders, the right options can definitely be looked through in the selection process. At the comdirect bank, the offer is significantly more varied than that offered by the competition. The traders are happy about savings plans from a monthly sum of 25 euros. This means that significantly more money is already being spent with small sums and savers who want to invest less can also benefit from the fact that trading in this way can definitely be a lot of fun.

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Savings plans on ETFs and over 140 Top price ETFs on offer!(©viarami/Pixabay)

ETFs usually form an indices or a commodity. With this presentation, you definitely differentiate yourself from other forms of investment and spread the risk across the board. comdirect's range of ETFs is one of the largest and above allone of the most versatile ETFs currently on offer. Commodities in particular, such as gold and copper, which do not necessarily want to be bought physically, can be traded well as part of the ETF savings plans. Anyone who works with a monthly savings plan benefits from the fact that money is automatically continuously invested in a product. A large proportion of this product can therefore be purchased over many years. Profit increases as well as dividends can be the result. However, I can also develop the yield negatively. Anyone who invests in ETFs and funds should not automatically assume an increase in profits, but should also take negative factors into account.

Commodity prices 2021 – are commodities ETFs worth it?

Commodities are among the most important materials in our everyday lives. Products are made from them, for example, or they serve as energy carriers. Raw materials such as copper, palladium or nickel play an important role, especially in the electric motor and electric drive segment. Anyone thinking of solar energy is very well positioned with silicon. The demand for many commodities has developed strongly in the 2010s and 2020s. This means thatsignificantly more raw materials are now being bought and used than was the case in previous years. The type of raw materials used has also changed. 20 years ago, for example, copper was significantly cheaper and less expensive than this material is today. The price of oil has taken on a special development in 2020.

Due to the corona pandemic, it was the first time in history that the oil price developed negatively. In April 2020, the oil price was so low (current oil price development) as it has never been before. The price per barrel was sometimes between minus 10 and minus 25 US dollars - a historically favorable time to buy commodities of this type. At the same time, the shares of the large oil companies were also listed at comparatively low prices.The oil price saw very positive developments in 2021 from the perspective of investors and sellers. Due to funding limitations and a simultaneous increase in demand from industry, end customers and consumers, sales increased. Ultimately, the companies benefit from this and the prices of the shares have climbed sharply. A BP share that could be bought in the middle of the crisis at a price of around EUR 2.20 to 2.60 is currently trading on the market for around EUR 3.40 to 3.60. This development can also be observed in the papers of Exxon Mobile or, for example, Lukoil. Higher prices, higher demand and many other circumstances contribute to the fact that commodities generate more sales and companies' profits increase again.

For the coming decades, attention should not only be paid to the price of oil, but also, for example, to raw materials that are necessary for electromobility. Anyone who invests properly here at the right time can definitely have a good hand and select high-quality corporations. The companies that are not only dependent on oil, but also includeother energy sources (eg solar or wind) in their portfolio, could definitely have good ones in the next 50 to 100 years carry out developments.

Anyone who does not necessarily want to invest in raw materials, but is looking for a secure and attractive basis, should think about things that are consumed by mankind and that can also play an important role in the future. Tobacco or tobacco products could be one of them, but they don't have to be. According to many investors, tobacco is a phase-out model. This applies above all to the western world - but does not have to apply to all regions worldwide. The consumption of tobacco products has been greatly reduced over the past 50 years. Nevertheless, the tobacco companies manage to increase their profits significantly and also to involve the shareholders.Imperial Brands is one of the companies that has paid attractive dividends for a period of more than 20 years.To reduce debt, the 2020 dividend was significantly reduced by a third. However, an increase in the distribution is to be expected in the coming years. The yield from the dividend is currently around 9%. Dividends should also increase in the coming years if the company can continue to grow its sales.

Classic cigarettes are still consumed very heavily worldwide. However, consumption is declining sharply in many countries. Only Africa is sometimes seen as a growth market for many tobacco companies. In Europe and North America, the figures are generally developing negatively. In Asia, on the other hand, the market for smokers is traditionally very strong.Japan Tobacco or the Chinese tobacco companies, which are state-owned, achieve high sales. Alternative products such as tobacco heaters or evaporators contribute to the fact that profit margins can also be high in the future. Numerous companies and competitors of Imperial Brands rely on other tobacco products, which of course cannot be easily identified in a highly competitive market.

In addition, people's health awareness has changed significantly. Many young people do not start smoking and many older people make the jump. Many smokers also develop cancer, which means that the number of users is falling significantly. In general, however, the corporations manage to increase their profits significantly, for example through price increases, and still achieveattractive returns. How long this game will continue and how the new products will develop on the market is currently still completely open.

What do I need to trade ETFs and funds at comdirect?

To purchase the top price funds from comdirect Bank, a deposit at the bank is required. The entire custody account can be opened and managed online. With the help of its own app, the depot iseasy to manage and control. Traders can trade securities and other instruments via the depot. ETFs and funds can also be traded very easily in theDepot. The depot can definitely be managed without fees and costs for the first three years. Even after that, the depot can be used free of charge, provided that the current account is opened, which is unconditionally free.

Corona 2021 – vaccinations and the stock market!

There is no question that vaccinations can have an impact on the stock market. The vaccination rate is particularly high in Great Britain. At the same time, the prices of numerous securities have been rising for several weeks. Shares in bus companies are almost twice as high as they were in the middle of the crisis. Thetravel industry is still in the middle of the crisis and many companies are fighting for their own survival. Nevertheless, there are first signs of improvement. Many people working in the travel industry are getting hopeful that some kind of normality will return in 1-2 years. With increasing vaccinations, everyday life will return and the prices of many companies will rise. The travel industry should definitely benefit, but it may be a few months to years before full normality is restored.

The article was published on April 20, 2021 in the cpaws-ov.org magazine under the keywords,, , published.
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