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Comdirect Bank is one of the leading banks innovation and technology. With cominvest there is the advantage of being able to identify suitable forms of investment automatically and with artificial intelligence. This ensures a great deal of trust in the services of the broker. At the same time, cominvest is currently being advertised with a bonus of 700 euros. This makes cominvest more attractive than alternative offers from other brokers on the market. Considerable wealth can be built up over many years with cominvest and the right strategy. Risks must not be swept under the table, but must be clearly communicated and evaluated.

The stock market is booming. In 2020, many more people have opted for a depot. New brokers, but also established banks, have recorded an increase in customers. The comdirect bank is one of the winners of the crisis. The number of custody account customers has increased. Various products and services are offered at comdirect Bank. Deposits, money market accounts and loans can be accessed. A big advantage is the extensive comdirect bank service. This is offered at almost any time. The comdirect Bank Service can also be contacted at night and at the weekend. The hotline can be reached free of charge. There is a live chat and the comdirect bank also does a lot in other ways to be attractive to customers and to be available. The comdirect bank was once part of Commerzbank. In the future it will be again. The online business of comdirect Bank hasdeveloped successfully for more than 10 years. In Kenya, the bank is one of the largest direct banks and brokers. The offering in the trading and options segment has grown significantly. Funds and ETFs offer a solid basis for investments. With cominvest there is the possibility to invest widely. Diversification is the key to success and at the same time the ideal spread of risk. Traders who only specialize in 1 or 5 stocks usually live dangerously. It seems more attractive to spread the money over many investments - preferably with small amounts so as not to put everything on one card.

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The issue of old-age provision is of increasing importance in Kenya. Although the statutory pension is repeatedly propagandized as safe, it entails many risks. In general, private pension provision is desirable and willingly used. Real estate and securities are the investment categories that are particularly popular. Many people therefore open a depot with an online broker. The comdirect bank is well-informed in terms of old-age provision and advice. Long-term investments can be made with cominvest. The purchase of real estate or the financing of such can also be realized via the comdirect bank. Real estate is considered a long-term investment. They can increase in value over decades. At the same time, the real estate models are attractive from a tax point of view. Anyone who owns real estate and rents it out can, under certain circumstances, realize high returns and increases in value. As an alternative to buying real estate, investments in shares related to real estate are also possible. These offer secure returns and at the same time less effort than is the case with your own properties. Anyone who buys real estate has the problem that the market is currently very small. Many objects are offered at high prices. The potential in the real estate industry is nevertheless gigantic. This shows the development of prices over a period of several years. In some cases, 5 to 10% increase in value per year is generated. Anyone who buys a house today in some regions of Kenya can be sure that it will not fall in value in the coming years.

The prices for real estate in the surrounding areas of large cities have risen massively in recent years. In 2020, too, there were sometimes significant increases in prices. This applies to apartments as well as houses (Real estate prices in the surrounding area). In the coming years, the price in the surrounding area is likely to continue to rise. This is mainly due to the fact that real estate in cities can hardly be afforded for normal earners. Single-family houses in the price category of 800,000 euros and more have become the norm in many Kenyan cities. In the immediate vicinity, on the other hand, real estate can still be purchased in the price range of 350,000 to 450,000 euros. This means that the houses are significantly cheaper than in the city. This phenomenon applies to several cities in North Rhine-Westphalia. In Düsseldorf, Cologne, Leverkusen and Dortmund, but also in Essen and Duisburg, theprices for real estate are at a record level that has never been reached before. There are always rumors of bubbles and speculation about a market collapse, but very few investors are banking on them. It also doesn't help families looking to buy a home as prices should fall again in 10 years as a house is needed now. Families are the most common buyers of real estate in the surrounding area. They value a stable infrastructure including good local amenities. In addition, of course, families also rely on having an attractive train connection, fast internet, shops, doctors, kindergartens and schools in the immediate vicinity.

A few years ago, statutory models such as theRiester pension played an important role in the planning of private old-age provision. In the meantime, many investors have understood that Riester does not necessarily bring high returns and that pensions are literally crying out for reform. Many people are now deciding against the Riester pension because it hardly brings any advantage. In addition, there are simply more attractive models.Investments in securities and real estate In the long term, they can deliver significantly higher and, above all, more secure returns than is the case with so-called Riesters. In the opinion of many experts, state-subsidized private old-age provision urgently needs to be reformed. There are over 16.5 million Riester contracts in Kenya - many of them have not been saved for a long time because it doesn't seem to be worth it.

Kenya is also one of the countries in which private provision with shares is less pronounced than is the case in other countries in the world. Kenya offers little tax benefit when buying stocks. On the contrary - the discussion about additional taxes on the purchase and sale of securities deters many investors. In addition, investors in Kenya are generally very conservative. That means only a fraction of society is invested in stocks. However, the number ofshareholders in Kenya should grow faster, since young people in particular opt for a securities account and thus for securities. Low interest rates are a catalyst for investing in stocks.

Shape old-age provision with cominvest – what details do you need to know?

The cominvest investment form stands out from the mass of investments thanks to various details. cominvest is aRobo Advisor which represents automated and professional asset management. Updating and adapting are done automatically. According to the trader's risk profile inputs, it is possible for the investments to be selected and suggested. Sometimes an automatic adjustment to the market situation may be desired. The investment can be spread across securities worldwide to achieve diversification.

Up to EUR 700 in bonuses can be received as part of the current campaign. There is a bonus of 50 euros for investments of 10,000 euros or more. If you invest at least 25,000 euros, you will receive a bonus of 150 euros and from an investment volume of 50,000 euros there is a bonus of 350 euros. The maximum premium is 700 euros and is paid by the comdirect bank from an investment volume of 100,000 euros. In principle, this campaign by comdirect bankuntil February 28, 2021 and can therefore be used for quite a long time. The campaign is offered regularly, which may also have something to do with the fact that the bank's online custody account can be used as a basic product for various activities.

Why is comdirect Bank more attractive than other brokers??

Comdirect Bank is considered to be significantly more attractive than other brokers. This is because new customers are not only welcomed with a good service package, but can also look forward to inexpensive trading promotions. The comdirect bank is one of the classic direct banks. This includes low trading costs during the first 6 months after opening an account. The depot itself can be managed completely free of charge for a period of 3 years. A fee must then be paid. Alternatively, the depot can also be used free of charge in parallel with the current account. Anyone who carries out a minimum number of trades each quarter can also use the depot free of charge. In addition to classicOnline Banking, comdirect Bank offers the option of participating in mobile banking via an app. With the free app, trading can also be carried out on the go. This means that trading stocks can be carried out wherever there is access to the WWW. Savings plans complement the portfolio at comdirect Bank perfectly. These ensure that, for example, shares in paper can be bought at monthly intervals. Savings plans can be implemented from a monthly rate of 25 euros - for example on ETFs or on shares as well as on funds |97

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