Consorsbank advertises fixed-term deposits and fund campaigns – 3% interest pa on fixed-term deposit accounts

Consorsbank FestgeldkontoThe Consorsbank is currently offering its customers a special campaign in cooperation with BNP Paribas. If you opt for the BNP Paribas equity fund, you can also take advantage of a fixed-term deposit offer with 3.0% interest p.a. for 12 months. It should be noted that there is even a 50% discount on the sales charge.

Consorsbank customers invest 50% of their investment in the BNP Paribas fund and 50% in the form of a fixed-term deposit that with an attractive interest rate of 3.0% pa.

What is the minimum amount required for the investment?

Anyone who decides on the Consorsbank offer must pay at least a total amount of Invest 5,000 euros. Of these 5,000 euros, 2,500 euros will be invested in funds at BNP Paribas. Here it is worth noting that different categories of funds are offered to the client. Customers have the option of choosing a security-oriented fund, a balanced fund and an opportunity-oriented fund. The other 2,500 euros are invested in the attractive fixed-term deposit offer at 3% interest pa, which is significantly more than is currently offered on the open market.

Who can take part in the Consorsbank campaign?

Numerous customers can take part in the Consorsbank campaign. The promotion can be used by existing customers as well as by new customers. The interest on the fixed deposit runs for exactly 12 months and the interest is credited to the clearing account after the 12 months together with the investment amount.

What conditions does the Consorsbank deposit offer?

The Consorsbank is currently not only advertising its depot and fund offering, but also its call money account. New customers who choose Consorsbank now can benefit from an attractive interest rate of 1.0% interest p.a. The interest is guaranteed for a period of 6 months up to a maximum of 50,000 euros per investor. It should be noted that Consorsbank gives all new customers the chance to extend this offer to a total of 12 months. This means that up to 50,000 euros can be invested for a total of 12 months at a total interest rate of 1.0% pa.

If you want to take advantage of this interest rate, you must have a deposit with the bank in addition to the call money account open and carry out the corresponding activities here, for example in the form of transactions.

How much does trading via the Consorsbank depot cost?

If you want to start trading with the Consorsbank, you have to do it pay a basic fee of EUR 4.95 per transaction. Furthermore, fees of 0.25% of the market value must be paid. The basic fee and the order commission make up a total value of at least 9.95 euros. The maximum fees are 69 euros and are therefore capped at the top. There is also a trading venue fee of EUR 1.50.

Anyone who is interested in trading funds and ETFs at Consorsbank should know that fund trading is possible with over 10,000 different fund products. In the area of ​​discounts, there is a discount of 50% on the front-end load for around 2,600 funds. Around 380 funds are suitable for use as a savings plan. ETFs can also be managed as a savings plan, which applies to around 300 different ETF products. If you look around the net, you will find that the savings plans at Consorsbank have to be used either monthly or every 2, 3 or 6 months. The minimum savings rate is 25 euros.

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