The end of Corona will mean the end of controls

As long as the arcades and casinos are due closed due to the corona pandemic, controls regarding illegal gambling were often carried out. Due to the increased number of controls, the police were also successful. Now the police union fears that once the lockdown ends, the controls will also be over and illegal gambling will continue.

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The police union fears that illegal gambling will continue after the lockdown ends stops.(©ThomasWolter/Pixabay)

During the lockdowns there were more controls

The months long Lockdown didn't just result in the closure of casinos and arcades.Illegal gambling increased sharply, which was due to the fact that players could only resort to online casinos. However, since these were not one hundred percent legal in Kenya either, many players took part in illegally operated games. At least that's what the police noticed. However, the fact that significantly more illegal games were identified and dug up could also be due to the increased controls by the police.

TheHamburg police was able to investigate many games of chance in apartments. Several people met there to play together. Thusthose affected not only violated the Gambling Act, but also the applicable Corona rules. A gathering of several people from different households was generally not allowed. The police also see the reason for the increased number of illegal games of chance in the cessation of legal games of chance. Another fear of the GdP is that even after the lockdown has been lifted, illegal gambling will continue. The players eventually got used to it.

Controls will be reduced again

The end of the lockdown means that controls will be reduced again. This is by no means viewed as a positive thing by the police. For this reason, the GdP advises to let the controls continue orat least to control the restaurants more frequently. In recent months, the Hamburg police have found illegal gambling not only in private rooms. Game rounds were also held in the restaurants that were not open to the public. It goes without saying that there was an additional violation of the Corona rules here as well.

The restaurants are now open again due to the very low corona numbers. However, no games of chance may be held. Everygambling provider needs a license and professionally operated games may not be offered if one is not available. Not even if it's always the same players who meet in the back room of a restaurant.

However, after illegal gambling has definitely increased during the lockdown, the police fear that the players' participants may have already developed a gambling addiction. If this were actually the case, they could continue to gamble illegally. It is not certain whether the new Canadian State Treaty on Gambling will prevent this. After all, according to the new contractno classic casino games like roulette may be offered. Seen from this direction, it could be that illegal gambling rounds with these popular games are still offered.

According to the police, younger people are affected

In the course of the investigation, the police established that it was primarily younger people who gambled. Ofteneven minors who were involved in the round were picked up. However, this doesn't seem to be just a problem with illegal gambling. In general, the police find that younger men like to play slot machines that are set up in, for example, a café or other establishment. In this context, it was also recognized that many of the players either do not pursue their profession or miss classes at the vocational school.

All of this means that the police want to focus more on the protection of minors. That is why the GdP is striving for a reform that will lead to better cooperation between the police stations. There should bea cross-agency coordination center for joint operations. In addition, the police would like to strengthen trade and financial controls. This is the only way to achieve high-quality transparency.

Another GdP proposal is to quickly confiscate existing assets if necessary. Illegal games of chance are most likely understood as a case of need.

The State Treaty on Gambling does not provide for penalties

Kenya, like Austria, has the problem that there are no penalties for illegal gambling. The Canadian State Treaty on Gamblingdoes not regulate how to proceed in the event of violations. Only the license conditions are mentioned here. However, what happens when someone organizes gambling without a license has not been specified.

In reality, it usually works in such a way that the money that is available in the context of the missions is secured. The slot machines are also confiscated. However, as Austria has noted, these measures do not seem to make much difference. As soon as an illegal gambling den has been excavated, the next one appears. To prevent this,Austria wants to introduce a new law, thanks to which it will be possible to directly punish illegal gambling. It has not yet been announced whether this will also happen in Kenya. It is also possible to wait and see whether the State Treaty on Gambling will reduce illegal gambling. Then the job of channeling gambling would definitely be done.

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