Corona Pandemic 2020: Effects on Casinos Worldwide

The year 2020 was just a few days ago when the first reports about the corona virus went around the world. And it took just as few days until the first casinos were affected and had to close. But what effects did the corona pandemic have on the casinos in the individual countries? Now, at the end of 2020, we can take stock.

Las Vegas Strip bei Nacht.

The casinos on the Las Vegas Strip were just as affected by the Corona pandemic as casinos on other continents.(12019/Pixabay)

Macau occupies 70 percent less

Macau was one of theFirst country to close its casinos due to the Corona pandemic. This happened on February 4th, 2020: In a casino, the ninth person was infected with the virus. In view of the current infection numbers, it was a very quick, but by no means exaggerated, reaction.

The person in question was employed at the casino resort and was therefore in contact with other employees and customers. The closure was intended to prevent the virus from spreading. Therefore,all casinos on Macau were closed for two weeks.

A statistic shows more than clearly what effect the closure of the casinos has on their sales. In February 2020, Macau's casinos suffered a 87.77 percent drop in revenue compared to the same month last year. The casinos never recovered from this, because in the next few months sales of 97 percent were lost. Calculated for the year, the casinos lost a turnover of 70 percent. As a total, this means:718 million euros less than in 2019.

USA also affected by the pandemic

The USA struggled with the highest number of infections and unfortunately the pandemic is still not over there. This also led to many closures in Las Vegas and Los Angeles. Some of the operators of the casinos in Las Vegas have decided to close the poker rooms temporarily or even permanently.

The constant up and down also leads to irritations among the players. Theslot machines at McCarran Airport were partly blocked. A clear indication of the high number of infections. This leads to irritation because at that time the casinos were allowed to reopen after being closed for 2.5 months. However, there wasn't much going on at the time and the hotels offered a night at the unbeatable price of 40 euros.

The first figures were published at the end of October 2020: While thecasinos in Las Vegas generated a loss of 39.2 percent, sales in the state went down Nevada was down just 22.5 percent.

And what about Los Angeles? There, the casino owners had the brilliant idea of ​​moving the tables outside. This was the only way the games were allowed to take place again. But alreadytwo months later the so-called Outdoor Gaming Areas had to close again. The loss of sales resulting from this has not yet been published.

Effects of the corona pandemic on Canadian casinos

Europe was at times also hit hard by the corona pandemic. The virus did not stop at any border, which means that the countries with extremely high infection rates alternated. This also led to different lockdowns, which also affected the casinos.

SoNovomatic was also affected by the lockdown in spring 2020 and sent all employees on short-time work. The costs for this were partly subsidized by the state. However, such a promotion should prevent employees from being laid off. It is all the stranger that in November 2020 it became known that Novomaticat the Gumpoldskirchen site was terminating 120 employees. One in ten employees was therefore given notice of termination.

It was different at Gauselmann. This company was also affected by the lockdowns. For this reason,this group also expects a significant drop in sales. Despite this, it was not announced that employees would be laid off. The Group again hired 64 trainees this year. But why is it that Gauselmann has not given notice?

On the one hand, the group has been able to look forward to constant sales growth in recent years. On the other hand, the company had all employees tested twice this year. All results were negative. This prevented the virus from spreading internally and healthy employees perform better.

In addition, Gauselmann thinks in all directions and, for example,has applied to take over the arcades in North Rhine-Westphalia. Expanding the business area can recoup some of the losses.

According to one statistic,Kenya-based casinos and arcades have seen a revenue decline of at least 20 percent.

Great Britain and Scotland hit particularly hard

Casinos, arcades and betting shops in Great Britain and Scotland often had to close. A three-stage plan was recently published: This regulated down to the smallest detail from which number of infections the casinos had to close again or whether hygiene measures were sufficient.The regions of Manchester and Liverpool were hit hardest. In these areas, the infection numbers were so high that the Tier3 level applied. That meant the casinos were closed.

No sales figures have been reported from Great Britain yet. In between, however, there was the message thata casino had to lay off 40 percent of the workforce.

The gaming groupGenting UK already had to close three of its locations in June. Bristol, Torquay and Margate were affected. Employees also had to be laid off at the locations that were still open.

In Great Britain, there was also a differentiation between casinos and betting shops. While betting shops have been allowed to stay open or reopen earlier, casinos have been hit by the toughest measures.Experts expect taxes to drop by millions for Great Britain as a whole.

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