Corona in the USA: Nevada decides again to make masks compulsory

The hope that the Corona Pandemic is finally over, has shattered. In the United States, the number of new infections has skyrocketed relatively quickly, which is why Nevada is reintroducing the mask requirement. This also affects the casinos. What are the consequences for casino fans in the USA?

Las Vegas Strip bei Nacht. Since July 30, 2021, masks have been compulsory in Nevada again. Due to the increasing corona numbers, Nevada's governor pulled the emergency brake. (©PatternPictures/Pixabay)

Governor of Nevada activates the emergency brake

In the USA it's similar to Kenya: Each state has the right to create its own regulations if the number of infections with Corona increases again. The same term is also used: emergency brake. This emergency brake was pulled by Governor Steve Sisolak, with the result: InNevada the mask requirement applies again. In order to implement these, the governor is giving companies and shops a period of three days.

However, this deadline does not apply to the districts where the number of infections is particularly high. It affects a total of twelve districts in Nevada, which must implement the renewedmask requirement with immediate effect.Las Vegas is in one of these districts, which is why all casinos must implement the new mask requirement immediately. But what does that mean in detail? Well, all players and all staff must put on a mask immediately. Interestingly, the mask requirement applies to everyone, regardless of whether they are vaccinated, recovered or tested negative.

Furthermore, the obligation to wear a mask does not only apply to casinos, but toall interiors of public buildings. This also includes shops, authorities and leisure facilities. The higher the number of infections in a district, the faster the mask requirement should be implemented. That's the governor's request. In view of the fact that 1000 new infections per day are known in Nevada, the demand is understandable.

This is the corona situation in the USA

The USA reported anincrease in the number of infections to 60,000 per day in the last few days. The main reason for this steep climb is due to the delta variant. As has always been announced, this variant is far more contagious and dangerous. The first statement is confirmed by the rapid increase in numbers. In addition, only 49 percent of the population in the USA is fully vaccinated. This is not enough for herd immunity.

To encourage vaccinations, New York came up with an idea: Every citizen who gets vaccinated will receivea bounty of 100 dollars. In addition, the state of New York will require hospital workers to be vaccinated for the foreseeable future. All other state residents have the choice of getting vaccinated and therefore required to carry proof of vaccination with them at all times, or getting tested once a week.

Facebook and Google go further and introduce compulsoryvaccination for their employees. This initially only affects employees in the USA. However, it was announced that compulsory vaccination should be expanded.

What are the effects of the new development?

After themonth-long mask requirement the casino players will not really know about the new one decision look forward. On the other hand, the mask requirement is tolerable if there were only one alternative: to impose a lockdown. Seen from this perspective, players will be pleased to only have to endure one mask.

However, the high number of infections may lead to further restrictions. It's only afew weeks until the WSOP 2021 starts. For a long time it was not clear whether it could take place live this year. Then finally came the message that, unlike last year, it will take place as before. The news that the Casino Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino is available for this was all the more gratifying. In this context, there was another piece of news that primarily pleased the participants of the WSOP 2021: 88 bracelets are to be awarded this year. In order to distribute these, there must be a corresponding number of participants. As a rule, it is not just about locals.

A special feature of the WSOP is that poker stars from Europe and other continents also take part. It could now be the case that especially Canadian players and poker fans from the Schengen area are not allowed to participate. The reason: TheUSA has extended the entry ban for Canadians and for those who enter from the Schengen area. Entry restrictions apply to other countries.

Will the WSOP be cancelled?

At the moment it is not yet clearhow the WSOP will take place this year. This is due to the further development of the corona pandemic. If a new wave can be avoided, the WSOP could go ahead as planned. It would also be conceivable for certain demands to be made of the participants. This is currently the subject of heated debate. Some are calling for only those who have been vaccinated to take part, while others are calling for the mask.

Due to entry restrictions, the number of participants may be reduced.It may also be like last year: A large part of the events could take place online and only the most important events, for example the match for the world champion, could take place live. However, it is still a bit too early to think about this. After all, it's still a few weeks before the WSOP starts and by then the situation can change completely.

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