Curacao must reform gambling

Many gambling providers have their headquarters on the island of Curacao. Unfortunately, these are also affected by the corona pandemic and are suffering financial problems. The Netherlands would provide economic support to the island if gambling providers adhere to certain conditions. These are required by the Dutch government. If the conditions are not met, government support could be lost.

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Curacao is suffering from the corona pandemic. Gambling operators must comply with Dutch government conditions to continue receiving financial support.(©inmemo/Pixabay)

Netherlands publishes Landspakket

The Corona pandemic hit some Countries very hard, including the economy. The island of Curacao was not spared from the negative consequences of the Corona pandemic andis suffering from financial problems. In order for the Netherlands to continue to provide financial support to the island, Curacao's economy must meet many conditions. These were decided by the government in the Netherlands and also affect gambling providers.

All conditions werepublished in the Landspakket, which contains a total of 47 measures. Only some of these must be complied with by the gambling providers. The most important conditions are:

  • The island of Curacao has until March 2021 to establish a gambling authority.
  • All gambling operators based on the island must comply with all current laws.

Interestingly,On Curacao there is no gambling authority issuing licenses. Nevertheless, numerous online casinos state on their pages that they have a license from Curacao. The question is: Is it not true that the providers have a license from the island? No, they don't lie. There is a special feature on Curacao:Private telecom companies have a license for games of chance and are allowed to pass them on to online casinos and sports betting operators.

The catch, however, is that thetelecom companies are jointly responsible for who they pass on the master licenses to. If a gambling provider does not comply with the applicable laws, the telecommunications companies must also expect sanctions.

Customers from the Netherlands may not be accepted

It is logical that the gambling providers adhere to the current laws. Further measures from theLandspakket hit the online casinos on Curacao very much: No customers from the Netherlands may be accepted. The offer of online gambling providers should be blocked for customers from Holland.

The ban on accepting Dutch players seems rather illogical. After all, Curacao is part of the Netherlands. Maybe it's because gambling is generally being re-regulated in the Netherlands. Thenew regulations will come into effect next year and affect both online casinos and local gambling providers.

However, it would be easier to subject gambling on Curacao to the same regulations. In this case, a uniform regulation would apply. A possible reason why this is not done could be:A license from Curacao, for example, is owned by global online casinos. If they had to comply with the regulations of the Dutch Gaming Authority, players from other countries would be affected.

Or to put it another way: According to the Dutch government, online casinos that have a license from Curacao may only offer their services to the residents of the island.

Re-regulation of gambling in the Netherlands

Looking at the new regulations for gambling in the Netherlands, it seems really illogical why gambling operators on Curacao should not be included. The new law has decided that gambling operators in the NetherlandsOperating legally next year. The online casinos should receive a license if they pay particular attention to player protection.

There are also strict rules for the competition. This is intended to prevent online casinos from recruiting new customers with dubious methods. Such methods could encourage risky gambling. Thus,Restrictions on competition also pick up on player safety. This may also be the reason why the providers are no longer allowed to access existing data sets.

If these regulations were extended to Curacao, a uniform picture would emerge. After all, it is now being demanded that allonline casinos based on Curacao should comply with the applicable laws. Why Dutch customers are not allowed to be acquired is very illogical.

Curacao is very popular with gambling providers

Real casino fans may have noticed that there are numerous online casinos that have a license from Curacao. One reason is the low tax rate: this islandonly charges two percent taxes. This tax rate relates only to the profit generated. In addition, no VAT is charged.

The cost of a license is similar. This is currently $34,000. This amount is very low compared to licenses from other countries.

This means that many online casinos are trying to get a license from Curacao. But it's not always easy to get one. There are many conditions to be met. First and foremost, it is again about player protection. Everyplayer should be protected from criminal activities. It must also be ensured that all games are played fairly. Only the online casinos that comply with all these regulations stand a chance of getting a license.

So it came about thatpopular online casinos like Casinoin, Yonibet and ComeOn Casino have a license from Curacao. For Canadian customers, it also means that these operators will also have to limit their offerings next year. Because online casinos with a license from Curacao must also comply with the new Canadian State Treaty on Gambling.

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