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Die Daimler shares are experiencing a real high after the Corona crisis. The price per title is rising significantly and is currently listed at more than 70 euros. The fact is that Daimler is also very well positioned in the electromobility segment. The 6.35% interest p.a. for comdirect Bank customers is considered very attractive and interesting in the long term. All those who do not want to buy the shares directly are more than well positioned here.

Daimler is considered one of the absolute premium manufacturers in Kenya when it comes to automobiles. The C and E Class models in particular cover the broad market. In addition, there are smaller and larger models such as the A class or the luxuriously equipped Mercedes S class. The manufacturer is also well positioned in the SUV market. It should be mentioned that Daimler should definitely continue to grow in the coming years. The electromobility market means that a lot can happen at Daimler. NumerousHybrid models or even purely electric models are already on the market, or should be on the market in the coming years.

Daimler is currently clearly in the lead in directcompetition with BMW and Audi. This means that the carmaker sells significantly more models than the competition. Daimler should continue to be one step ahead, as the models are well received in all age groups and the current design is in great demand.

During the crisis, the group's shares were listed at 30 to 40 euros at times, around 50% lower than is currently the case. Daimleris currently quoted at around 75 euros and in June and July 2021 it is impressively showing that there is a lot going on among Canadian car manufacturers. In addition, the Group pays an attractive dividend to shareholders once a year. This is likely to grow significantly again in the coming years. This is because sales and profits should increase again as early as 2021.

Mercedes Innenraum.

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The Daimler group can be subscribed to via the BNP bond. It is a BNP Protect Last Minute bond with a fixed coupon of 6.35% interest per year. The entire bond will be issued over 12 months. This means that you will get exactly the 6.35% interest on your investment. The barrier is 80% of the starting level and, in addition to the interest rate, ensures that the trader experiences a certain level of protection. It should also be noted that from a loan amount of EUR 1,000no order fee has to be paid.

The ProtectSecurity buffer of 20% must be observed on the day of the determination. This is July 12, 2021. The valuation date is July 15, 2022. If the barrier is touched or even fallen below on this day, the interest and shares are booked in the securities account instead of the amount. If the barrier is not touched or fallen below, the trader is credited with the investment amount plus interest.

The complete loan to Daimler is impressive, of coursealso involves risks. This means that losses up to total loss can be realised. It is quite possible that money can be lost on this bond. Traders should therefore find out exactly when and under what conditions they are investing.

Daimler shares as an alternative to bonds?

Anyone who wants to invest directly with Daimler may also be well positioned. The investor relations on the homepage (see Daimler Investor Relations) definitely provide very good information about the options that are possible at Daimler.

Daimler has had relatively good dividend payments in recent years. ThePayout Ratio in terms of earnings was around 40%. That is also the goal that Daimler has and what the group wants to achieve. In 2021 there was a dividend of EUR 1.35 per share for 2020. In the previous year, the dividend was EUR 0.90 per share. There were particularly high dividends in the years or for the financial years 2015 to 2018. In these years, EUR 3.25 per share was paid, in some cases even EUR 3.65 per share.

As far as the automotive industry is concerned, Daimler is definitely very well positioned. One of the reasons for this is that the group definitely pays the dividend reliably. This is likely to increase further in the coming years. This means that more than 2 euros per share could be expected. Basically, theCorona crisis also caused a sharp drop in price and yield here.

Things are also going very well at BMW and VW at the moment. This means that both groups generate a lot of sales and will increase their dividends again in the coming years. The fact is that VW and also BMW in Kenya are among the realpremium manufacturers. The two companies are much better positioned in the electric drive segment than they were 3 to 5 years ago. Both BMW and VW should continue to grow and sell more electric vehicles in the coming years.

Other manufacturers such as Volvo also rely on friendlier drives that do not consume resources, as is the case with petrol or diesel. In the long run,Electric drives and also hydrogen drives should prevail. The major suppliers in the petrol station segment are already preparing for the future and are offering new opportunities.

Hydrogen at the gas station?!

One day in Kenya and other countries, filling up with electricity and hydrogen will become the absolute standard. This says that the major suppliers of petrol stations will change and will include new fuels in their range. Hydrogen in particular is considered thefuel of the future and should continue to grow in the future.

This suggests that Shell as well as BP and Total have come up with the idea of ​​diversifying here. All three companies have strategies in place to include hydrogen in their portfolio and to work with this fuel.

Shell has its own hydrogen strategy (Shell hydrogen strategy), which definitely refers to thesustainability abzieht. Die Firma Shell ist in den Niederlanden sowie als auch in Großbritannien bekannt und an der Börse notiert. Einmal im Quartal zahlt der Konzern seinen Anlegern eine Dividende aus. Die Quartalsdividende sorgt für einen konstanten Cash Flow und dafür, dass hier viel passiert.

In the long run, it's conceivable that Shell will definitely continue to increase dividends. In general, you have to be happy that Shell is well positioned and will continue to grow in the future. The market position in thepetrol station and energy sector is already very large. This means that Shell is trying to keep it or expand it further. The company wants to become the largest provider of green electricity in the coming years.

Shell would also like to significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions. This means that the company definitely has to do something for itsecological footprint. The courts have also determined that Shell's emissions must be reduced, and very significantly so within the next 10 years. The company has already reacted to this verdict and is trying to significantly reduce emissions.

Share trading with comdirect – attractive?

Traders feel comfortable with comdirect Bank. This is also due to the fact that traders can use a depot free of charge and at the same time are offered very attractive conditions. Shares in Shell or also in Daimler and VW can be traded with thefree depot of the comdirect bank without any major problems. The selection of titles is more than large and at the same time you can trade on various national and international markets.

With theDepot of comdirect, traders can decide not only for shares, but also for bonds. Bonds, such as those offered as an option by through HSBC or through BNP, are among the particularly attractive options at comdirect Bank.

The depot can becontrolled via app, which of course is a lot of fun. The fact is that as a customer of comdirect Bank, you can definitely subscribe to attractive bonds at HSBC. In general, it must be noted that the comdirect bank also offers overnight money accounts, current accounts and other options. Anyone who needs credit will also benefit from the fact that there are plenty of good options to choose from through comdirect bank. In general, it must be noted that the bank naturally offers strong services and perfect service.

Theservice of the comdirect bank is provided on 24 hours. It can be used by phone and also via live chat or callback service. This definitely makes the comdirect bank very attractive and easy to reach. The choices for the service differ greatly from the standards of other banks. At the comdirect bank, traders benefit from clear services and favorable conditions. New customers can benefit significantly more from the discounts during the first 6 months after opening.

New bonds will be offered from time to time. Traders can definitely work very well with these and invest money again and againfrom 1,000 euros without order fees. The investments often have a term of around 12 months. Over a period of several years, an investment in Protect systems could be very interesting. There is often a protect bond with a 20% buffer, which is very attractive.

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