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Continuously received the customers of comdirect Bank offers in the area of ​​reverse convertibles. A bond on Daimler shares is currently being advertised. This offers a return of 8% per year. The bond has significant Protect features and is issued by Vontobel.

During the Corona crisis, the Daimler share lost in value massively in some cases. This means that the price per share was sometimes quoted at 25 euros. In historical comparison, this is a significantly lower price than is currently the case. Like many other car companies, Daimler is one of the companies that lost some of its value during the financial crisis. It should be noted that at Daimler it can be assumed that the group is well positioned in any case, but that some things will have to change in the future in order to continue to be of interest to investors. Not only the Corona crisis affects theDaimler Group. In addition, the group has problems, for example, because the classic drive concepts are no longer in demand. Many customers are counting on new drives, such as the electric motor, for example, to continue to be promoted. It is important to customers that they choose a car that emits few emissions and, of course, is also attractive and modern. At Daimler, many investors assume that such a scenario is possible in the long term. This means that the group should manage to turn the tide in the drive area and not only classic combustion engines will be offered in the future. Daimler is sometimes much slower here than is the case with BYD or Tesla, for example. However, this does not mean that Daimler has no chance of earning points in the field of e-mobility.

Daimler Auto.

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Daimler is one of the Canadian premium car manufacturers and is currently in a complete Change. This means that the group no longer only relies on classic drive concepts, but that more and more alternative drives are coming to the fore.Electric mobility in particular is very popular at Daimler and shows that new aggregates are being produced. Daimler definitely offers a lot of potential in the long term. Models such as the C-Class, the E-Class and the A-Class, which is now very popular with the younger generation, are in demand and ensure that the manufacturer is very popular in different price ranges and also with different customers. Daimler counts as a premium brand with a particularly large number of attractive opportunities in the future. The company recently slashed its dividend. This is because sales are shrinking and, of course, also because a lot can happen during the Corona crisis. At Daimler it is possible that we will grow again in the coming years, but alternative drives must be easier to market and at the same time a lot has to be done in terms of the Corona crisis. That means, for example, that you have to bring a vaccine onto the market that will ensure that this crisis is over as soon as possible.

Basically, the Daimler Group is strong and robust. However, this does not mean that this initial situation is also automatically set for the future. In the long term, Daimler can expect increasing profits if the group manages to adapt to the new rules in the automotive industry and if it manages to function well in any case. In addition, the share is of course currently listed at around 40 to 45 eurosat a medium level. It is quite possible that there could be another significant slump in the course of the Corona crisis. It is currently completely open whether this will go in the direction of 30 euros or even break below this mark. It is possible that a lot will happen in a second Corona wave. It currently looks as if the Corona numbers will increase again significantly in autumn 2020. This means that there are more infections again. In Great Britain as well as in other surrounding countries, it is already clear that Corona is on the rise again and that a lot can happen here.

What can I do with the bond on Daimler shares?

The bond on Daimler shares is called a Vontobel Protect Daimler bond. This means that this bond has a fixed interest coupon of 8% p.a. The bond has a term of 12 months and the barrier is 80% of the starting level. It should be noted that the Daimler bond has a risk buffer. This ensures that the capital is doubly protected. Basically, there is asafety buffer of 20% below the current Daimler share price. The date of determination is October 5, 2020. On this day it will be precisely defined where the barrier is located. The share price on September 17, 2021 will determine the repayment. That is the day of the valuation. Here there is either the complete capital plus interest credited, or a proportionate booking of Daimler shares plus interest as a credit. How the share develops during the term is currently less interesting. It is important to know where the file is recorded on the day of the assessment.

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