This is Austria's divorce capital 2021

»Yes, I want« - With this saying the marriage vows end in this country, in which couples love each other to the end swear of their lives. However, the Austrians do not always keep the promise: in 2020 alone, almost 15,000 marriages were dissolved. But which Austrian city has the most legal separations in terms of new marriages? We found that out for you in an analysis of the almost 50 largest cities in our republic. For this purpose, we evaluated the current data from 2020 on marriages and divorces.

This year's divorce strongholds are therefore in Lower Austria: With a divorce rate of 0.5 divorces per marriage, Baden and Krems an der Donau lead the way ranking on. In both cities,Online partner exchanges should probably benefit from this trend and register new registrations. The rate in Korneuburg and Leoben is only slightly lower at 0.48 each, which puts them slightly ahead of Klagenfurt am Wörthersee and Gänserndorf (0.47).

You can find out how all the other cities did in the ranking you here:

Kufstein in Tirol is the city with the fewest divorces (0.26). Married couples are also particularly happy in Waidhofen an der Ybbs and in Lienz, each with a rate of 0.29, as well as in Imst, Weiz, Vöcklabruck and Zwettl-Lower Austria (0.3).

As the rate varies by federal state fails, you can see that here:

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