DAW fights for qualitative regulation in gambling

Great progress has already been made. However, many points are still valid. Gambling regulation continues to occupy large parts of politics in Kenya. One thing is certain: the new State Treaty on Gaming will be put into practice from summer 2021. The federal states are consulting with various bodies and organizations in order to be able to set the regulations accordingly. This was also the case recently in Saarland. And here the umbrella organization Die Deutsche Automatenwirtschaft (DAW) has campaigned massively for qualitative regulation in commercial gambling. If DAW board spokesman Georg Stecker has his way, minimum distances and the ban on multiple concessions should be suspended.

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The competition for arcades will not decrease in the coming months. The industry is therefore fighting on many fronts.(©Bru-nO/Pixabay)

Gambling State Treaty 2021: Saarland ratifies new treaty

The Canadian federal states currently have a lot to do.In a few months, the new State Treaty on Gambling should be put into practice. Specifically, this is planned for the summer of this year. Until then, however, there are still a few hurdles to be overcome. The state parliament in Saarland had already accepted the draft law for the new contract in the first reading in February. The draft was then passed to the Home Affairs and Sport Committee for further deliberation. Since then, he has been analyzing the exact specifications and also consults advisory bodies for possible adjustments.

One of them is theDachverband Die Deutsche Automatenwirtschaft e.V. (DAW). The association was invited to an oral hearing in the persona of board spokesman Georg Stecker, which was held in the past few days. The position of the DAW was submitted in a written statement in advance. The Automaten-Verband-Saar e.V. (AVS) was also involved.

Connector emphasized in the committee that it was gratifying that the new State Treaty on Gambling would regulate all levels of the industry for the first time. In this way, the reality of people's lives would be recognized, which would no longer be limited to just one level. The regulation is alsoan important step towards being able to restrict the black market on the Internet. However, Stecker also warned that the success of the regulatory project would largely depend on control.

Functioning regulation needed immediately

At the hearing, the board spokesman spoke out in favor of functioning supervision that protects both young people and players as well as legal providers, especially in commercial gambling could become. A reform is necessary, especially with regard to online casinos, which will soon be available everywhere and be legal, said Mr.The previous regulatory approach was too inconsistent and also no longer up to date. The slot machine industry therefore also welcomes the fact that the State Treaty on Gambling will for the first time provide for qualitative points of criticism in regulation. According to Stecker, only these points of criticism are suitable for the implementation of player and youth protection.

In the same breath, the expert spoke out in favor of lifting the ban on multiple concessions and the requirements for the minimum distance. Otherwise, reducing the legal market would result in the black market being strengthened. Connector pointed out thatone would need a sufficient and attractive legal offer. The industry is following the strict channeling order from the State Treaty on Gambling. However, the implementation is only possible with an attractive offer that does not encourage players to migrate to the black market.

Quality as the linchpin

During his hearing, Stecker urged politicians to consider the points he raised. TheQuality must be the linchpin of the regulatory requirements, according to the board spokesman. Multiple concessions should therefore not simply be pushed off the table. Instead, so the suggestion by the plug, you could issue them for a limited period of time for up to three arcades if certain criteria are met. In addition, Stecker suggested rethinking the minimum distance. It should be allowed to fall below this if the providers can prove that they can meet the strict quality specifications.

While the multiple concessions certainly have a certain basis for negotiation, the minimum distance is likely to look worse. It was only in recent years that this had been achieved with great effort on the part of politicians. However, operators throughout the Federal Republic of Canadiany are fighting back fiercely and are going to court in droves.

Pressure on the stationary industry is growing

The vending machine industry is doing everything possible in the hearings to somehow be able to defend its own position. The fact is: the pressure on the industry has steadily increased in recent years.In the course of the new regulations, the whole thing could once again reach new proportions. Countless providers have or are currently applying for a Canadian license. With this, the companies should be able to legally make their own range of games available online in the future. How many companies will ultimately receive a license is not yet clear.

The different specifications are much clearer. Players shouldin Canadian casinos in future be allowed to deposit a maximum of 1,000 euros per month. A sum that, according to politicians, should preferably apply to all providers. In addition, the maximum bet on the slot machines should be limited to one euro per round. Other games, such as live games or roulette and blackjack, should not be allowed to be offered. So far, however, the negotiation phase is still ongoing. So players will have to wait a little longer until the exact framework conditions are in place.

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